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  1. Your verbal and non-verbal expressions remind me very much of Leo.
  2. Mind you, I wouldn't dare to trust water is wet if I hadn't touched it myself. I do know my life purpose. I wouldn't have asked otherwise.
  3. Indeed. The reading felt relevant and strangely, yet precisely on-time.
  4. Listen here, Em. You really are a gem. The last two days I spent reading George Leonard's book, the Mastery. And the exact interpretation you just layed here has been running on my mind throughout the days over and over. That's what I told myself in the morning: mastery is an endless road. That's what I told myself in the evening: There is always more to learn. I have spent about 2 hours today contemplating the purpose of a teacher - and how can one ever dare to speak about things with such clarity. Later on, I found the answer. And I hear its echo in your interpretation too, Emerald. This has been a mind-blowing experience. Thank you.
  5. This is quite noteworthy, because my life purpose is to explore, as I have written on the forum in the past. I know that's the core. But there is always a slight part of me that wants to teach the knowledge, pass it on. If I were to commit solely on this reading, I'd have to commit to the part of me which craves for a hermit life in a cave.
  6. Hey, Em! Why not. What do the cards have to say about my life purpose?
  7. I've been away for twenty days, and it's done its magic. I'll be reading the forum again a little.
  8. It's been a ride. From the first moment I purged to the last breath I experienced. My friend and I went to a cold March forest to prepare a homebrew Ayahuasca from caapi and viridis. We had dried 100g of each, and although it wasn't enough for a full-fledged experience nor visions, it was breathtaking. Report. On 7/3/2020 I was really breathing for the first time. The body took over and showed me the way; breathing for me. It was the deepest and cleanest air intake I ever experienced. I realized that every cell in my body was alive, every microorganism, and I was no more important than them. The word I is merely a control that does not exist. I realized, while I was looking for happiness I would never find it. What I really want, I already have. I don't need passive income and I don't need time to fill the days with nothing. I just want to live with passion and do what I really want. Though I didn't have much visual hallucinations, my mind was seeing clearly. I was connected to a universal tunnel. It's been 24 hours and I realized I went full-circle. Now it is time to integrate, work on my life and dissolve my activity here for reasons I have. I may return to writing books or running my old YouTube channel where I wrote stories. I will explore and work towards my life purpose, although more warm-heartedly and appreciative for my present. For running water, for ants, for sun, for seeing the other side. I will continue in spirituality and in developing understanding. In my life purpose, I stated that I am an explorer, and that my purpose was to explore - but now I feel like I have seen the snake and there are no hills, galaxies and visuals to explore anymore, because I ate them all. It's just a matter of where I want to be now, because I can choose. I'll hang around for a few days if anyone had questions, tips or something to say. Take care, much love, see you soon again.
  9. @Mada_ The wilderness trip sitter idea sounds very interesting in theory, but I haven't given it much thought in practice. It would be almost impossible to do here in central Europe in the year 2020. What if one of your customers got fucked? You wouldn't want to deal with that stuff in a country where psychedelics are illegal.
  10. My friends and I go out every few months. Especially this year will be interesting, because I'll be testing how much of it I can take. Surviving in nature ain't no cozy stay. I know. But how much are you willing to take? Building a cabin and going off-grid sounds easy until you do. Now you have to hunt, keep the fire, etc., though that would be full surviving and not bushcraft. Most people monetize it through YouTube ads and partnerships. I would love to discuss this with you more, because nature is amongst my values. Making money while being immersed in nature sounds like a dream. Apart from a YouTube channel, I didn't come up with many ideas of making it sustainable (again, not talking about full-blown survival). I also thought of being an "adventurer for hire" where people (probably richer) would hire me to go onto an adventure with them. I would have some crazy routes pre-planned to take. What about you, any more ideas?
  11. I don't have enough data to evaluate that. Once we find a sustainable way to dream lucidly, that will be huge. I had a couple of OBEs, but I try to stay away from the notion of imaginary/real worlds. I tend to focus on the present. I always used lucid dreams to move myself out, much like a station or a lobby from which I decide. Once you can lucid dream, all it takes is a thought.
  12. You bet they are. They are also consistently about 90% of the time more brutal, bloody and lower conscious. But they are more vivid. My (almost) daily routine is 10-15 minutes. Occasionally, I do one hour sessions. I practice in dark. Always before the bed. When I finish, I just jump in. The Mix I almost ALWAYS use is this one: Equally magical is reaching the peak/observing while listening to Loreena McKennitt. Give yourself ten minutes of breathing and right at the end, start listening to this (Beneath a Phrygian Sky):
  13. Can dreams push the boundaries of self-development and states of consciousness? They certainly can. You don't need to be an astronaut to discover space. Throughout my years, I have been to countless places, and that's talking dreams only. I wish more people would utilize dreaming to its fullest. Take psychedelics or consciousness altering substances, for example. Now that's metaphorical, but also literal. My dreams work like a catalytic cache memory for an experience. I take weed one time, but the experience gets stored and amplified later during a dream. That's where the beautiful part of lucid dreaming comes in, you can trigger it on will. You wouldn't believe how far it can take you. Here are some journal questions to inspire you, and that I will be working on: What is the connection between shamanic breathing and dreaming? Why are the dreams three times wilder after a session of breathing? What's the best technique for achieving consistent results? What's the best dream herb? How can dreaming be used for productivity, problem solving, and self-actualization? How come a psychedelic experience of the same magnificence, sometimes even greater, can be triggered inside a dream months after a psychedelic experience? The answer to the last one, that one I have been grasping slowly. It's because psychedelics don't exist. It's consciousness playing tricks on itself. You now have a direct reference. It's as if the body produced the substance on its own. The best part is, dreaming is in direct equation with my life purpose, i.e. exploring. How would you utilize dreaming in today's environment, and inspire people to re-think it as something greater than a brain experience? I'll share my thoughts. Speaking about it loud. Inspiring people to do dream-work as an alternative to their tight schedule. Uncovering the potential to use dreams for yoga, productivity, creativity, standing up to your fears. Encouraging people to see for themselves. Building up worlds just to destroy them, expanding the sense of possibilities, and later explaining the meta stuff behind it. How can illusion not be real, or vice versa? Finding the most powerful dream herb, or creating a new one to make the process as easy and the least time-consuming as possible. Internet is the obvious medium. And oh, I hope you all dream of an oasis full of mushrooms one day. Mushrooms the size of your hand. That's where the real fun begins.
  14. @from chaos into self Leo's LP course does a great job at it. If you can't afford it, start exploring your inner self anyway. Be true to yourself. If you don't know where to start, you could try the free personality test on - it's a good start. And try for example shamanic breathing; I know it revealed more to me than ten thousand thoughts.