Reply to water memory

By AleksM,
@blazed @Shanmugam @Dragallur I had only 1 question for you and you didn't answer it. I have posted links and videos and you watched none. If you would like to change your perspective, then it is not coming easy, you have to put in  the research. I am not saying you have to trust in me or in whatever I believe. I am saying you have to do your own experiments, to test it on your personal experience, to do your own research and collect the missing pieces by yourself. Nobody will assemble the life puzzles for you, you have to do it by yourself. I will answer my question for you. Cymatics is the study of visible sound vibrations. You are talking about like thoughts are internal and the world is external, but I really don't see a difference, so it doesn't make sense to speak about thoughts having effect on the outside world, it's just silly. I sensed hundreds of times what others were thinking and they were not near me at all, so this notion that thought are only internal is false based on my personal experience.   The problem here is not the lack of evidence, but your need to rely on scientific consensus to prove something to you. Why? Because if your personal experience doesn't prove what the science talks about, then this will become just another belief for you, and this means you will become a thief of beliefs. Not good. If something is proven by your personal experience, than that means it's true for you. You don't need 1000 of people to give you some thoughts about a thing to accept it as reality.  Beliefs need to be based on personal experience to be truly yours and this is done by confirming it trough personal experience. Every belief comes from the personal experience and this is where it must return to.  There is no outside reality. I am living in my own universe and you are living in your own universe, and we are co-creating a third shared consensus reality. You are taking this third shared consensus reality as more True than personal experience which is the ultimate Truth to base proof on.  If something is not relevant to your personal experience, than don't waste your time on the topic. If you need to cook dinner, don't go out and hang out with your friends. The same is true for this topic here, I think you are just wasting time. Music is a sound, words are sounds, thoughts are sounds... they have a certain vibrational frequency associated to them. When we look at the atoms and the smallest particles that we can, we find atoms, those atoms are vibrating and those vibrations form a certain vibrational frequency. Atoms are everywhere, so everything is vibrating and everything is affecting everything else. Like when you throw a stone into a pond, the waves will reach out far outer.  You can watch a ton of cymatics experiments on youtube, watch documentaries, videos, articles... and the results are clear. The higher the frequency the more complex patterns form. The experiments were done with multiple substances. And they show more complex patterns as frequency increases. So countless cymatic experiments prove what Masaro Emoto did, maybe there is some truth to what you said about being pictures being random and other stuff, but the funny thing is, that those pictures don't contradict other cymatics experiments, because masaro emotos pictures show more complex patterns in higher vibrational words and feelings and low complexity and disharmony in low vibrating thoughts. The higher the vibration, the better the feelings and thoughts. Low vibrations are associated with bad feelings and bad thoughts. Now this shows to me that the patterns obtained in other experiments were in alignment with Masaro Emoto's work.  Now I agree that cymatics doesn't prove that water has memory, but it clearly demonstrates that the patterns are similar to other cymatics experiments so, it makes perfect sense.  I am less sure about water memory compared to the point made above, but my experience confirmed that the water tasted different after programming it with 432Hz and positive words. If I programmed it 5 minutes before drinking it, and it still tastes different than that proves to me that water has memory. Simple as that, I don't need 1000 of people to confirm this to me. Because their observation will be based on their personal experience and their personal experience is not more valid than my personal experience, not even 0,0001%. Concepts such as comparisons of something being more or less true are happening inside personal experience.