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  1. The only reason for awakening is for understanding yourself.

    Once you awaken, you stop suffering so much because you realize the illusory nature of everything and you loosen your attachments.

    When illusory suffering ceases, everything becomes good (or I should say everything is realised as being good already).

    Paradoxically, to know yourself you have to divide yourself. Hence, you divide yourself and form attachments and desires etc. and you suffer.

    But the suffering is recontextualized as a big never-ending game. 


  2. @Winny The words you are reading right now are just shapes and colours. You construct meaning out of these shapes and colours. A brain is the same. You look at a bunch of pink stuff and you project a whole story onto it. 

    "eufhwefans" means little to you because you are not projecting anything onto it, maybe the thought "gibberish"

    "eating faeces" means a lot to you because you attribute a meaning to this string of colours and shapes. But note that you are doing that. The colours and shapes "eating faeces" has no inherent quality outside of what you project onto it.

    A brain is just some pink stuff. The whole story of how there are neural connections and they allow you to experience pain etc. is your projection. A cute story that you tell yourself to create your reality. You've never deeply questioned why you believe that in the first place.

    Hope that helps

  3. 1 hour ago, electroBeam said:

    By this time a cop came over to me asking if I was ok. Apparently I had been talking to several neighbours without realising it. Apparently I told a couple about the stuff mentioned above, which I only remembered after seeing the cop. After telling the cop with the most amount of charisma and confidence I had ever expressed to another human being before,  that I was fine and was just walking home, he let me go. Got away from that one luckily. I wrote some last notes down at home:

    AHAHAHAHAHAA, I'm dying imagining this.

    Beautiful report :x

  4. 12 hours ago, Consept said:

    What if after investigating the flat earth the person holds on to a belief the earth is flat and even the importance of that being the case, disregarding or finding circular logic and stretching facts to explain why its flat. Is that gullible or what is that?

    That is slightly tangential to OP's post as that delves into reality-making. Nevertheless, that is what you are doing all the time to create your reality ;).

    But on a more surface level, if they are conscious that they are stretching some evidence and disregarding other evidence then they will deep down know their belief isn't solid, they are lying to themselves. If they are unconsciously stretching some evidence and disregarding other evidence, that is ignorance. Most people are doing the latter.

    Gullibility is simply blind trust.

  5. Someone who is open-minded is able to hold new information as plausible and does not automatically discount it given their prior experience. In other words, they are open to something unusual being the case, even if it clashes with their current paradigm of life. They do not take this on as a belief, they are willing to investigate the idea with direct experience.

    Someone who is gullible takes on an idea or belief as being true simply from persuasion by others.




    Open minded person: Well, I've been told that the earth is round, but is it possible that the earth is really flat? For instance, I feel that the earth is flat, but I may not have all the evidence to know for sure. Let me have a look at the different arguments around these two views and the evidence presented. (Possibly in the future) Let me fly out to space and see whether the earth is round or flat. I could be deluded in thinking the earth is round. To be honest, I've never really questioned where my idea of a round earth came from. Let me hold these two views as possibilities until I have more evidence to point me to the truth of the matter.

    Gullible person: The earth is flat because that's what my dad told me. Everyone in my village knows that the earth is flat. Why would it be round???? It feels flat. 

  6. You are running away from doing the work to make your life better.

    Go take a cold shower.

    Shorten your time horizon. Make small changes. Visualise what you want your life to look like in 6 months.

    Don't put so much pressure on yourself to quit porn. If it happens it happens, try to do it less frequently. It will naturally fall away when your life improves. 

    Acceptance and self-love will take you a long way

  7. @Conscientious Anon

    You are misunderstanding the teachings.

    At the absolute level, there is only Truth, Love, Consciousness etc. There is no falsehood, or evil, or unconsciousness

    At the relative level you can create dualities to understand yourself as God.

    Language is inherently dualistic. You cannot communicate these truths through language, but you can point to practices and techniques that will help you understand if you do them.

    This work is not about belief. It is about experiencing for yourself. If you are believing any teaching on blind faith you are down the wrong path. None of Leo's teachings should be believed, they should be taken on as a hypothesis, an experience that may be possible, but you don't know unless you see for yourself.

  8. 2 hours ago, 4201 said:

    Sometimes I wish I didn't take my largest dose of LSD the day after getting rejected last november, throwing my life into a downward spiral.

    But hey, at least I have a pretty deep understanding of "unawareness"! And it's not like it could have been otherwise. Past is past.

    So yeah, set and setting. Do not underestimate those. It's not just some formality for beginners, it actually matters.

    You really do have to have you life affairs sorted and be in a good place before you jump down the rabbit hole, I agree

  9. On 01/05/2020 at 8:35 AM, d0ornokey said:

    -not listening to my intuition and leaving earlier in my relationship. which really taught me to listen to my intuition which gave me benefits 10x because i learned what intuition was and it saved me many different pitfalls along the way 


    This is a huge one. 100% agree

  10. 13 hours ago, Stretch said:


    I’m leaving now to attempt to stitch my life back together again.

    I'm sorry to hear about your experience. It seems like you invested a lot into this. 

    You know what you need to do. Leave this stuff for a while and work on your human life for a few years. Friends, relationships, finances etc. will all come back with effort.

    For me, 6 years of this work has culminated in a total awakening. I transcended my past and became infinite. Now as I congeal back into my ego, I realised the potential of this life, and I also realised that my human avatar is not yet ready to pursue another awakening.

    I am also working on more human things like career, relationships, and hobbies. I am going to leave the deep stuff for a few years and work on my 'ego's' life. It sounds like you want to do the same, which is completely fine. There is no reason for you to pursue this work if you don't want to.

    Pursue that which brings you Joy. The universe loves you exactly as you are. You can do no wrong.

  11. I'm hoping that this thread will help others contemplate their situation a bit more and maybe help some people avoid making 5-10-20 year mistakes in their life. I was inspired after reading about a multi - millionaire who said that, in hindsight, he would try to make $50-80 million by the time he was 35 and then pursue his other passions rather than chasing money and being a slave to the rush of it. He continued to make money and is worth 400-600 million or thereabouts, but his main regret is the time he wasted pursuing those extra millions.

    Post some of the biggest traps you've fallen into in your life and maybe state your age so people can get an idea of where you are at roughly.

    My two examples are:

    - thinking that my parents are right about a lot of things up until around 18-19. They are what you might call successful, which I took as a sign of them being right about the world. There are certainly some good values they instilled in me but I also picked up a lot of damaging beliefs and mindsets, as well as a lack of self esteem with regards to relating to my father and being independent. 

    - focusing too much on studying 'hard' sciences (bio,chem,physics, maths) while in middle and high school. I spent a lot of time worrying about studying and I neglected understanding, and forming social relationships. This bites me in the ass a lot these days. I think that it's wise to study a lot of different things before you leave high school and not to lock yourself into once field too early on. After you leave, I think you can learn about things you are passionate in relatively easily within 2-3 years. It's more important to understand your passions while you are in school and to learn to relate with people who are different to you.

    I'm in my early 20's btw.

    Also when reading other people's posts keep in mind that there are also traps in doing the things they wish they did. So it's not a matter of one way being the best way. For example, if I spent too much time socialising and got caught up in petty social problems, I probably wouldn't have developed the meta skill of 'studying in general' to a proficient level which would allow me to pursue a medical degree.

  12. You can glean some insights from him if you need them at that time. He says some valuable things occasionally. But there will always be some followers who follow for the sake of following, irrespective of what he says. Just like there are people who blindly follow Leo without questioning him. 

    Sometimes when I'm really down, I can watch a motivational JP video. Something as simple as 'clean your room' doesn't occur to you when you spend so much time pursuing higher things and you neglect order in your life. A bit of positive emotions from his videos can help boost you up to go and take action to ground yourself. And once you do, you can let him go for a while, you don't have to get caught up in the 80% of his stuff which is delusional. But there will always be a group of people who do. We are emotional creatures, not logical ones.

    You can be logical, but realise that will mostly be from a standpoint of being emotionally attached to your ego. You feel proud and happy from being a logical and intellectual person, as do I and many others. But don't make a shadow out of being dumb, illogical, and airy-fairy. These are grounded more in the body rather than the mind, and accessing a state where you are not thinking logically, but are relaxed and free-flowing, and going with the moment, and moving your body can be beneficial as a balance to logical thinking in my experience.

  13. 10 minutes ago, Leo Gura said:

    One of the biggest sources of suffering in your life will be the loss of the 5-MeO state once you've experienced it. That's the downside of psychedelics.

    Do you feel like 5 MeO has addiction potential? I know that when I come back from a trip on other psychs I don't want to do it for at least 4-6 months. For me the insights are beautiful but horrifying at the same time, and trips make me want to focus on integration work. I assume that is a result of ego-based fear. 

    I guess I fear trying 5 MeO and being a slave to it (like a heroin addict to heroin). Or would you say it's more like classical psychs in that you're not rushing to do it again.

  14. Some practical points to take away:

    - you can experience this for yourself, just follow the teachings laid out by Leo

    - express your truth, and everything will work out. You are loved. 

    - show love to others, especially those weaker than you. All everyone really wants is to connect and feel loved. 

    - be vulnerable with other people, everyone just wants to feel needed and useful. Being all-poweful and infinite is lonely.

    - call your parents and grandparents, even if it's just to talk shit about nothing in particular. Ask them for advice even if you don't need it.