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  1. 9/7/2020 Continuing with the course. These links are my new best friends: Thesaurus #1: Thesaurus #2: Cambridge Dictionary: Rhyme Database: Syllable Counter: Under-the-line inspiration: For the past days, I've been using Randonautica, as posted by the user @Unwiring, to generate coordinates for my hikes. Since I started the journal, I've been consistently seeing power numbers of 4.5 and higher. Going to a 5.27 spot today. I haven't dug into a detailed research about the quantum generations, but I perceive it as a fun way to sprinkle adventure; as a shuttle for inspiration. It's shocking how powerful these hikes are for me.
  2. 8/7/2020 By the books there sat a scholar, lifting, scripting, the art of verse, 'Are my ballads worth a dollar? Hush, you nasty tilted-mind!' Silent as a shadow wreathes, the mind's now gone quiet, 'At last!' the scholar breathes, arms wide, ascends like an eagle -- scorched by the spilled coffee, a ballad upon his table lies.
  3. Indeed we are, my friend, journeying into the horizon as one. My eyes are watery just reading your reflection.
  4. Just reading the lyrics gives me chills again.
  5. @cetus Marten looks so familiar to everyone it's staggering. He's how I always imagined Captain Nemo to look like. Or Cyrus Smith, from Verne's L'Île mystérieuse. @Marten We're gonna sail a sloop in the next life, brother. Wait and see.
  6. This is the most poetic, gut-wrenching and yet mysteriously intriguing line of text I have read today. I feel the crest of emotion. Thank you.
  7. Vision Board revised: The beckoning mystery of mysticism. The inner peace. The adventure. The freedom and perspective of a bird. The aesthetic ambience of Earth. The sharp quill to humans' hearts. The temper of the nature.
  8. 7/7/2020 I took Leo on a walk with me. I realize more and more that his voice speaks from the other side. However deep I go, the voice reflects me on a deeper level. I will not be updating the journal every day. I'm chewing through the life purpose course at a good pace. It's given me dozen times more value than the first time. Leo's voice has truly spread over the globe, infecting it with inspiration and love. Revised my Vision Board: The beckoning mystery of mysticism. The inner peace. The adventure. The freedom and perspective of a bird. The aesthetic ambience of Earth. The sharp quill to humans' hearts. The temper of Nature.
  9. I shall quote your journal, @Gesundheit. You are being very authentic there to yourself and with your approach to life: Followed by: Let me ask: Have you gotten attached to detaching? You are talking to a dumb avatar on the internet, and only you know the direct answer, though this avatar wonders whether you have committed to let go without letting go of yourself, because you are the ultimate attachment. After you let go of survival and die, you'll realize there was never anything to let go of. I love you, and hope you're reading this and smiling and telling yourself how transparent these words are!
  10. 6/7/2020 Today, I had a powerful meditation session, one that took me on a mind-trip into a grain field. I felt a wind and saw a storm on the horizon, both of which filled me with an ambient feeling of Creation. Today, every side project I had had under my sleeve or had been thinking about or working on, was scrapped. I will 100% focus on the endless beauty of creation. I want to be overwhelmed by it, drown in it. I will use my Instagram with 40k+ followers as a base building block for the future to come, completely restructure it and aim towards my purpose. People will understandably leave, for they've signed up for a trip North while I'm headed South. I've also started doing Leo's Life Purpose course again, this time more honestly and presently. I shall practice shamanic breathing daily for at least 60 days. Merely a minute of practice sends me to the low orbit.
  11. Music is alive. Feel it. Dance to it. Let your body be a temple. lmfao
  12. 5/7/2020 At last, we arrive at a thread I deem as necessary for taking steps forwards. Don't get me wrong. I've known my life purpose for an adequate time, but catch 101 was this: How does an astronaut touching upon stars bring the light back to Earth? Sometimes the stars are too far for a rope to be attached and pulled back home. Besides, their arms aren't that strong. Before we continue, let's clarify how my life purpose sounds like: That's where the quill ends. Beyond it lies a deep, quiet passage of contemplation. If your life purpose seems as useless to society as mine, don't hang on the idea that it needs to be swept. It's perfectly in alignment with you. Materializing the purpose, making it real, can sometimes be harder than finding it. The shell for its structure may come in forms you least expect. Next, there's my Ikigai statement, which goes as following: The rest of the Ikigai flower can be found in my earlier thread here, along with a blank worksheet you can download and use. My journal begins here, where the two statements collide into one euphonious orchestra. To understand how I came to a closure, we must board a time-machine and fly back to yesterday when I, the ape Vladimir, was lying on the floor breathing like a shaman. Talk about sending chimps to space... Anyways, I started dancing. Much like @ivankiss described in one of his threads. Though I was alone at night in a room, I felt equally epic. The universe was flowing through my veins, guiding the crazy movements. After I let the steam out, I started thinking. To be honest, I would have seen it long before, if only I was totally sincere to myself. The way to materialize my life purpose is: The thing about us INFPs is we dreamed about becoming authors since childhood, isn't it? To my happiness, I decided to pursue that journey when I was thirteen. After five years, as I began stepping on eighteen, I had a book ready and in my own hands. It felt amazing to be holding this holy grail; feeling it elsewhere than in my head or on a desktop. To this day, there are only ten copies which I have given out to my friends. Although the book is self-published for a personal achievement and not accepted by any major publisher, I hold it as my dearest child that's never seen the light of the world. The point is, where my thirteen-year-old started and where my almost eighteen-year-old finished are two very distant points in space. Re-writing and re-doing the chapters about five times has taken me far along the journey of mastery. I carry a skill which all great writers do, whether they know it consciously or unconsciously: The Advanced Language Visualization. That's my name for it. It's being able to see the implications of language and the impact your sentence structure and choice of vocabulary will have on the reader. Combined with the knowledge of Spiral Dynamics and spiritual experiences... The sharp quill to humans's hearts. However, there are exciting obstacles in front of me. Let's list some of them: 1) I'm not a native speaker, and I will not set for a small country in Europe, the Czech Republic. Holding a population of approximately 10 mil, my journey of mastery must be set higher. I shall read, learn and expand my English vocabulary and understanding - to a point where my Advanced Language Visualization skill is as developed in English as in Czech. 2) Breaching the actual wall of impact in the world, getting it out there. Given the worldwide, cross-border nature of my drive, the internet and anything starting with the e- prefix are my friends. Throughout my upcoming spiritual experiences, I shall focus on pinning down what I want to distribute exactly and how will it sustain me in the longer run. I do have, however, a very good training ground in the form of Go, Imagination, an Instagram account I started a time ago. Although I only practice writing very short caption stories there, I view the channel as an opportunity to get better at point (1) and leap off to point (2). I cannot let this go in vain. Now I will write for myself a list of points, a set of beacons of why-I-do-what-I-do: Where else can I be so expressive and free, other than in various forms of art? Through art humans are, generally unconsciously, expressing the endless love for life and universe. I am fascinated by elevated states of consciousness, psychedelic trips, venturing into the The Great Unknown. If I find more sensitive, imaginative and free form of expressing the point above than writing, I shall follow it. My hopes for this journal are simple. You're all beautiful fragments of the universe, and we together are the universe. We are One, fragmented and separated, only to be found again. Before we come home and merge into One - while we are here on Earth - I shall leave a trail of art behind. Over the past years my mathematical part of the brain has completely died - or shut - off, and I see metaphors and art as the only possible shuttle to carry a message of love and meaning. The point of the journal is to be updated, whether I take an unexpected turn or carry on. Don't be scared to kick me in the balls and teach me a lesson if I don't update it.
  13. This article outlines how mobile phones are shaping the future of Africa, along with a bunch of projects I haven't yet gone through. This paper then takes a closer look at mobile phones and economic development in Africa over the past decades.
  14. The World Bank and African Development Bank report there are 650 million mobile users in Africa, surpassing the number in the United States or Europe. In some African countries more people have access to a mobile phone than to clean water, a bank account or electricity.’s-mobile-youth-drive-change#:~:text=The World Bank and African,or electricity%2C the agencies add. Could the presence of mobile technology be used to create solutions such as digital cash?
  15. Gives you an idea about the complexity of tribes and religions on the continent: