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33 minutes ago, Nemra said:

It depends on how you define what is natural.

I meant tacitly, everything to which humans could not have been regularly exposed during their evolution, and to a lesser extent before the industrial era in general.


Imagine that some beings might be able to understand and listen to music. Does that mean it's not natural? How are you drawing the line here?

You can recognize and react to music in one way or another thanks to the evolutionary process, that doesn't mean that you evolved to put on airpods and regularly listen to loud music and that this won't have repercussions (usually negative) about your personal life.
You have a palate to appreciate (and be attracted to) whole, natural foods like game, tubers, fruits, etc ; These foods require a lot of effort to find, are not accessible all day/every day, and have less rewarding (and more complex/strong) tastes.
Automatically, that doesn't mean it's a good thing if it means you find yourself gorging yourself on a maxi best-of at McDiabete in Yerevan. :) :P


If your saying in the nature that you have been exposed to doesn't include music



, then what humans do, in this case, create music, is not natural?

As I always say, to the point where I think I'm going to put it in my signature, "the devil is in the details".

There is a difference between:
-Do not listen to/produce music (or singing) at all.
-Listen to music regularly.
-Listen exceptionally (like on weekends).
-Listen to/produce music or tribal singing, or at least soft music, like classical music.
-Listening to loud music typical of today, which allows the catharsis of a larger field of energies.
-Listening to music in a group, at a festival.
-Listen to music alone, with headphones.

The heart of what I'm saying is not not to do things that require modern tools.
What I'm really trying to say in the end is to be careful not to consume excessively products that can particularly satisfy you.
Opium is natural, simple Stone Age tools are enough to consume it, that doesn't mean it's good.
The bicycle is a modern artificial tool, that doesn't mean that even cycling a lot is particularly bad.
What is true, however, is that a certain number of modern products are capable of satisfying you in a way that is far too effective compared to what your nervous system has been programmed to do.
This lifestyle will promote a whole bunch of problems including lack of motivation, submission and freezing of the CNS in general, because your neurotransmitter levels are simply out of whack.

I didn't invented anything of all of this, not even the promoters of dopamine detox, personal development etc ; Just look at the Brahmacharya "school".  


If so, then writing is not natural at all, especially posting on the internet. I have certainly never seen it in nature other than humans do. 😉

Already answered, so ;)

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The devil is in the details.

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1 hour ago, Princess Arabia said:

He's going to dissect your one little sentence into 10 paraphrases. First it will be : "As I remember", Then "correctly", then, "you wrote somewhere", then etcetc. Until you won't even recognize the sentence you wrote and why you even wrote it and how you even came up with it. Haha. Love you @Schizophonia. Now you'll dissect "love you" into 7 paraphrase, letter by letter.


Because I'm intelligent 🤗

The devil is in the details.

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@Leo Gura I just want to present how much advice was presented on the OP question versus arguing about nothing for the sake of being correct, so you can evaluate how this forum is functioning.

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