Something Leo said in forum really has been bothering me lately lol.

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The more easily definable things like "You", are Low-Entropy Systems(somewhat static so its easier to model it and distinguish it from the whole/environment).

In theory "Your" ability to change is infinite, but the ego you that wants to be better for survival wants very specific changes and still retain the "You" part for its survival. Their are plenty of aspects of "You" that are High-Entropy and easier to change like your daily habits.

The more fundamental aspects of the system that we already formed inorder to survive and be a "You" can be very hard to change without survival-related consequences.

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I found the thread I was refferring to maybe I painted it in a worse light then I had originally imagined. I think I kind of have a better understanding  of what was being said. 

I owe it to this forum for me being able to dramatically make changes in my life.

LOA stuff has really dramatically changed my life as well. Actualized helped me understand reality and myself and my emotions.

I take it all with a grain of salt but really if I didn't reach out to this forum a year ago when I was really at my worse I dont things would have ever changed so I'm extremely greatful for this community.

but I do have a better understanding of what the core is. I guess my whole issue was just seeing radical changes but also feeling the same.

The whole reason I wrote this post was because last september after reaching out on this forum a member sent an LOA channel and it was talking about how we are all realities and universes. I had no money but I just continuously told myself I had money and a job I loved I imagined it until I just felt as if it was true. 

I genuinely felt as if I was any reality I wanted to be just because I believe we are god and to me god is just everything including anything I can imagine. So why wouldnt I be all universes and realities and whatever one I concieve and chose to be in is what I am.


Even my dad was trying to project onto me the fact that I was broke. He was trying his hardest to help me but everything he said was just what he had percieved and was percieving at that moment but it didnt feel real to me. I just felt like I had a job and I was able to support myself and that was how it always was and been. 

Within a week of talking to this forum I applied for a graphic design position on craigslist with no type of degree and got it and I havent been poor since. 

I also manifested all kinds of other shit since then things are just great 90% of the time.

I've been at this place since October but recently they gave me more responsibities. I want to be a good employee but naturally I'm very rebellious and also kind of messy. I made some pretty expensive mistakes and it bothered me which made me start to think that maybe thats kind of who I am. And then it made me think of that post I had read which is why I came here and wrote this. 

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