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Heart Of Endless Giving

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As someone else poetically put it, it is time for this bird to fly free.

I am filled with so much love and gratitude towards the shadows that I danced with here, as it allowed me to recognise the shadows within myself that hold not only myself but all of us all back from really knowing our True Nature, the Heart of Endless giving that gives to us all selflessly, without question or judgement, loving all in equal measure. 

To those who have soft hearts and are fuelled by compassion and love, thank you for your inspiration, your pure hearts are true treasures.

It has been a 10 year journey from Self Realisation to this point, where I realise that Enlightenment is a concept that my ego loved. The truth of the matter is, that when it is all boiled down, there never was a me, there never was enlightenment, there is only what unfolds with every moment from the Heart of Endless Giving.

Am I enlightened? Hell no! My ego is still intact, but I know now that enlightenment doesn't matter and my mind doesn't need it anymore. In other words my journey will continue until I have fully realised our True Nature within, that is complete and utter absolute selflessness and love, beyond judgement or condition.

As my last offering consider this if compelled;

Clinging to one's school 
and condemning others
is the certain way to 
waste one's learning.

Since all dharma teachings are good,
those who cling to sectarianism
degrade Buddhism and sever
themselves from liberation.

~ Milarepa, The One Hundred Thousand Songs

From one heart to another, filled with gratitude, love & awe, I bid thee all farewell.

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