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I used to do affirmations and visualization very consistantly when I was struggling with my fear of making speeches in courts. I used them to overcome my panic and fear.

Now I've switched to a job, where I do not need to make speeches anymore (that's another story).

So now I'm looking for new affirmations and visualization subjects.

I've tried different affirmations, like: "I am full of energy and motivation", "I am sincerely grateful for my life", "Every day I become more and more confident", "I always think positively", and many others.  But after a couple of weeks doing each one of them, I noticed, that I am not inspired by the subject of chosen affirmation. I just do not want to do them with strong discipline and consistantly enough (as I used to do affirmations when I really needed them).

Also, after doing visualization ("How confident I am in court"), for about 10 months, 15-20 minutes every day, I started to really hate visualizations. Now, after I have forced myself so much to do visualizations, it seems so hard and painful for me, that I do not want to do this exercise at all.

So, what are the subjects of your affirmations or visualizations? Are you satisfied with chosen subjects?


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Try and make an affirmation that speaks to you emotionally. Things you have a connection with like your work peers, and your pride, honouring yourself.

Something like:

"I love speaking to my co-workers"

"I appreciate how my <boss, supervisor, etc> <name of boss, supervisor, etc> cares for me"

If you don't have anyone you like at work, you can talk about someone's certain characteristics:

"<co-worker>'s smile lights me up everyday>"

or talk about pride:

"I am proud of the work I achieve everyday"

These affirmations are designed for improving self esteem.


While I am a high school -> university student atm, I have had extremely bad bullying problems, lack of self worth, and serious mental health conditions at school. No psychologist has been able to help me. After Leo made his video about affirmations and visualizations, I made the above affirmations adapted to suit my family who were supportive of me, and I got over my issues largely based on that. So I assure you these work

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