Light Technology From Arcturus Ra

By AleksM,
I have writen in the past about a pendant that helped me in my spiritual journey. In this topic I Will post my experience and benefits with using the light technology in form of a pendant. Today Arcturus RA announced a new pendant that is much more powerful then the one I used. I Will also embed at the bottom a few videos from Arcturus RA in which he explains how his technology Works.   I have bought a gammatron key and received it in October 2014. I definitely feel a big difference if I'm not wearing this pendant for a a few days. I have already written about some of the benefits in the past, so I Will just copy and paste it here.   After I bought  his pendant with photon emissions I was able to establish contact with extraterrestrial beings (it was not obvious in the begging that that was taking place but after a while it was obvious, probably it was not just because of the pendant but it obviously started to put things into motion). I was able to make telephatic contact after a few months and they showed up in the sky after the contact was established more than 100 times. My meditation skills went trough the roof. When I received the pendant I felt a strong energy field sorrounding it. After wearing it for 2 days my body started to feel different, I felt noticably better. I am more positive because of it, negativity can't even touch me. I am able to lift more weight in the gym and hike for longer periods of time because of it. I am able to gain more muscle mass faster and also retain it for longer periods when I don't train that much. My muscles recover faster from a workout. I am calmer and more relaxed and at ease with everyday life than before wearing the pendant I started receiving more amazing ideas, brainstorm like ideas. I started to become more creative. It brought me out of toxic friendships. My eating habits changed. I am able to clearly sense which foods are good for my body and which are not.  The need for food decreased. I am able to eat less food and still be more energetic overall. More energy and focus. I am more rested when I wake up. I need less sleep. I feel like a flame of energy and when meditating I feel energies purging out from me. I am more grounded in my body. My skin became clearer. My intuition was enhanced by a lot.   .... @Leo Gura I recommend you look into that, his technology just simply Works and it would help you a lot if you decided to experiment with it. Also the stuff Arcturus RA talks about on his Chanel on YouTube is extremely deep and powerful, I think it's really hard to find something that is as deep as that. RA is on another level. I'm quoting here what Arcturus RA explained on his website, about what that key does and also a video in which he says basicly the same.   This is the new key Arcturus RA announced today.   The video below is an older video about RA explaining the technology behind the key.   He has a a lot of positive reviews on his etsy shop, I would say like 99% positive so there is more evidence of the positive effects that people are experiencing.   Also if someone other here had a positive effect from using his technology, post a review under this thread. @pluto made a great point in this thread also. Have you anything more to add about this key?