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Is Competition Bad?

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Avoid destructive competition. Constructive competition is fine!

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No, competition and being competitive isn't bad. It serves a useful purpose and it's the reason why we have come so far as a species. It's bad when you start to become consumed by it and take it too far. You have to learn to be playful with it and not take it so seriously. Bring playful energy into it and don't take it too hard if you lose to a competitor.

Also, the path is more about competing with yourself and not with anyone else. It's about taking yourself to the next level and overcoming your own barriers and weaknesses. So don't worry so much about competing with others and what others are doing. Focus more on developing yourself and your inner growth.

Once you start to develop more clarity you realize nothing is either bad or good. It's all just a made up construct of society. There is no bad or good. It just simply is.

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 I'm competing in ballroom dancing, and in my work our students from very different age groups are competing too.

I perceive it as psychedelics. If you are conscious enough about what you are doing and what for you are doing it, and you know the doses well, then it can be acceptable; but still there is this risk of damaging yourself - I'm not talking about physicality, it's just the reflection of the real damage-

Among the group of 75-95 year olds, the ones who are competing tend to be healthier, more alive and happier than who are not.

Among the group of 30-75 it creates emotional dependence on results to feel-good, if they are coached psychologically right then they tend to feel and look sexier.

Among the group of children, teenagers and 20s, it boosts their self confidence free from the results.

Of course these are my personal observations and these are mild, social based ballroom competitions. 

I've been in different sports, I was the mc of the International Gymnastic Competitions in my country for years so I had the chance to observe the gymnasts from different countries.

Group sports are heavy on athlete's psychology and self images, but single ones are a bit more constructive.

As a person who's been in very different aspects of competitions, my personal opinion is, in couple of centuries or earlier, the Olympic Games will be banned. As it is happened to smoking. In 60s we see everyone smoking, now it's ridiculous and we know it's unhealthy. It's almost the same with professional sports. It goes far beyond damaging athletes' physical system with chemicals, also, to release the muscle pain and the psychological tension, the use of different substances turn into drug addictions. And so on and so forth.

But on the other hand, it's like organic food or gmo; if you can hold the entire process healthy, there might be some goods to discuss.

If you look at it as a tool for consciousness work, then surely you learn a lot about ego, social behavioral patterns, personal and group psychology. If you wanna know a person quick. Put them under a pressure of a competition coming up especially with something physical in front of a crowd. :) soon you're gonna know anything you wanna know about that person and also you're gonna know what you don't wanna know about that person :) if you trust your instincts and your friend, go for it;) but if you are not that sure yet:) better stay loving:D

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On 7/13/2017 at 1:47 AM, Leo Gura said:

@Jordan wang If you haven't noticed, all professional athletes, even the very very best, retire by 30 or 40 and move on to doing something else. It's not just because their bodies age. It's largely because competition like that is unsustainable. It's a real grindy way to live.

Came across this old thread, but what you're saying is bullshit. You're judging based on your limited perspective. So many stay up until their 60's 70's Arrington%2C who recently turned,it again in the future.

A meditative state of consciousness isn't sustainable forever, it doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. Most athletes retire because their bodies age, not because it's a "grindy" way to live, so many love competition and wish they could do it forever. Competitiveness sets new standards and fuels expansion.

The only reason athletes retire mainly is because of their bodies. Sooo many athletes wish they could compete again, but their bodies aren't the same.

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You are right on point on what competition does to ego , but lets look it from different point of view,  all activities are built around bringing  out worst and best of us, it is constant struggle that we learn from (sometimes we don't :D ),we need both sides to grow and overcome thous parts of us.

In my opinion changing it up will do nothing more then bring other bad and good things in us. 


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