One Big Flaw Of The Modern Educational System

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Here's one insight on this issue:

Not once have I (or any other student for that matter) been told WHY I am studying what I'm studying in the first place. I'm in high school and this goes for each and every subject I have - regsrdeless of whether or not the subject / topic is genuinely important to know and understand, I have never been told WHY to study:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Mother tongue
  • Sociology
  • ICT
  • History
  • Geography
  • Math
  • Biology

It feels like not even the teachers (most of them) fully know why they are teaching these subjcets. It's like they are there (the subjects) because they were in the past or the government thinks they're necessary. But if the later is the case, they forgot to TELL US why the curicilum is the way it is...

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Avoiding the why questions is the essence of of a blue staged system/society. It's time to grow past the higher authority and become individuals, accept it's been happening for a while now, people just need to catch on to the vision.

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@PetarKa Students are suppose to fill in the why.

School education covers a broad field. Learning stuff that does not suit you actually does suit you in terms of tolerance, patience, allowing, but most importantly to listen to what does not seem to entertain you. These side/hidden lessons are vital for future lessons in life.

A lot of the stuff I learnt at school cannot be seen in direct use in my life vocations. But what I do see is how it has helped me to understand other stuff in areas I have no interest in. Example, I am not into biology, chemistry or geology, yet I can appreciate nature a lot more because I can see those three subjects whenever I go for a walk in nature.

I would say that the education system's main flaw is not teaching students to listen. To listen without listening to one's own criticisms, judgement, stories of intolerance and impatience. To not only listen to what others are saying, but what is written in a book as you read it. 

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Great and solved topic. The 'why' is simply because it gathers what's relevant for the status quo.

You, as the student will take up himself to change how it works. And if you want to change it, you'll take upon youself to change how it works to others. That's the job of a visionary writer or a teacher. 

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Why don't you ask the teacher why they are teaching what they choose to teach you. Ask them their views on the purpose and why you should be studying the subject. 

Apart from doing a lot of subjects that you may or may not need in the future, it does teach you a lot of things as someone previously mentioned. I first wanted to study Fashion design when I got out of high school because I love designing and sewing. However, if I wanted to be really good, I needed to be good at maths and learn how to run a business as well as many other skills that they teach you school that you are unaware of at the time.

I then went to study a Law degree and now I am a Life Coach with my own business. So everything I have done in the past has led me to where I am today and I think if I didn't learn everything I have, I would be a lot further behind. 

Don't be afraid to challenge your teachers also. 

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