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Artists won't disappear. It is like saying that horses would disappear because of invention of the car. No, horses and cars have functions for the human, just in a different way. AI is just another tool for the artist. If you have any brains you would study the shit out of AI. It doesn't matter what field you are in. It will influence your life and your job. I'm already making crazy money thanks to AI.

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20 hours ago, Basman said:

What are your thoughts relative to 2D art and illustration as a career relative to AI?

So I'm currently a professional editorial illustrator. 

A few thoughts to consider:

1) I've found the marketing for most of these AI tools to be really deceitful and misleading. Whats shown in the marketing material is basically unachievable for the average user. There are so many AI image tools now, with super flashy demonstrations. But when you go to use it, its absolute dog shit. Even a well-established platform like Midjourney is very overhyped. 

2) As Leo has mentioned, using AI tool for making images is a lot harder than people think. It's not going to produce what you have in mind. I've used Midjourney quite a lot, in the past and recently. It can be very difficult to get it to produce what you want. I was trying to create an image recently specifically with a man and woman in the image, no matter what combination of prompts I used it simple didn't do it. And that's just a basic compositional element. Think about the kind of art thats required for a game dev or a big professional advertising project - no chance.

3) Which leads me into my main contention with AI image platforms. What people don't understand is that technical proficiency != functional value or usefulness.

Just because we can see amazing AI art, amazing concept art, AI illustrations, whatever it is - doesn't mean that it can be used in a real project! Or at least a more complex project like a game development. You have to start with the brief, then use the AI platform to create the image, rather than start with the awesome looking AI art and imagine that in some sort of fictional creative project. Just doesn't work that way.

Obviously there are use cases for AI art, it's not totally useless, but generally speaking, it's not able to be used in complex, real-world professional projects. 

AI image generators can produce technically proficient work but NOT work that successful fulfils a creative need or problem. Purely because of the nature of the technology. 

You would have to explicate every single detail and nuance to the AI in order for it deliver useful/functional art work - and of course no one is gonna do that. It's not even possible to do that.


"Find what you love and let it kill you." - Charles Bukowski

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I've been getting incredibly cool results with some free generative AI.

Not always, but it's so early.

As someone that probably have a bit more of an eye for art than the average people (I'm terrible at it but practicing it/knowging the basics + consuming a lot of it and being used to analyze it), if I was in need for someone quick and free (or cheap) for a project, I'd totally be satisfied with what you can get even now. 

I won't cause I like thr process but I'm just talking about usability right here.

So I'm sure most people, the one that started hiring 10 bucks illustrators on Fiverr, won't have any trouble using AI to replace artists in a lots of domains.

This is a bit sad, but for me, if I was to try and make art my primary job, I wouldn't bet on the future and would just resign doing it for myself or for personal projects.

Also, some people would say AI art is not the same. It doesn't have heart. Or they like working with humans.
But what when AI becomes so close to us it's indistinguishable, and eventually becomes sentient, and AIs have personnality? We'll be old, fighting for the idea that humans remain unique, but will that matter to people born in a world with AIs?

I think there's either a fight (not maybe, in the literal senses...maybe) that we're technically bound to lose, or that we'll have to fuse with AI in some way.

I may be totally wrong. Just feels like this. It's scary and dystopic. I don't think ity's 100% true. But I also don't think there's not chance this ever happens, and there's actually quite a lot of chances it does unless we suddenly decide to stop technological evolution

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Creativity is key.

The closer to mainstream you are, the worse you have it. It might drive people to make movies that are not just patterns of the past.

Coders building AI are making themselves obsolete because that is entirely a replicable pattern. Coding can be creatively driven, but not for everyone.
I am writing a book, and I assume I will compete with AI. So I am designing things in the book that the AI will not have or know to use. I see other people who plan their books and use formulas or concepts from others.

If you think about a great novel and make it formulaic through a thousand different versions of it, I can see how your business will be affected.

If you handcraft a story, how is an AI going to copy what doesn't exist and that it hasn't learned from? Even if the AI reads your book, you are going to be one of millions of authors, a drop in the ocean, making your work difficult to replicate by many. Unless you are on the best seller's list, then hopefully you are doing okay anyway because you've made it, and you've got an audience that will keep coming back.

I would like more regulation on AI, as with any life changing tool, mostly to protect smaller-time artists who struggle anyway to make ends meet. These kinds of people are usually the ones feeling new changes the most. Otherwise, AI will hasten the stagnation of cultural development, which leads to the collapse of everything it supports or renews.

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We literally all learn for other's stories

We're not that original


Also, the industry is already doing copy-paste with great success (if we only talk about money and success)


Plus, we will were considering IA will stay what it curently is, thinking of ourselves as superior

This to me, seems a bit pretentious and human-centric


Lastly, you're talking about writing, and even if this may be replicated we'll enough so that mist people don't fare about consuming this of a humans doing... What about illustrations,  or music? Most of it has no soul anyway, most people don't care about depth or who's behind it.

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Deep dive into the nature of concept design for videogames and movies: 


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