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Am I Thinking Too Small? Should My Ambitions Be Higher Than This?

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I was doing some journalling, and did a sort of thing where I first note down where I currently am in life, and then underneath stating where I want to get to.

Here's what I have:


Where I am

Fat, unhealthy, depressed, lots of addictions and bad habits, no degree, no job, no money, no hobbies, no girlfriend ever, virgin, no car, no friends, lots of fears, living at home, never travelled, not much hope. 


Where I want to get to / my Vision

Strong and healthy with a degree, not depressed, cultivation of good habits, less/no addictions, a job that I love, cool hobbies, lovely girlfriend, great friends, living away from home and have my own car, travelled extensively, confronted my fears more, hope. 


Both lists are not extensive I believe but it's still generally solid. 

Now if I went from where I am now to the above situation, then my life can be have said to have changed drastically in a positive direction. 

But I'm not sure if this is 'big' enough.

Meaning, should I be thinking bigger than this?

People sometimes recommend to having a vision for the next 5/10/20 years, but I barely have an idea what I want to do for the next 2 or 3 years, and I have no clue what to do for the long term, and it's distressing because I feel like I should have this handled by now. 

I guess it's possible for me to one day aim higher, but when I'm in a situation like I am, should I be thinking stuff like 'change the world' or whatever 

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Hey -- 

What you have is a great vision, and who's to say it will stop there? We never "arrive", anyways." Go as far as you can see, and when you see farther, go farther" (or something like that). 

They say that when humans try to conceive of themselves being 10+ years older, the part of their brain that activates is the same part that conceives of a stranger. Even thinking of ourselves 5 years ahead makes us feel detached and impersonal subconsciously, so it's really hard to set meaningful goals beyond a certain point. 

And by changing yourself into a more conscious person, you will change the world. Think of the impact it will have on your friends and family to see this radical transformation: from no degree to degree, to being fit and healthy, fulfilling career... etc. 

Finding your Life Purpose will also change the world - Leo has a whole course on it :)

Best of luck!


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@OnceMore you've identified what you want so go deeper by asking why and for every answer you generate ask why again to drill deeper everyday for a few months where you'll begin to uncover who you really are.

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