Reply to You have 100% free will and you also have no free will. The other side of the Paradox.

Leo Gura
By Leo Gura,
FYI, those of you who I see keep arguing this notion: "If you say you're enlightened then by definition you're not enlightened because an enlightened being would never say such a thing." are wrong. You're confusing humility with truth. Saying you're enlightened is no different than saying that you understand that 1+1=2. You either understand it or you don't. If you do, there is no problem saying, "I understand that 1+1=2." Now of course it would be silly to run around the street shouting at people, "I UNDERSTAND 1+1=2!!!!! I AM SPECIAL!" If you did that, that would be a sign of something being off about you. But there is no problem to admit you understand 1+1=2. One who is enlightened knows he is enlightened. He doesn't need to be humble with himself. Knowing you're enlightened isn't egotistical. It's just a consequence of enlightenment. Of course, with all that said, just because someone thinks or says they are enlightened, doesn't mean they are. They could easily be fooling themselves. But one thing I would suggest you guys do is stop debating who is or isn't enlightened. It's just not a good thing to debate because the only one you can really be sure about is yourself. And if you're debating about other people's enlightenments, well... that a pretty good sign that not only are you not enlightened, you're a newb. You cannot truly know whether someone else understands that 1+1=2. But you can certainly know if you do. It's not rocket science. Don't get caught up on the uses of the word "you" here. This is a just a function of our dualistic language. Of course there is no "who" who knows. The reason that gurus don't announce: I AM ENLIGHTENED! is because: A) they don't really need to, B) it tends to create the notion in their follower's minds that enlightenment is just another trophy for the ego to grab, when in fact enlightenment is just the realization that there is no ego. And FYI, Jesus, The Buddha, and many other mystics have said they are enlightened. Just using a different phrasing than "I am enlightened". That is just a modern English phrase. So by your logic, they were all not enlightened. Which is just silly.