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  1. Depending on your choice of psychedelic substance, the dosage, set and setting, etc one might experience ego death, infinity, or deep insights into the nature of reality. That said, these expansive states of consciousness are not triggered by alcohol! Not even close. You would know this if you tried Psylocibin or DMT and brought spiritual work into those trips. The state of consciousness from which you do personal development on Psychedelics compared to while drunk is as different as going on a run and laying on the couch.
  2. This was a truly beautiful and emotionally compelling game, but I didn't really see much lessons in spirituality unless we're talking about the Buddhist notion of Duhka and how suffering arise out of Ellies attachment to vengeance and the ensuing karma from her actions, however there's something to be said about the of emerging stages of green and yellow in the structure of the narrative and characters. You see a role reversal of genders by having strong female protagonists and straight up gay characters (stage Green). Then there's how the game developers flip the script part way through, which leans towards a more inclusive perspective by revealing the dynamics of community and humanity within Abby's group (stage Yellow). So in summary, we don't really see as many woman with powerful and resourceful roles in stages Orange and below and even more so don't see the humanizing of our presumed enemies less we call in to question our perspective upon reaching stage Yellow. These points are in my opinion the source of the outrage among gamers who are in GENERAL at stage orange. Lastly, LoU2 took me 3-4 days of hardcore gaming hours to finish amid an ego backlash brought up during lockdown so I'm hesitant to agree on whether it's worth spending that much time...unless game developing and storytelling is part of your life purpose.
  3. Recently I've started making moves to become a copywriter so I can have the resources to leave my soul sucking 9-5, attend spiritual retreats, do more consciousness work, create a more conscious business model etc. That said, I am continually realizing my mentors and teachers are just hyper egoic, angry, Liberal bashing devils! It's like I'm a Jedi working with the Sith lol. My gut tells me to return to Orange ideals so that I may climb out of this hole I'm in, but surely I'm living inauthentically when my core ideals revolve around truth and consciousness. Anyone relate to this? How are you approaching holism in an environment that rejects outside perspectives?
  4. Thanks for the response man, yeah that's the plan. Since this is a creative type work, there's room to grow in the next 5 years so that I might work with higher stages of the spiral. Yes, I am passionate but recognize that this motivating force is also something that we must stoke and cultivate rather than relying on it to last of it's volition. In other words, it's necessary to bring passion to the work Time I spend working at another 9-5 and building up those skill sets can instead be spent creating a business that get's me closer to my vision and purpose instead. Also the growth opportunities at most 9-5's (without years of specialized education and skill development) are mediocre at best.
  5. Hey Aden, It's my hope that this work you are doing on yourself will lead to a beautiful and more conscious way of life, one where you can love and connect with all of reality on the deepest levels. This includes with your family, friends, and future partners (who ironically are you from a non-dual perspective). That said, this is the time to question and contemplate every thing you ever thought about the world, even if it's rough road at first and puts tension on your present relationships. At the end of the day, most folks wont understand the process of pursing truth, tough pill but that's just the way the world is presently. Speaking from experience, you will probable get lost, but thanks to the resources here and online I'm sure that you can find balance again. Take your time and think deeply about your wants, it's a process and be sure to soak in as much higher consciousness/quality knowledge as you can. You got this!
  6. I can completely relate to this, even today folks have told me "I thought you were older" and "you're so mature for your age" type stuff. That said, you got to understand that you're taking another path here, spiritual work and personal development ,as fulfilling as it can be, is like going off roading into the unknown. The majority of the western world is preoccupied with "survival" i.e. social media, partying, sex, dumbed down politics, sports, and scraping by paycheck to paycheck. If you're like me, then you're probably completely right about standing out as the weird one in the group and let me tell you that's totally okay. If it helps, try and find a more relatable activity that helps you connect with others that you can enjoy and be more social. For me this has been hiking and being a part of spiritual book clubs etc.
  7. Lol this vid is like watching myself on shrooms
  8. Personally, I think you’d benefit from identifying with helping all people. By finding a way to serve the world you’d clear up caring about lots of these questions and you could find that meaning again.
  9. Did a bit of research into Naropa. It's not internationally accredited but looks like a really healthy environment for personal development and working on your spiritual growth. Degree's from here can dove tail into MA of transpersonal psychology if you're willing to throw down some dough for it.
  10. That makes a lot of sense, at least to me. Here's the thing for everyone on this's impossible to put any personal experience exactly into words because... "What is said, isn't always what is heard." Anyhow, for the sake of conveying a functional understanding of non-duality, take a metaphor Leo has said which is we are each individually fingers on a hand with infinite "fingers". The fingers each represent a person and their experience/perspective of reality, and the hand represents the source of which yields every perspective. Not too sure what that source is called, perhaps it's nothingness because existence and experience can only "be" if there is an opposing state of being. Ying and Yang. In my opinion, it sounds like you got this figured out!
  11. I couldn't agree more! Just thought to add that once you find those higher consciousness values that you're passionate from, you'll be in the best position to gain wealth anyways while at the same time hitting those sweet spots of inner fulfillment that chasing money alone won't get you.
  12. Consider how a patient person would act and behave in your shoes, then embody that. What you're looking for here is an answer to how to live out your value of patience. The only important thing about patience is how well you go about demonstrating it. The nature of values is that you take the idea and live it.
  13. Don't go unconscious anymore! Look at your emotions and trace it back to where you're afraid. This is all about fear. Reflect on what "catastrophe" are you playing in your head when you silence your authenticity. If you're not ready for this in your daily life, then give The Six Pillar of Self Esteem by Nathaniel Branden a try. You won't' need your Dad to approve of you if you do this, and honestly, it will help you mature into a person that knows how to fill their own cups of happiness and love. I've been where you're at, it does get ugly if you don't change. That said, you have the rest of your life ahead of you and so much possibility! Ask yourself, is there anything out there in the world that is worth dedicating my life towards? Hope this helps.
  14. Good question, personally I've come to see that operating from a place of higher consciousness tends to lead to less suffering and higher levels of success and fulfillment. That means not partaking in lower consciousness activities all the time. These are things that are linked to fear, anxiety, anger, and depression. When we are willing to live out values like understanding, love, or freedom you have an inclination to grow and thus experience life in a new way. This attitude of moving towards higher ideals for yourself is arguably a necessary trait in order to become a happy human being, psychologist Abraham Maslow has lots to say on this matter in his book "Toward a Psychology of Being"
  15. Perhaps love is being represented here by two seemingly opposing sides embracing and delighting in one another as if to point to the fact that there are no sides and boundaries? That's kind of how I took it.
  16. First off, as a coach in training, I sympathize with your difficulties here. You are dealing with real challenges right now, however, there is no doubt in my mind after reading these posts that you're a very capable and resourceful person. Honestly man, you have all the resources you need to make this happen. Take a good long look at your business, and begin to get creative! Read some good books, maybe Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield for inspiration and really bare down on marketing. It's important to get your brand and name out into the world. From an even more practical perspective, this might look like putting up posters or Facebook ads or having an article written about you or your business. With your target group being millennials perhaps a public speaking event at a school might benefit you. You don't necessarily need to quit your job right now but I do encourage you to spend more time in your business. The quality of your effort will determine the quality of your results. That's obvious. You've stated yourself that you are holding onto fear around this decision, which there is nothing wrong with that, in fact, I completely resonate with you on this, but why don't you ask yourself a few questions to get on top of this Fear based thought pattern, "What am I in this for?" "How else can I look at this situation?" "What kind of beliefs must I have to feel this way?" "What accomplishments and legacy would have ultimate significance for you?" "What are you prepared to sacrifice to achieve your dream?" Lastly, be present of how your actions make you feel and how your thinking brought you to that point of action. This is to make sure you see how your thoughts and feelings are directing you to experience fear and anxiety throughout the day. Best of luck man