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  1. aka why someone shouldn't be too fast on their judgement about Rettig.
  2. However far you have come, please know that in the end your life purpose is something unique to you. I remember years 2017-2019 when I first started interacting with the forum. For two and a half years, I kept looking for my purpose somewhere in the stars. I read stories of others here on the forum. Most of the time I looked outwards like there was a secret ingredient hidden. There's no secret ingredient. I cannot emphasize this enough - a life purpose is something you already are. Finding it is not a process of looking outwards, seeing what others are doing, finding something new, but rather digging deep. Hitting it home is an awakening on its own, I would say. Because a life purpose is something you already intuitively know, there's no need to worry about whether you have it. It's been trying to carve its way out since your birth - and if you're like me, you have always overlooked it because the darkest place is under the candle. If you gave up all control of thought, you would be living your purpose right now. Nailing the theory is important in the beginning, but when you're packed, you need to pull your lazy ass up. Stop reading inspiring stories. Nobody will show it to you. Unless a story somehow triggers an emotional response, you'll most likely never find your purpose here on the forum (not even by reading this). I know, because that's what I had been doing for years. Look inside. It's already there, behind those foggy thoughts of hope. It may not buy you a hot-dog on its own, but it's certainly worth all the hot-dogs in the world. And like with many other awakenings, it's a question of degrees. You may feel totally blind to your purpose, or you may know what it is, but not how to make it real, or you may see the path unfold. Feel it in, rather than thinking it out.
  3. First of all, I had been searching for my life purpose for 3 years. Today I will give you a worksheet that you can download and print for yourself. At last, I will provide you with my personal example of a filled Ikigai. The Ikigai is very closely interrelated with Leo's Life Purpose Course and can be of great help as a tool. You can think of it as a flower of life. It consists of four leaves (circles) - what you LOVE, what you are GOOD AT, what you can be PAID FOR, what the world NEEDS. How they interact with each other when they overlay will reveal your PASSION, PROFESSION, VOCATION and MISSION. Below is an image: The structure of the Ikigai Here's what you do: You pick whichever of the outer sections and you brainstorm it. After you're done, you move on to the second one, the third and the fourth. In the end you will have filled the non-overlaying parts of What you LOVE, What you are GOOD AT, What you can be PAID FOR and What the world NEEDS. Take your time and don't overthink it. One of the traps I see people do is getting stuck in the thinking part, and not going with their guts. It's not a race, don't worry if you take a question with into bed. You may wake up the next day and see things more clearer. Let it be natural. Whatever purpose you are seeking you already are. You're not seeking a purpose of somebody else, of some future you. Whatever you seek is buried within you. Now, to make things easier for you, I have created a worksheet that you can download and print for yourself. If you have the option, I find it better to print the file instead of filling it on a screen. It stimulates you more, it's in your hands and you can access it anytime, and if a thought comes up, you can write it down right away. The worksheet I have created is quite simple. I was originally searching for a similar file on the internet (that I could download and work on), but nowhere have I found it available for free in this simple, no add-on layout. You can all share it anywhere, including @Leo Gurahere on the blog if you want. Save and print the file below: Ikigai_Worksheet.pdf After you have filled the outer four circles, it's time to look at the four overlays: PASSION, PROFESSION, VOCATION and MISSION. You should have a good idea of what to do, but here are some of my personal tips: Now is the time to start thinking about how two overlapping circles interrelate with each other. I'll give you an example. Let's take a look at the What you are GOOD AT and What you can be PAID FOR circles. Together they form a PROFESSION. I state in my example that I'm good at understanding one's inner motives, and in the second circle I see I can be paid for consulting people 1-on-1, or through a therapeutic session. Therefore, my ideal PROFESSION could be a psychotherapist. Pick a statement from each circle and ask yourself: How could these two work together? What do they create? What are their similarities and differences? Try to feel it. If thinking doesn't work, try observing and feeling. See those even more centered overlaps of, for example, PROFESSION and VOCATION? That's the place where not two, but three circles overlap. Below are the general axioms you should expect to be met at each of these positions: The Ikigai with general direction pointers At last, the flower blossoms and it forms an Ikigai at the center. This will be your unique life purpose, or at least, depending on how you use the phrase, a unique statement that leads to it. Note that the MISSION should be similar to your Impact Statement, if you have taken Leo's course. The PASSION could even represent your Zone of Genius. Finally, here is my personal Ikigai that you can use for the underlying inspiration. Save it below: Example_Worksheet.pdf (Note that the original is written on a paper, this is a digital doppelganger just to be read) My personal Ikigai goes as follows: To lead people to love through understanding (making them understand) their emotions. Share yours below. _________________________________________________________________ My last question, very nuanced, is for the long-masters on this journey. I have spoken about big chunks of my purpose already in the past, here on the forum, and internally my Ikigai feels aligned with me - as do the exploration statements I wrote about in earlier posts. There's one major difference though. While on one hand the exploration core of the purpose resonates with me in a very hermit-ish way (a half of me longs for living like a hermit), you can't help but notice that my Ikigai on the other hand is close to the bodhisattva path. I have yet to discover how to deal with this dissonance, and a mature look would be greatly appreciated. With that in mind, love to ya.
  4. You can check out mine in the new Ikigai Worksheet thread. See the included example worksheet.
  5. Stage Blue parade (literally) here:
  6. I consider being able to "breathe my way" to India and China from Europe a nice side effect. Quite literally. It takes additional 5 minutes for me to then realize that all maps are floating in space as concepts and that the whole world is here.
  7. Previous topics here and here. An explorer, huh. A journey is an expedition into the unknown. I've been noticing on my metaphysical - and especially physical journeys - that the only time I, the ego, truly appreciate something, is when I lose it, when I distance from it, when I separate myself. The other day I was on a mountain hike, sleeping in a random field far away from everything. And did homeostasis kick in. I felt sad for all the things I didn't say, didn't do, for not living 100% authentically. That's okay, though. Feeling that way is a part of the explorer's journey. I felt deeper into the emotions. It may seem strange to venture out only to appreciate what you already have, but that's how it is. I also became aware how much Spiral Dynamics has been useful to my life and that it is one of the most practical models. Here are ways it can be used in, and it took me merely 5 minutes: Explain to a person why we are different Give a ground to reality, but in a healthy way Show that all grounds are imaginary Clarify historical events and why seemingly alien rules were once necessary Hear a person speak for 5 minutes and instantly acknowledge where they stand Help make life decisions, whether it's choosing a career or a teacher, based on their level on Spiral Dynamics Solve arguments by understanding where one's coming from Evaluate where you stand and what your needs are right now And I could be here for hours expanding the list. The point is I have a strong social intelligence, and I can predict very easily how someone will behave. I also love giving lectures. Giving out is a part of the explorer's journey, although I dismissed that part here in the first original topic. Since October I had insights and I'm more observant about that every ground I try to stand on soon falls. It seems I'm switching between these hermit and teacher stances, it's like mood swings, and I'm not sure what to do.
  8. @IAmTheHolySpirit You were on a message spree yesterday. I tried to read your posts across the forum. I hope you're okay now. Look, I'm not denying you were through enlightening experiences. And I understand your points. I really do. But you've been giving everyone the same lecture, over and over, and it takes more than that to be a responsible teacher. Words carry over their intended meaning very loosely. Have you noticed? If you tried to awaken people through words on a forum, it didn't work out. Sitting with you eye-to-eye, toe-to-toe in a cave might result in a difference. But not here. All you know about someone is the few sentences they had written. You don't know their background, their intentions, how many awakenings they had, how they perceived the words they wrote. You will be tempted to make assumptions. But be careful whom you call delusional. Be on the watch for Dunning-Krueger. You say you're exposing the ego when in fact you're creating it. You can't give the same training to a horse, to a dog, to a monkey, because their cognitive levels are different and they will respond in a different way. You take a very Blue authoritarian stance when speaking about the truth, and whether it carried love and compassion gets lost in the translation. Especially in written communication where the sender and receiver have to rely on a bunch of words. Sounds to me like Spanish Inquisition. But I also see the hidden truth in that. If you truly care about someone and are here to teach them, either give them advice they need to hear at this point in time - to truly master their level - or learn to walk on water and hand out enlightenment on touch. Good luck integrating your godhood. Love you.
  9. @Leo Gura @Nahm @cetus @Serotoninluv or other admins - could you step in, please? I meant to create a thread and contemplate the responses, but it has drifted away and turned into a war zone for some folks. I wouldn't want to see it getting locked just because of that. Thank you.
  10. @IAmTheHolySpirit Careful not to make assumptions about me, devil.
  11. I see. A pillow's fine. Sometimes you wake up so hard you don't even have a ground to stand on.
  12. Did you ever find it?
  13. @Leo Gura I've once had a dream, wasn't even lucid, of a huge valley where mushrooms grew to the size of trees. I took a bite from one that was the size of half of my body. As soon as I did, it instantly made me lucid, to the point where I snapped out of my dream body and flew past dozen dimensions. This was prior to having any sort of real experience with psychedelics at all. Psychedelics are real. In fact, so real they don't exist. They're a linguistic model humans have constructed. The dream is whole.
  14. I agree. Those are even better, more advanced sources than I had given.
  15. Cmon guys, give him some slack. He probably knows that he needs to learn and that his business knowledge is a blank sheet, and the first thing he needs is at least some direction from the forum. Some really business-y SD orange books are The Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted by MJ deMarco. I have also read The ONE Thing by Gary Keller. In case you need help with mastering a subject, go for Mastery by George Leonard. Test and learn. 😉
  16. My music of choice are songs by Loreena McKennitt. They can take one pretty far. Here are a few examples:
  17. Today, I finally understood the word transparent. The true meaning of transparence. I saw through my ego, the layer of seeming solidness. The night was dark and calm, just as I like the surroundings to be during my holotropic breathing travels. During the peak state, my body became a hollow temple. How powerful can its movements be? I felt so much potential when I raised my hand. How mysterious a hand is? There is no how for walking on water. It must simply be. And then, never in a more precise way did I watch my way back to earth. As the shuttle closed and I started making my way back from Home above, I became gradually more disoriented, perhaps lost. It would be until I re-accumulated the bits and pieces of myself in a sober state again. I was burning through the atmosphere, stripping myself of Myself. The clouds began to becloud the mind. It was becoming clear who I was - who the ego was - a fallen angel making his way down to earth.
  18. Read Mastery by George Leonard.
  19. "The Orange Duck" is actually a hilarious consequence when you consider Spiral Dynamics. Quack!
  20. I know what it means for me, at least. It means being able to distance from a view and examine it "from afar." A subject becomes an object. Perspective for me means stage Yellow.
  21. Interesting test, I've taken it too. Mine were: 1) Perspective 2) Social Intelligence 3) Hope
  22. Below you can find a documentary I have discovered. Citing one of the comments, I think it deserves more credit. He risked his life for the truth.
  23. Your verbal and non-verbal expressions remind me very much of Leo.
  24. Mind you, I wouldn't dare to trust water is wet if I hadn't touched it myself. I do know my life purpose. I wouldn't have asked otherwise.
  25. Indeed. The reading felt relevant and strangely, yet precisely on-time.