Game equivalent for women. How to make a guy stay?

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To tell you the truth @Bobby_2021I don't like to be chased. Especially by guys I'm not interested in. Didn't say I don't like to be admired. Difference there. so keep all the you should be lucky somebody chasing yo ass comments to the side. Doesn't feel good to be chased by the unwanted. If I like a guy, I will give signals and leave it to him to acknowledge them. If

Do you see how many guys that will sleep with any available pussy. There would be a lot worse than me-too movements and feminist groups and child-support problems going on in society if women were approaching men left and right it if that was the norm. Guys would be like sure, sure, sure, sure, yes, yes, yes, yes, let's go, lets go, lets go, lets go. The world would be in crises with all the angry and bitter women who would be bred from this sort of dynamic. 

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Unconditional love is all there is. 

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