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What Are Your Best Tips And Habits For Emotional Mastery?

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Growing your vocabulary and start bringing awareness into the emotion you're currently embodying (there's an emotion happening within you every minute of the day, excluding sleep) 

Most of us these days only feel (or think we feel ;) ) like 10 basic emotions LOL 

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For one thing, check out Zen Body-Being. Work on feeling your body in more detail and more holistically. Because that's where your emotions are. If you don't notice them, whatcha gonna do, eh?

Love ya,

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Cultivating patience. Self-forgiving, full acceptance, allowing all the experience, not fighting it. Just being. 

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Meditation teaches you about all you need to know about emotional mastery. I feel that if you're able to witness the present moment as it is without any thoughts about it than you will be able to control your emotions. 

I would recommend setting up a daily meditation habit and also focus on building your mindfulness skills. These are skills that help in all areas of life, but they especially build equanimity which is exactly what you asked about. Emotional Mastery.


"That which the world calls day is the night of ignorance to the wise." - Bhagavad Gita

Becoming Conscious

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  • Do not hold grudges.
  • Do not be pressured by the cultural community
  • Lay back, don't care about what someone will think of you if you are meditating in your front yard
  • You need to stop holding back, you planned to wash the dishes but someone in your household decided to talk to you. You'd be in a hurry to wash the dishes and rush the conversation a bit, or move it to the kitchen and multitask. Don't rush, dishes will wait as everything else can, finish the conversation properly without offending the person by rushing and wash the dishes. I know its a weird way to put it, but its a way towards mastering infinite patience. 


  • Meditate at least 20m a day, it really helps calm & concentrate your mind
  • Bo athletic, run daily. If you are sitting in an office or at home all day, you have unspent energy and you'd think a little bit over emotionally, this way you'd have calm senses at all times. (Ps: make sure to do it in the morning, within the first hour of waking)

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Mastering your emotions actualized playlist

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Saying the name of the playlist

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Basically, doing the thing you fear the most.


God is love

Whoever lives in love lives in God

And God in them

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Do this affirmation every day for 5 mins: I can handle any challenge, any situation that life throws at me.

Transition from a caged life to a comfortable life to a charged life.  Commit to living a charged life.

Strengthen commitment to your life purpose, a huge source of intrinsic motivation and energy.

Be a prolific creator in your life.  Be excited for all the content that you have coming out and are producing.  The content that is implementing your life purpose.

Always be advancing your life purpose with your time.  Are you doing that?  Have a cause you are willing to bleed and die for that is in line with your highest values.  Dedicate your life to your life purpose, which includes living the excellent life.

Have powerful routines you are living out every day.

Start a habit of doing the right thing rather than the comfortable thing.  Willpower is your ability to live in accordance with your higher values.

Build discipline and willpower by resisting lower urges.  Willpower is a muscle that needs exercise.  Realize that. 

Taking right actions builds up willpower.  Following daily routines builds up willpower.  Working hard implementing your life purpose builds up willpower.

The more willpower you have, the stronger you will feel and the more self-efficacy you will have.

Exercise, clean diet, removing all addictions including internet and phone, build willpower.

Read this affirmation daily:  I am a creator, I have belief in myself, I have self-esteem, I have resourcefulness, I have drive, I have a vision, I have goals. I have self-control, I have discipline, I have emotional mastery.  And now my inner reality is so strong that I impose it on the outer world, and I change the outer world to be whatever I want it to be.

Strategically install permanent solutions to your underlying problems in your life.   When you start to get enough permanent solutions into place, your permanent foundation is installed into place.

Mission statements are important because they keep you principle centered.  People that are principle centered are grounded.  They are enforcing their reality on the world.

Set discipline and self-control as part of your top 10 values.

Want peak performance.  Understand why you want peak performance.  This will get you juiced up to go out there and perform on your life purpose.

It takes emotional labor, toil, and strain to make your life purpose results real.  You need to go out there and push yourself and grow.

Your life needs to be proceeding along a trajectory.  Your life purpose is larger than you -- you are advancing the cause of humanity in some way.  Every hour of your work should be advancing your life purpose in some way.

Appreciate the boring, grindy, tedious work -- and consider it bleeding for your values, for your work.  You are bleeding for what you believe in.  You are struggling for your cause and purpose in life.

You need hard work, commitment, and persistence.  Stay on the path, live your values, and advance your cause and purpose in life.

You should grow to love taking your actions everyday.  Align your actions with your higher values.  Successful people work their asses off.  Work and play blurs though because you're doing what you authentically want to be doing.

You want to live your life big.  If you half-ass your life, you're gonna get a mediocre life.  You need to set the intention to create an extraordinary life. Be all in in your life.

Be mindful of your life purpose at all times.  Live up to the courage you need to go out there and live it.  You need to become fearless.

Working your ass off for something bigger than yourself is the glory of life, it's what inspires you, and it's what motivates you and other people.  Life is short.  You only have this one chance. It's worth it to make your life BIG.  

All leadership starts with leading yourself.

Train yourself to resist short-term gratification.  

Action is essential to all results and trumps thinking, talking, or planning.

Live your life by deliberately chosen principles.  Be principle centered.

Develop the habit of thinking about the things you want to create in your life.

Eliminate extrinsic motivation as a source of motivation in your life.  All your motivation should be coming from inside you, from your passion for creating your extraordinary life.  Get excited!  This is damn exciting!

Develop the habit of re-framing negative situations into positive ones.

Strategize about unleashing your full potential in this one, short life that is yours to create and experience.  Create a work of art with your life and work-product that is beautiful and that will live on forever.  Make your life and life's work outlast you, inspiring humanity for years to come after you die.

Lean into emotional labor -- don't shy away from situations that feel emotionally difficult.  Your lower self, that emotional weasel inside you that wants comfort and an easy life, needs to be checked.

Develop the habit of mentally visualizing every single day what you want your life to be like.  This means set a habit to do this for 5 mins in your daily routine somewhere.  (Personal development theory that doesn't get converted into practice is just mental masturbation.  Remember that.  Always be thinking -- how can I make a daily routine out of this idea.)

The biggest thing you should fear in your life is that you wasted your life, this one shot that you got.

If you don't have a life purpose nothing is grounding you in what you are doing.  You're like a leaf being blown around in the wind.  

Have a point outside of yourself that you are moving towards and be very clear about it.

Step outside of your comfort zone and endure some emotional discomfort.  Be persistent and never quit.

Get to the place where your higher-self takes control over your lower-self.

When you act disciplined and consistently, you build self-control. Don't forget about the importance of consistent action.  Going to the gym once doesn't do shit.  Doing it everyday on a daily routine is what causes results.  So, you need consistent, routine actions, not a few one-offs, to see real results.

The lower-self just wants to plug into something and let go.  You gotta keep this from happening.  Eliminate your stupid distractions.  They're killing your life potential.

Your mind has to be focused on whatever it is that you need to be doing.  Bring your thoughts to a point and eliminate distractions.

Be proactive -- take control over your circumstances and take initiative.  Make decisions that increase your agency over your external circumstances. Do not be passive.  Do not be a victim.

Set effective goals -- develop the habit of setting, writing down, and constantly refining your goals.  Have short-term, medium-term, and very long-term goals.  Get goals that are specific, compelling, and aligned with your highest values.

Apply deliberate practice to important areas of life that you've committed to mastering that will advance your cause and purpose in life.

Work in block time.  Use the Pomodoro method.  Start doing this.  Don't just read this and go uh huh.  You gotta implement this.  Wire it in today. It will boost your productivity massively.

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