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This community aims to uphold a certain high quality standard for our discussions. Keep the following points in mind when posting:

  • Be constructive and positive as much as possible
  • Be clear & specific when asking questions. Provide all the relevant details.
  • Use good grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Don't attack the person, address the ideas or the message itself
  • Watch out for over-generalizations
  • Watch out for black & white thinking
  • Avoid pure abstract, philosophical debate. Keep the focus practical and real-world.
  • Have compassion for people & their situations
  • Keep in mind that people can be at very different places in life, so your advice may not work for them
  • Be tolerant & accepting of newbies who may not be as experienced as you
  • No trolling
  • Be open to and tolerant of new ideas and perspectives

Useful Tips:

  • Use the search function before asking newbie questions that have been answered hundreds of times already.
  • Start new topics in the most appropriate sub-forum.
  • Ask quality questions. Be specific and tangible, otherwise you will get low quality responses.
  • Use English only.
  • Use good grammar and spelling. Don't be lazy.
  • Don't post the same question in multiple sub-forums.
  • You may bump your thread once per 24 hours if no one has responded to you.
  • Do a well-rounded research and be more familiar with a completely new, unfamiliar topic before responding. 

You are God. You are Love. You are Infinity. You are Leo.

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