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The other day a small awakening occurred, I was able to see how reality was literally all me. I didn’t go far enough to see how I was creating reality or enter a void or anything like that but here are some key takeaways from this experience. 

- If other kills this body, other dies too

- Unconscious is imagined. pay close attention. Your eyes don’t close when you go to sleep (unless you already have them closed). Pay close attention to how reality can dissolve without closing your eyes, bringing you to unconsciousness, which I now understand to be imagined. You never “go” unconscious you imagine yourself to be unconscious or unaware.

- There is a “flow” to life that I don’t quite understand how to enter completely, but in this moment, putting ego aside, there is was a flow to life, everything happening without my doing. My phone went off as I was in this state and there was a “flow” about it that I just can’t explain. I don’t understand this fully. 

Seeing how I’m creating reality will bring this all together, if I am truly creating a reality. I now must figure out the proper questioning to bring about the question of how I am creating. 

I’m finding that the question has to be genuine. Meaning, one can’t just ask “who am I” (from my experience). One has to get to that question in a genuine way. 

Also had to go back to square one recently. I used to take truth as a matter of fact. As in, the truth always exist. It does, but as soon as one starts speaking the truth, it becomes a falsehood, creating a duality. So the truth can never be unraveled (spoken) otherwise it becomes false. Example: if I say there is nothing that exist. Well that is true, except as soon as I say it, the truth exists. Therefore nothing is existing would be the truth, in this example, until it is spoken of. 

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Thanks for sharing. Welcome!

You are certainly going into the right direction. That's how Awakening is and feels like

That's what happens when you do the work. Congratulations, keep going!

God-Realize, this is First Business. Know that unless you live properly, this is not possible.

There is this body, you should know the requirements of your body. This is first duty. We have obligations towards others, loved ones, family, society, etc. Without material wealth we cannot do these things, for that a professional duty.

There is Mind; mind is tricky. Its higher nature should be nurtured, then Mind becomes mature and Conscious. When all Duties are continuously fulfilled, then life becomes steady. In this steady life God is available; via 5-MeO-DMT, ...                       Lovingly discipline Life & Realize Absolute Infinity

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