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Guys, can you help me to figure this out.

There are 2 version of OneNote:

1) Windows 10 OneNote (impossible to backup on your hard drive)

2) OneNote 2016 (you can backup on your hard drive if you buy MS Office)

Windows 10 OneNote is connected with OneDrive and you cannot save notes offline on your hard drive. Basically, with Windows 10 OneNote you cannot backup your notes on your hard drive at all.

OneNote 2016 will let you save notes offline on your hard drive, but only if you buy MS Office.

Also, there is Evernote. If you download Evernote desktop version, it will allow you to backup your files in .html format or .enex (Evernote program format) on your hard drive, but the structure of notes is never fully kept anyway.

And there is Google Keep which allows you whether download your notes in .html format or in .doc format, so you can backup offline. But Keep basically has no functions to structure your notes.


I tried all 3 programs. And OneNote seems more comfortable, but it is not usable for me because you cannot backup notes on your hard drive (and I did not like 2016 version). It is difficult to make structured notes in Evernote, but you can at least backup them in .html or program format. Google Keep became too simple for me.


So, how do you personally backup your notes?


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On 5/11/2017 at 4:33 PM, Leo Gura said:

@Space Then get an earlier version on Ebay.

I refuse to upgrade to Windows 10 because Microsoft are being assholes about it.

So did you? :0

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I use OneNote. I really like it. Some of my categories: 









Words of Wisdom


-core principals

-longer quotes

Yoga journal


-journal entries













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Hi! :) This is my OneNote Main Categories lists. Hope it can give some inspiration. I have a lot of sub categories within these as well but its a lot..



Projects Creative Ideas

Mind Dumpster

Word Bank Vocabulary

Recipe Foods

Book Categories Notes

Courses Homework

Study Notes

Quick Notes

Journaling Writings and Texts

Personal Self Development

Psychie Development

Health Nutrition Fitness


Body Mind Spirit

Inner Soul Expressions

Spirituality and Esoteric

Life Coaching

World Science Studies

Mind Programs



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Maybe I'm the odd man out, but after looking at a screen all day for my job, flipping through a physical book is really nice.  Might be something particular to my sensibilities, but that subtle mildewy smell from a slightly older book is something I actually kind of miss when reading an ebook. I use simple sticky notes to mark the pages I want to return to, and will use an old school pencil to mark off this section or that.

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Thought is mostly unconscious.
Abstract concepts are largely metaphorical." - George Lakoff

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