Improving Circumstances Vs. Understanding Reality

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imagine that a person is in a really low spot in life. Like being homeless or stuck in a shitty job. He learned about enlightenment and sees the potential in realizing the true nature of reality/self. But he also wants to escape his circumstances that make him unhappy. The person has no idea how to change his hope, no ambition, no experience, no help. The possibility of enlightenment and liberation seems like a golden carrot that promises relief and a new perspective of approaching his (perceived) problem. Maybe if the man finally experiences that he is god and all reality is a dream, he is able to redream his situation in life or doesn't see the need to change it anymore. 

You could say now: Why not do both at the same time? But changing circumstances in a substantial manner is not that easy and quickly avaible, and needs a high amount of dedication. So does enlightenment... But once it is understood that circumstances are not able to give lasting happiness, how to find motivation for improving them? Simultaniously, as long as no absolute understanding of reality is established, he will suffer from his circumstances.

Both "projects" need full commitment and focus to succeed, and changing the circumstances without a certain degree of awareness can even fuel the frustration and depression or cause more danger than the anticipated relief. On the other hand, waiting until the awareness is there can also mean years of meaningless, soul crushing existence in a dead end rut. 

Enlightenment seems straight forward. Many pathways and techniques exist to achieve it, whereas circumstances in life are manifold and fare more unique. So finding a solution for a unique situation seems harder then reaching enlightenment on the first glance. This makes enlightenment so attractive I think -> It seems more easy and promises so much, but at the same time containts a lot of emotional labour, frustration and time. Changing a bad situation also contains a lot of emotional labour, frustration and time, but the path is not as clear. 

Can one really dedicate only half of his attention and time and split the effort between the two? Is it not necessary to dedicate his energies and commit to one thing? 

How would you approach this? 

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Interesting. Never easy choices choices...

Myself i say push 100%  forward. I spend more time in study with reading or getting into talk groups i find in my community or online.

Why only go half way when our goal if any is to be aware in Christ conscious. I think about being the warrior showing my self as the example of change. 

I recommend saying go full on if others need help i offer guidance or books to read.

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@SLICKHAWK I thought the same...but the danger there is to use enlightenment as a form of escapism or denial of the situation one is in. I did this and still do to a certain extent. It's a very thin line in my opinion.

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