Will A Major Shift In Human Consciousness Happen In Our Lifetime?

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On 2017-6-8 at 11:02 AM, Leo Gura said:

Imagine a computer AI with 1 trillion cameras and sensors all interconnected across the entire solar system. That would be a whole new level of holistic understanding.

That is a real inspiration! I definitely agree with the fact that strong AI is totally possible. I bet that it will happen after 30-40 years, considering how fast information technology is advancing. A week ago Elon Musk  wrote in his twitter that it will happen in 2030-2040. Also if someone is interested in pragmatic statistics, I recommend to check this new study. It is really comprehensive.

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@Leo Gura

On 08/06/2017 at 10:02 AM, Leo Gura said:

Mankind dies off, consciousness evolves to great new heights. That's what the universe seems to want.

Do you mean that the net "amount" of consciouness in the universe can change?

Is a planet full of rocks somehow less conscious than a planet full of humans?

If everything is made out of consciousnes, how can this consciousness "grow"? How can nothingness expand?

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@Snick Snickbar you got brains! 

  1. Only ONE path is true. Rest is noise
  2. God is beauty, rest is Ugly 

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