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Support me to become purified

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I do know i shouldn't ask other accept the one that should be asked. Yet i am not arrogant to say i can do all by myself so i seeking humbly reach purified state live and the here after my brother. And inshaallah if we are allowed we can support you too, it is no mambo jambo its inevitable so why not become better alliance. 

No Cult. not self worship


I am in this constraints where confusion is everywhere need your help. 

Community, religion, country, knowledge this all stopped to make sanse and unable to ask even the right questions weird behaviour in our community that's considered weird 

I wanted you for something great oh you this community 


Extend your hands if you are alive The support might include helping others move out. In being close presence .... the benfits are without words.

Why not tell you the story ..... ask . why did young lady, and the king come upon each other in the forest in the lady become queen and had a price who saved this .... it was brutal but will see th3 hidden insight about time and luck. 

Thank you. 



And this bellow i won't delete it was there before i come to write the above text. What you say huh?




How can i tell you my love my sweetheart sweet darling cake i can call out to you by many lving and caring names to make you feel this my coming from heart out of love and care that you have no clu3. 


Many people who thought they killed their Ego's and think they are gods 

Do you take your pairs as god?

Is it you or your ego who died? 

You sunk into it

it has taken full possession of you while you assume you killed yoir ego you become it. 

I guess who am i to tell you that 

But by your wity speech and logical explanation you want to drag me with you the mist of fire.

I take refugee in the Lord of the two worlds (Falaq and Nass) 



Now i will Meditate what you may could have said or might have done but you didn't and why you didn't?

That's kind of jump if nothing else. 


Thank you. 

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(Moses ) Musa Aka Gabriel as and

No spilts of the sea? 

How does understanding very unexpected knowledge about simple things change your entire understanding of complexity if there where like bricks sitting on the top of each other like pyramids 

What if you took one, you were given one chance to pick out one bricks out from anywhere but calculated? Won't you demolish it? What if you had the power any second but instead you were merciful, forgiving, caring, not hurry, not having any needed for anything you are forbearance will you watch himher build and destroy as much many times they like until they seek divine help while they are awake aware they have exhausted themselves then you help them not only build it but also it was unnecessary to begin with  but how can you know this now but only later (always there are delayed answers) 


What's your first thoughts? 

Without rethinking as soon as you the title and the video embedded? tell me and i will start a conversation where that might lead to somewhere? 


That simple if it's too much? For enlightened. 

Are you enlightened? Can you take someone punchs and sit with them to make them see something through their thinking? 


After i wrote little it i struggled to reconsider, but not this my thoughts behaviour healthy or not. 

I could have of something else instead if wanted to attract them to watch and wanted them to hear criticize or provoked? Its like 🙃


Sorry its unclear low quality 

Probably took useless. 

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Is English your first language because your writing is difficult to understand. There are many sentence fragments.

You are a selfless LACK OF APPEARANCE, that CONSTRUCTS AN APPEARANCE. But that appearance can disappear and reappear and we call that change, we call it time, we call it space, we call it distance, we call distinctness, we call it other. But notice...this appearance, is a SELF. A SELF IS A CONSTRUCTION!!! 

So if you want to know the TRUTH OF THE CONSTRUCTION. Just deconstruct the construction!!!! No point in playing these mind games!!! No point in creating needless complexity!!! The truth of what you are is a BLANK!!!! A selfless awareness....then that means there is NO OTHER, and everything you have ever perceived was JUST AN APPEARANCE, A MIRAGE, AN ILLUSION, IMAGINARY. 

Everything that appears....appears out of a lack of appearance/void/no-thing, non-sense (can't be sensed because there is nothing to sense). That is what you are, and what made of that. So nonexistence, arises/creates existence. And thus everything is solved.

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You might want to first define "purified "..for unless you are naturally motivated from the inside to go in the direction of greater awareness..wisdom..compassion.. etc. no amount of learning and “practice” will make you “pure.”

If you want to become more purified..I recommend practicing daily Meditation plus prayer  for it removes the sludge that blocks your innate vision..and the act of transcending (going beyond) keeps awakening you to the larger and more spiritual world.

"life is not a problem to be solved ..its a mystery to be lived "


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