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  1. Suffering was what drove me most of all towards enlightenment. The buddha was said to seek the end of suffering. I can say from first hand experience that suffering can end. Because what suffers dose not exist. And what remains? It can and has been called many names. I prefer "Being". Leo calls it "Consciousness". Mooji calls it "Awareness" . You can call it what you want as long as it unifies and applies to all of experience. I don't talk about my awakenings much with anyone so I felt like sharing it here since I feel at home with other seekers.
  2. One of the things that had the most impact on my well being is ego death. I really want to know how to define ego. What it is. For me it was a sensation coupled with a thought. A sensation somewhere behind the eyes. And a thought : "this is me". I am really interested in how you guys view ego and what it appears as to you. Since I think enlightenment is much harder to reach then ego death. And ego death can help reduce a large amount of suffering. Thanks and have a good day!
  3. I was quite successful at removing most of my ego. And life still goes on. It's spontaneous. I don't feel like a zombie. Quite the opposite actually. Very good use of words. It does feel like something is being compressed to a specific location which itself is boundless. Its like the mind traps our sense of self in the body. The mind is the matrix. And Leo is Morpheus.
  4. @James123 That's not how I define it. That is where the confusion is I think. When I was Identified with the ego it was me/body/mind. What I'm identified with now cannot be spoken. And requires an awakening.
  5. @James123 Not in my experience. The fact that you no longer are identified with the false self does not mean you know your true self. The first can be a process. The last is spontaneous insight.
  6. @Breakingthewall What brings this center about? Its components if you will. Or the cause for its existence. Because from retrospection it is a very limiting and isolated experience and I wish to study it deeply. Not everyone can get enlightened but my point of view is that everyone can remove their ego.
  7. @Juan Very beautiful song! Thanks for sharing Yea death is a gift.
  8. Hi, hope your day is going well. I was wondering did anyone here got any enlightenment into the nature of other? It feels like its an even harder one than the realization of self. Will be very happy to hear from you guys.
  9. Beautiful answers thank you The way I see it now is based on something akin to Leo's infinity of gods awakening. Other is a telepathic communication of two completely separated realms. I just give you a form so it will be easier to have this communication. At the same time you give me a form in your separated and isolated reality. In your reality I might be a triangle , in mine you might be a squire. It does not violate solipsism since the avatar I'm having the communication with has no experience of its own. He is just a vehicle for this telepathic communication. Its very new to me so I might just be wrong at the end but those are my thoughts.
  10. I kind of knew that for some time now. But it shook me to my core today. There is only you. One entity to rule them all. It is absolute and total. The very fabric of existence is made of you. And this play we call life... Is a work of absolute genius. You have nothing to loose. So you made it look like you have something to loose. You have nothing to be afraid of. So you made scary scenarios. You are absolutely alone. So you made it look like there are others. You have Eternity to play with yourself. So... Enjoy
  11. At the beginning there are no rules or limits. The two options are: Ether something exists. Or nothing exists. Both must be the case since there are no rules/laws yet. Yet nothing is not an experience. Hence something exists.
  12. @Razard86 The only thing that exists is you. Reality is not made of nothing it is made of you. And you will exist no matter if there is being, experience or some other thing, or if there is no being, experience or some other thing.
  13. @Naturalist @r0ckyreed Reading your answers got me wondering. Maybe Life is both at the same time? And can you experience that both are the case in the same moment? Like a superposition of the two. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. Like the perfect amount of something balanced by nothing.
  14. @Princess ArabiaWhen you are identified with ego the self gets lost in an illusion. When this bubble bursts you are always the same. I recently merged the final duality I had. Of the Self and the world. Also I believe Its the same self in every one of us. But Hindus knew that for a long time. I have zero effort in my experience. Like everything is just alive. And to move feels alive to me. That's why I move I feel so much bliss. Like our natural state is that. To exist is enough. Being itself Is blissful.
  15. @Yimpa of course I was not talking about the body. I did an experiment. My imagination is very strong but I rarely use it. So I just started Imagining things. What ever I want materializes instantly. It became so boring. After a few seconds of that I realized why we have limitations. Because true freedom cannot be without some structure. Without structure being is chaos. With some structure being becomes free. "Between here and there, I choose here."
  16. @Princess Arabia When you realize what you are you don't become something you were not before. You were always your true Self. As @Davino put it very nicely you just were not conscious of it. Leo said in one of his videos that the bad news is there actually no process that can get you enlightened. You can only increase the possibility. (quite dramatically in my experience) For me time is just a way to view motion. That's why the faster you move time slows down. There is a deep connection between the two. So I think time dose exist since motion exists.
  17. @Breakingthewall The player was never created. It is like the space that holds every experience. You are quite correct. The best description for him would be the void. If you remove everything that can be removed, you think you would be left with a blank. But you will be left with yourself. I'm not sure I got this question
  18. @LiquiDude As Alan Watts puts it: God is playing hide and seek with himself. The whole point of this play is to get lost and then find who you are again. So in a sense its the opposite: Awakening is the point.
  19. @Hojo Right! Its utterly mind blowing. Most of my meditations now are just focusing on god. I've heard Leo talking about immortality but thought he was just being cute and poetic. How crazy it is to realize you are immortal
  20. @James123 If you deny there is something pinch yourself.
  21. When I contemplated that I got the idea to stop judging. It surprised me so much how quite my mind became. You wont believe how much of our mental chatter is based on judgment. So I offer you this meditation: Try to suspend all judgment. And even if you still judge don't judge yourself for judging
  22. @Bazooka Jesus Nature can do wonders to oneself. I had my enlightenment out in nature
  23. Real and Imaginary are just concepts of the mind. Reality is neither. What remains when your mind is at peace is beyond description. You love yourself too much to deceive yourself with other non existent beings. The way I see it is if the Self wanted to have just one bubble of experience it will not create any illusions of others. And if you have a solipsistic view why post here? If we are all imaginary. I have been in my own solipsistic bubble for quite a while and it felt very unhealthy. From an ultimate perspective you cant know for certain that others have their own experience or not. But if there is a possibility they do you should live assuming they do. Just because its a more healthy way to live.
  24. Leo I can finally say: You are me , and I am you. I still remember the video where you said it. And you said I would be thanking you. So I'm thanking you now There is only one thing in reality: The Self. For a long time there was a division in my experience between the Self and reality. Now I know they are one continues thing. It feels like there is nothing for the mind to hold on to. The substance of reality is You. And reality is not just your creation. It is You. There can be nothing outside of you. Since you have no limit where you stop and something else can be. There can be no other. Absolute Unity. The Self I'm referring to is my deepest awakening. Nothing comes close. It cannot be described since its not an experience. It's like a new thing all together. Like you have a new sense. The closest any words come to this is: in what dose your experience take place? This is crazy, absolutely crazy to have the opportunity to discover something like this. Now all I want to do is to help others to see this. Any questions or criticisms are much appreciated.