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6 hours ago, zurew said:

Okay now I understand your point better given this added context. I was treating this whole thing as a philosophical "what would be the rational thing to do in this situation" question and not as a psychological "given, that I have belief x and given that I know that belief x is irrational, what should I do to drop or to change belief x?"

I don't know much about psychology and I don't know much about the underlying mechanics regarding how we unconsciously form our beliefs, but I agree that,  going "meta" and checking for other possible explanations and reflecting on some of the other questions that you listed earlier, might help with dropping or at the very least with lowering one's conviction in an irrational belief.

I see. 

I might add that not all beliefs work exactly like this. It's just that some beliefs are really sneaky, and they tend to occur in situations that involve subtlety, uncertainty, social interactions, social reinforcement. Hence why I was compelled to recommend caution around beliefs like demonic possession.

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@Hugo Oliveira

On 2024-04-19 at 10:32 PM, Hugo Oliveira said:

Ten years ago, I had a terrible experience with psychedelics. I was with a friend who has many religious traumas because of his mother, who dealt with witchcraft and religions linked to entities, etc. During the experience, my friend experienced a possession. He screamed and thrashed around (almost destroyed my car). I'm not religious, but at that moment, I was able to exorcise him in the name of Jesus.

After that experience, my life became quite challenging. I began to suffer from depression and other problems.

In the days following the experience, I really considered and feared this idea of demons and entities. I thought that perhaps I might have absorbed something negative due to the openness provided by psychedelics and the type of energy present in the setting.

Today, I am more connected with medicine, psychiatry, health in general, and nonduality to deal with the suffering that still occurs.

However, at times, I still become curious about the possibility of dealing with an entity or demon. In some subsequent psychedelic experiences, I quickly perceived something very negative hidden in my energy field.

I'm not sure of anything and would even like to dismiss this possibility. However, I prefer to be speculative and open-minded in my healing process.

I appreciate everyone who can contribute information. This is a very sensitive topic for me, so please, if you don't have enough maturity and competence to comment on it, avoid posting. This is a friendly and honest request.

    Skipping the theories, here's pragmatic steps to take in a haunting or paranormal situation dealing with negaitve entities, including demons:

1. open the windows, burn a small bundle of sage herbs. This will drive some negative entities away from your place.

2. take a bucket of water, salt it, and bless the water. Scrub most of the floors, walls, ceilings, edges and corners with salted water. Reason why is salt is used as a neutralizing agent for both positive and negative energies. Salt will neutralize the excess negative energy seeped into your walls, ceilings, and especially the edges and corners. Why edges and corners? because demons tend to like localizing on edges and corners.

3. Do some type of banishing ritual, to cleanse your home space, and a blessing ritual to energies your home space with more positive energy.

4. Visualize being surrounded in a netted sphere, and imagine this sphere repels negative energy out, and lets positive energy in. Also imagine one of your index fingers being able to generate light beams, and have the intent that this light beam can hurt and repel away negative entities.

5. Identify sources of negativity that these entities bothering you are feasting off of. Yes, all entities intangible feed off of attention given to them, and especially with negative entities they feed also off of negative events and negative states of mind/being. Identify sources these entities feast off of, and cut that out or seal it off from them.

6. Almost every religion has 'angels' or some type of guardian spirit. After doing all the steps above, maybe useful to dedicate a spot, make it sacred, and make it a veneration site for a specific angel or a specific guardian spirit.

   I hope this helps you immediately! Also stay away from psychedelics until you do those steps first! Psychedelics will make you WAY MORE VULNERABLE to negative entities if you haven't did the proper preparations in making your space sacred first!

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What I was shown is that your ego wants to take you to hell. Its literally a demon. And the ego has energetically interwoven itself around your bodies energy channels: chakras/meridiens etc, this is what blockages are, 

Was also shown that the ego is basically a resistance pattern to life, its life negating or denying to different degrees

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Video on tibetan demonology. 

Those you do not forgive you fear. 

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3 TYPES OF POSSESSION. SPIRITUAL FIGHT. The message of Jesus Christ.





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