I just broke serious new ground via 300 ug LSD, how do i control the excitement?

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      Not gonna get too in depth with the trip report here;  just gonna say that taking acid after a month or 2 of solid daily meditation has effectively curtailed my consciousness work by a ridiculous margin. Were talking some effin game shark shit right here, folks! Before when I was meditating,  I would get the tiniest glimpses of peace and alteration of consciousness or whatever, yet still subconsciously would doubt the the validity of meditation the whole time. I was actually getting to where I could focus on nothing but my breath for large stretches of time , precisely because I was so " low consciousness" to begin with, and wasn't able to get much pleasure at all from pondering life stuff. I was so dulled out and anxiety ridden, I resented everything about life , so I guess I kinda enjoyed the escapist aspect of focusing on the breath...


       But flash-forward now to post-lsd (ok and i took 150 mg of mdma too lol) , i feel like a fucking kid again! Everything looks and feels picturesque and aesthetically pleasing to the max !!! I've been rummaging through all my old thoughts ,  ideas,  music , videos , everything ,  and perceiving it through this profound new prism,  and the excitement and energy is completely mind blowing and surreal . It's been nearly impossible to sleep at night . When I try meditating now , it all seems to make perfect sense this time.  Here's the issue though ; I've become so attached to this new modus operandis (sp?) , that paradoxically enough ,  it's become twice as hard to focus on the breath or to become mindful of things when I sit and close my eyes . My brain has now become obsessed in reinterpreting old data from the past and transfiguring it into some new miracle , ad nauseum. It's difficult to even go a few seconds without thinking something along the lines of "Holy shit, why was I never able to appreciate the newest fast and the furious movie for what it was , to just let go and have fun for a little while instead of judging it !...". So IMO if there was ever a drawback to hacking your brain via psychedelics and going from level 1 to 5 with zero gaps in between, it would have to be this . I would love to hear others' thoughts on this :D

      Ps. Leo if you're reading this , I can't fucking thank you enough for inspiring me to do this type of work again . Alcoholics anonymous is spiritual but deeply flawed and was only able to take me so far . You da man.

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46 minutes ago, pfletcha said:

effectively curtailed my consciousness work

Effectively *super-charged* my consciousness work


You are God. You are Love. You are Infinity. You are Leo.

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hi Leo! What do you think about Jordan B Peterson and Sam harris. Are they very intellectual person?

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