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@Joseph Maynor I make my way through the little sideshow circus that is my life is by believing in myself, and knowing love. That’s it. I tell my friends, in truth, and in jest, I have a running offer, $20 if they can point out a belief I hold. If I hung out with Leo, I would not offer that bet & bankrupt my self in that manor. I suspect he’d list em faster than a calculator could tally. 

Truth is essential, not accidental - create a life worth waking up to, and you will. 

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7 hours ago, Joseph Maynor said:

The only worry I have about this Leo is that you see to be confirming the Enlightenment theory.  Especially in the beginning when you're throwing around all the labels.  Ah this is this and this is that!  That's a trap.  You don't want to cling to the Enlightenment theory as truth.  Truth is only what's in the present moment.  It doesn't need to be categorized using the Enlightenment theory.  The purpose of Enlightenment theory is to loosen your beliefs.  You are not looking to confirm the Enlightenment theory.  That's a trap.  Enlightenment is an epiphany you'll have when you're dead sober.  It's a big shift.  And it's not an intellectual thing either.  

You're still clinging WAY too much and too hard to belief.  That's what you got to fix.  This is so obvious to me as I watch this video.  You're attaching to all those concepts that the Voice is raising.  That's what you're gonna stop doing when you get the big crack.

Video being referred to:


You forget that maybe it's not a belief, but the actual truth in the present moment.

Don't throw the baby ;)

"Become interested in the experience of being aware" - Rupert Spira

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On 1/29/2018 at 6:39 PM, Joseph Maynor said:

Correct.  Beliefs are not good or bad.  They are simply here in awareness.  The issue is how beliefs are attached to -- how the Mind is trying to connect that belief to you and to reality.  That mental relation is the problem.  You can still have beliefs.  Don't repress your beliefs.  Just don't make them YOUR beliefs.  This is hard to communicate in language.  You gotta see what I'm pointing to.  I know you do too Nahm!  So, this is just preaching to the choir.

Even thinking there is an issue, a problem with a connection or relation and that detachment is a preferable way are also belief concepts. That's the whole spinning wheel of chasing the best, the right, the most, the truth, the enlightenment.

All that is 'doing' is shifting the belief to be something else to justify 'doing' of it, to gain a pattern for the mind to build a paradigm around, for the ego to identify with.

As soon as that wheel has been left unspun in us that impetus has been disenfranchised in our being, it has no power of force to captivate our experience, it is impotent.

It's an absolute peace in being.


Edited by SOUL

Being present is the infinite embrace of absolute unity.

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On 1/24/2018 at 0:32 PM, Ray said:

When you wake up, open the computer for reviewing the last time your notes for the exam and the mail comes in on a fucking Wednesday and you're like"... wtf...?", you read the title and you're like "NAAAAAAHHHHH", why I'm I still doing an university?



Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 18.11.10.png


Heyy😄 I somehow know this pic from somewhere:P it kind of seemed familiar to me😃






*and  maybe someone has to stop procrastinating😉


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