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  1. @JosephKnecht Very well, then. @Nahm We sail as one. Working on perfecting the grammar.
  2. My dearest friend, you are my cashmere butterfly upon a flower’s crest. My thin fingers shake as I lead them across the paper, because I fear my own rashness will spill the ink and smudge this beautiful letter of wisdom. I have been to the Center of the Earth. I have ventured below charcoal maps of great explorers – records superficially hollow in comparison to my voyage. I have been to the Center of the Earth. But because the kingdom of men is founded by fathers of reason, where your life rests within the confines of science, I cannot do but enlighten the way. You are jailed inside a cubicle, bounded by the very mind that has sworn to ward off deception. A technician’s invention is the result of engineering mature knowledge into a cog machine, but childlike naivety is the only drill able to impale the Earth’s crust. Deeper than the ocean’s floor where dwell chambers of undiscovered secrets, the noxious masculine pride of humanity crumbles like a house of cards. Therein a man cannot endure the immense pressure. A flair of female love is required; of devotion that melts rocks and moves mountains. I possess it, for I overcame my earthly dichotomies. You possess it, too, because you were a child once, and so were all before a begrimed seed was planted into mind. This feminine power is beyond language and the separation of gender that begets artificially later in society. It is not a coin side’s quality; it is not women’s belonging and men’s lack, but rather the intercross of both. It permeates throughout the entire universe in the form of an unalloyed feline beast, unbounded and undeniably forgiving. It resides in all alive. But why – why look the feral cat into the eye? Because the presence of love splinters all shields. It shatters the realm of men, disarming our hatred. What can one’s sturdy paradigm do against such reckless love, other than to lay down the sword? If love is possible, then anything is. Hence, I repeat to you bounded not by literature nor metaphors: I have been to the Center of the Earth. This statement shall be taken literally, in the wholehearted implication of the word. Imagine the vast beginnings of an ocean; one that certainly deserves to be named Mediterranean more than any other surface of water, and waves splashing on steep cliffs at its shores. Above the crashing tides shines an iridescent light. It warms your skin like a good tale’s ending. This massive cavity, omitted in maps of honorable navigators, is completely sealed in Mother Earth’s womb. What indeed parts your lips, more than forests of fossilized mushrooms, where light grows dim, or verdant thickets extending along the seas, is knowing that you have been swallowed into the Earth’s belly; that you have trod beyond encyclopedic knowledge. The feline beast is there with you. It lurches through a lush bush. It bares claws like knives, and they slash you open. As you recognize that your heart is bleeding, you also attempt to work up the courage to scream, but the Mother Earth’s loving phantom overwhelms you with an intimacy to which you cannot help but breathlessly surrender. You let Nature take over: May men’s petty nations tear themselves apart and may space conquerors seek answers to Her mysteries among stars. You shower in Mother Earth’s embrace, and nothing can sink its teeth into you. No danger prevails over Her valiant guard. Her embryo comes out unscathed. Oh, it hurts… It hurts how madly is my heart orgasming with Hers! ----------------- ... To be continued in my collection. This is just the beginning excerpt of one of my writings which are meant to be read under a micro or a light dose of a psychedelic. The best part about this one; it is based upon my real experience. Before each story, I provide the reader with basic instructions, such as to get into a calm, clear mood; set an inspiring music (For this, "Andrew Lockington - The Center Of The Earth"); set a positive intention; do five minutes of breathwork and so on. I hope to get the First Volume out by December. With psychedelics becoming slowly legalized worldwide, I see writing for psychonauts as a great thing to do. Reading on psychedelics is extremely therapeutic, relaxing, connecting, and thousand times more powerful than reading sober. (Remember this!) I wish you will all find value in this activity and that my words, although shattered by the walls of a paradigm, will break through to you. May the next form of art be upon us. Leo's course has been extremely helpful in defining this vision. If you feel it's something soul-catching, and decide to support me, you know where to find me, and I thank you. Enjoy!
  3. Do you mean iPEC training for coaches?
  4. @JosephKnecht And how is your writing? Last time I checked on your short stories, Bridge to Heaven grabbed me by the heels, too.
  5. @Black Flag Oh, indeed it was, a journey beyond a sextant optics' reach.
  6. @dflores321 I remember doing a sloppy job up until the Making it Real section, then ceasing the search for a year, then coming back and doing a bang-up job from the get-go. It's the second time that hits it home. If you need anything, you'll find shelter here. I'm sure we'd love to hear about it.
  7. @RedLine The problem with stating, I quote, no, under any circumstances, is that you are putting all eggs into one basket. You perceive adulthood as equal to maturity, when in fact it is an artificially constructed line. Hence I said: It's the details in messages like these. Imagine how many scenarios you are murdering with no, under any circumstances. Imagine a person from the future who has been into spirituality since elementary school. Imagine a kid with stage four cancer, to whom psychedelics could serve as an end-of-life care. We have seen the recent news from Canada.
  8. @RedLine You have got some serious shadow work to do, my friend.
  9. Then worry not. That's where it all awaits you! You will go through visualizations, fight off great monsters; love them to death, set up habits and much more.
  10. I have brewed my own Ayahuasca at the age of eighteen. Sure, if you feel tranquil and responsible enough, go for it. Maturity does not require a high age. Just know that you are an exception in your peer group and that these rules cannot be applied for everyone. But the sooner you begin, the less deception you will have to chew through, and the easier awakening will be. Some of the world's most extraordinaire artists had mastered their craft before reaching adulthood.
  11. Day 37 It's been over a month since I started practicing shamanic breathing consecutively every day. It's steadily becoming a new habit. I feel inclined to practice even after the 60-days mark passes. It's just as, if not more powerful than a meditation habit. My yesterday's thread below describes my recent journey to the Center of the Earth. A stranger would say it is an awakening psychosis, but my soul feels comfortable without the latter. It's time for me to experiment with the breath in most slight manners, much like an apprentice practices a kick a thousand times.
  12. // THIS THREAD WILL BE UPDATED It's Day 8 of my 60-Days Shamanic Breathing challenge. Things are steep. A few nights ago during the practice, I got up from the floor and tried to drink from a water bottle. I barely remember how I grabbed it. Apparently, I was holding it upside down and all the water spilled out. How or even why that was happening my brain couldn't process. The water was gone. I also experienced a primordial form of mysticism. During one breathing, I had metaphysically gone back to a prehistoric age to fully appreciate the raw sense of taste and the power of hunger and thirst. I still vaguely remember sitting on the floor in the dark, astounded by the Beige era of living. It was so profound and mystical. In your ordinary state of mind, you sort of reduce and generalize what seems to be the lowest stage of living on the Spiral, when in fact it is utterly thoughtful, genius, intelligent beyond understanding. When you're in a different state, the whole model breaks and loops back around. During that night, I also got to satisfy the sense of hunger. My body got up and rushed to the closest source of food and water. It came back from the kitchen. It sat down in the middle of the dark. A totally fascinating process. When I'm breathing, the 10-15 minute mark is usually when things like this start happening - one of them being the utterly pure drive for food and exceptionally elevated appetite. I could literally be eating grass and be wonder-struck by it. The realization I had on day 8, today, is that a certain need exists within me. This need is to balance whatever I'm doing - or will or could be doing in the future - with adventurous mind-trips. What I mean is that once I disconnect - for a longer period of time - with lucid dreams, or vivid dreams for the sake of it, or spiritual awakenings, or other forms of letting go, I start to feel detached, depressed and emotionally dull. All life abandons me as if I've gone astray. These things mentioned put me in a state of flow, though in a way for which I do not have the correct words. Especially the dreams part is valuable for me. For a while, I forget who I am - who I think I am during ordinary waking hours - and get to play along the scenario. Yesterday's night I got to experience vividly a bomb explosion. It was ghostly terrific, yet gloriously attractive to experience. First arrived a blast wave that stroke my skin like a light breeze - and then, as I laid on the ground - eyes closed, head down, hands on the neck, came a second form of heat wave that burned my atoms down to crisp. Marvelous. 10/10 death. The dream's scenario that preceded - and one that followed - were both unlike one another, so diverse, engaging. Sometimes I get to be the leader of a crew facing a war of five nations, in which we either love each other and unite, or die; a delegate, sometimes I get to experience my nervous system being burned down to fiery remnants. I don't know if I'm like any of you regarding the river of flow, but this is what truly pulls me into life; forgetting the ordinary me and taking on identities without remembering. Godly, huh. The dreams are then appreciated only when they are over. A couple of personal side-note facts about dreams are that (1) reality awakenings are possible within what we ordinarily portrait as night dreams, though this realization in a dream doesn't imply, nor isn't tied to remembering your normal waking identity. This is a nuanced and possibly valuable observation for those trying to reach awakenings during a night sleep: You may experience profound awakenings in a dream, though such a dream wouldn't be standardly conveyed as lucid, and (2) is that 10-15 minutes of shamanic breathing before bed drastically increase the vividness and wildness of my dreams. Proceed and test. At last, I'm going insane. The definition of insanity is relative, useless and false in truth, but nevertheless... I laugh at it, but I also wonder. Sometimes when I wake up from an engaging, adventurous experience, I'm like fuck - I'm back here in the mundane. Sometimes I wish to throw it all away and stay in a vivid dream forever. (oh wait, it's happening, but you get what I mean.) Being ignorant of who I am and the purpose of the goals I have given myself is bliss. I'm not sure I'd be capable of killing myself in the ordinary sense, but if pulling a trigger inside a dream and staying there on an endless journey forever would be an option, I'd go for it. People would find me on a bed with my eyes closed, while I'd be dreaming away... dreaming and dreaming until I would - as I realize only now, right at this sentence - dream back to this exact moment. Such a complex issue that I don't even know where to begin to ask. It's like I'm stuck in an Earthly limbo of melancholic boredom and profound, interactive, enjoyable metaphysical journeys. Right now, I'm inhabiting the first. Three hours from now, this could change. I feel like an advice from a wolf that's taken 50 arrows in the back isn't enough to give me an insight anymore.
  13. Have you taken Leo's Life Purpose course? There's a whole section about limiting beliefs and making it real.
  14. @Loving Radiance Great analysis, and basically the process I have gone through when questioning these beliefs. Thank you for interpreting it publicly without a flaw, and to any outsiders reading, this is how it should look like.
  15. Great minds fear alike.
  16. You have a good heart, my friend, but I know what I am talking about. Do not get fooled by a number. I renamed myself just recently; and took a step in the opposite direction of where I had been previously going. The idea to write stories for psychonauts is completely fresh. Most of my active audience is gone, and I am basically starting anew.
  17. @28 cm unbuffed Good to hear. If anything, man, we'll always be here to listen or help.
  18. Hey, man. I won't bother you with advices. I just want you to reassure yourself that over these years, you have given yourself space to say fuck it all.
  19. My #1 limiting belief is that people are too ignorant and selfish to appreciate the value of my life purpose. My #1 fear is that I will commit thousands of hours to working on my dream, but fail miserably and then be left with no practical skill, with an inauthentic life and with a daily job in which I suffocate. Beautiful topic, Natasha. Thank you for posting it. Right on time!
  20. That's simple. You ARE the purpose. I totally hear you. Worry not; you are not the only one. I have written down two main limiting beliefs from the course: That people are too ignorant to see the beauty in my life purpose, and the second, more of a fear, that I will fail miserably and have to work in an airless, stuffy, heavy-to-breathe life. Notice that these are just beliefs; and having them on a paper is good. I would begin by asking yourself how vague were you during the 'Making It Real' section of the course, and perhaps revisit it with the utmost presence. Writing down your fears and beliefs already takes away most of their power. Visualize the worst case scenario, and embrace it. Do not slack off on the exercise in which you set 10 tangible real-word actions to reduce the effect of your fears. I found it extremely valuable. Example: I fear that focusing all energy on my life purpose would render me futile in the real world because I would be building no useful skill. Solution: I look for congruence; a sort of intersection. I ask myself, what skills must I master to ace my life purpose? How can the same skills be utilized on the market? E.g. as a writer, I am actively working on mastering English, but I can always resort to working as a translator, for it is my second language and it is directly tied to my life purpose. To reduce the effect of the fear even more, I can look for open job positions on the market right now. But your set of 10 actions may be different.
  21. @Forza-Spirito Spiral Dynamics tell us more about how various stages perceive the world. Think of each stage as a colorful lens through which you look; as it distorts the world.
  22. Think more about the perception rather than the content.
  23. It's fascinating to observe how much disagreement cause issues like this just on a like-minded forum. Amplified a billion times, it puts into perspective the whole human plane of existence where rocks constantly clash and claw. It's so hard to carry through with a change. So damn hard.
  24. I'm not swallowing that hook. I was born a dreamer -- and my whole life I swayed further away from it because influence of others had muddied the waters. Take back the childhood magic, man. Regain what was lost. Your purpose may be -- as it was for me - the rediscovery of your raw child self. I cannot judge your rock bottom realizations nor if trauma had preceded them. Purifying yourself of feelings is at best a defensive mechanism, at worst a bullshit. Feel more. Fuck others, if that's what you are feeling. But feel it more. Do not build walls of reason around yourself. Break them down. You might want to read some of my older threads regarding life purpose. If you feel empty right now, you are onto something. A certain incongruence exists within you; it's already there. Your heart is trying to tell you something. Perhaps its centerpiece lies in the statement you have written above.
  25. Life purpose should be your innermost calling. A shuttle that heaves you up the Earth.