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better products in a click bait world?

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So I feel I'm not going to be a success in business if I try to market and sell products that are actually better for people because of the unrealistic expectations that the click bait world has created these days.

On the other hand......I see that there are a lot of people following leo's channel (670,000 currently) among others channels which keeps me thinking that there are people out there (like people here in this forum) that would be open to investing time in themselves using products to learn things like investing money and exercise.

But I can't say that just cause others have success that means it will work out for me.

In sum I believe there are other like minded business people on here that are marketing some good stuff. How did you get past this hurdle?

Also I would like you all to drop a link to what you are doing and maybe hand some feedback on my work as well. (still in beta)

Thank you!


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