What thoughts can I trust? Some feel truer

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Some thoughts feel true, like ''I want to be more authentic''. In the past in my life I think my way of seeing whenever a thought is true or not have been more blurry, which leads to more self-deception. The more you question your own thoughts the less self deception. But some thoughts feel true. Like when you contemplate why you did something you get to a thought that feels true.

But at the same time, there is no way to know - maybe higher consciousness is simply believing in less thoughts, which naturally leaves you with more awareness and less thoughts overall.

I'm going to try to doubt even the thoughts that feel stone cold true and see how that goes.

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Not all thoughts are automatically bad. There is a sort of higher intelligence at work in you, guiding the mind. For example, you might get the thought, "I should really start to eat healthier." And that can be a message from your "higher self" which would be wise to listen to.

Thoughts may not be absolutely true, but they can be relatively true, which is important from a pragmatic perspective. You need healthy thoughts to set your life straight.

Only at the very advanced stages of consciousness can you start to transcend thoughts altogether. And even then, you'll still return to them for pragmatic reasons.

You are God. You are Truth. You are Love. You are Infinity.

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Don’t trust thought. Just get used to being aware of its movment. It’s very subtle so there are times when you don’t know thought is moving. 

Thats all you do. No control or suppression. Wanting to change what is actual to what should be is escaping the fact to an idea. Just think of it as a scientist observing nature. Not getting involved in anything. Being very quiet, just listening and watching. 

Thats it friend

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@Maxi Not believing thoughts begins with letting the very thinking of past and future go, leading to letting go of thoughts about what you are, and ends with being in the now. You are the now. Your person, and your true self can only align, in the now. It is spacious, at peace, and full of love, now. 

In your meditations, allow all thoughts to pass. Let go of believing them, let go of attaching ‘what you are’ to them. 

When not in meditation, thoughts that lead you to align, are useful. Aligning health, inner peace, compassion for all. Those are useful thoughts. Use them. No need to make it a question of belief when you can see it’s simply a question of usefulness. 




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@Maxi "What thoughts can I trust?" That very question is a thought, right?

You have no choice to trust or don't trust a thought! Thats why we like to think less and go more with intuition. 

If you doubt a thought , that very doubt is a new thought, and if you doubt the doubt, that's yet another thought. 

The only thing that is companied with a thought is the pure knowing of it(the fluid in which it arise), nothing else.

The word "pure" doesn't refer to moral, but to the fact that the "knowing" is "pure" (empty) from any content, like contents from other thoughts.

So there's never judging of thoughts, thats why we find a non stop thought stream draining of energy. Judgments are nothing but new thoughts. 

Some thoughts are better and more true then others, on a relative level that is. But no one is there to tell in the moment of an arising thought whether it is trustworthy or not. 

An even better question is "What feelings can I trust" 

Since realising of ones true nature is companied by feelings of peace, happiness, love and beauty. One can argue that those are precisely the feelings we should trust since it correspond to non-dual absolute truth. 

And thoughts that arise in that state of mood, might be more trustworthy.   

All of this are just thoughts, but hope it helps anyway! ;)  

Isn't it so, yes or no? 

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The ones that you really "feel". Sensitize the body/mind so you can differentiate if you cannot.

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