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  1. 21 hours ago, Osaid said:

    Bro adopts a new ideology every other week

    If 'bro' clung to yesterday's ideology, or even last week's ideology, then wouldn't that be ego attachment to the past and a hindrance to awareness being present? So always staying in the present perception would be an 'enlightened' way to be, true?

    Although, just not vomiting it on the forum as if it's universal gospel truth is the next step. Hah

  2. 1 hour ago, Breakingthewall said:

    I think what we are doing is aligning our ego with the higher reality.

    This is something that I find it quite helpful on our journey, recognizing what the ego does and using its ability for our spiritual growth. It attaches identity to what we focus on, so it will do the same for any spiritual and mystical matters we place our awareness on.

    We just should to be aware that it doesn't evolve all that quickly, so it will lag behind present moment awareness in awakening and be attached to yesterday's revelation but not on the current revelation right now.

    This is why I would encourage people to 'train' for a lack of a better word the ego to stay present in support of our awareness being present in the moment. Basically, teaching the ego to be present in harmony with our awareness being present.

  3. @Osaid  This is why I said describing it may not be all that useful because we all have a perspective of it that may not exactly reflect another’s perspective of it.

    What you call subtractive another may call additive, you view it as removing something that separates from realization which another may view as adding something else that transcends the separation that prevents realization.

    Another may view it as the realization that the thing being subtracted isn't really there, so it's not subtracting anything, it's finally viewing it as it really is. Or it's not really adding anything because what is always is and realization is not material to add or subtract.

    Which is the reason I suggest descriptions of realization is trying to explain the inexplicable and often becomes a stumbling block to those that are experiencing the appearance of separation.

    The milestones along the way on the journey meant to guide us often become the very things that mislead us from getting to the destination, and even to describe it as such may be a misdirection.

  4. @Princess Arabia  So it seems a comment that the realization is inexplicable which you refer to as 'enlightenment' is an explanation that appears to already have become a stumbling block because the ego loves to rationalize everything into separation.

    The ego sets up gates of entry, things to attain, steps to accomplish and many kinds of criteria all designed to keep us on the hamster wheel of activity to 'do' so we can 'get'.

    The 'warning' as you called it is me describing how the ego behaves to prevent realization, which isn't useful once realized, not describing the realization itself.

    My apologies for trying to add anything to this topic....carry on and ignore my comments.

  5. There isn't a universal experience of it, everyone has their own perspective, even as there are commonalities to it that most will encounter. Some will say it isn't even an experience, that it's an absence of experience.

    Too often I see people chasing after another's perspective of it to give themselves credibility or using certain types of things to 'police' others at whether they are or aren't. These can become stumbling blocks to their own journey.

    Seeking out descriptions or trying to describe it can also create separation, transcending the description can be liberating because it removes the 'things' for the ego to attach to.

  6. 4 hours ago, bebotalk said:

    I don't like manosphere guys and haven't been exposed to them. You're being quite presumptive in "knowing" how I came to my views. How can you say I'm lying? loool


    Since you put "knowing" in quotes it must mean I said I know how you came to your views, so please quote where I said that. I'll wait...Oh wait, I didn't say it, it's you who are the presumptive one and I merely pointed out where these views are known to widely circulate.

    That was in response to you saying you have never met anyone to have 'similar' views so I explained where there are many who have 'similar' views not that I 'know' that's where you got them. So either you are unaware of your own lack of comprehension or you intentionally twist words. You pick.

    It's you who said in this thread how you came to those views...I just quoted it to you and pointed out it's what conditioning actually is after you said you haven't been conditioned. You said you got it from engaging with other humans, no presumption required.

    On 12/1/2023 at 1:05 PM, bebotalk said:

    I haven't been conditioned to think this. It's just something that has arisen over years of engaging with other humans.

    I don't have to presume, you told us right there that you have been conditioned over years even if you don't even realize it yourself because you said you haven't been conditioned to your views, which proves that you don't realize it.

    Yet, talk about being presumptive, you said you know the heart and mind of every 'pretty women' in existence, that has ever and will ever live. That is one of the most presumptive things you could ever say and it reveals how little you actually do know.

    So you can reply again and think we don't 'know' anything about you, but I will remind you, everything you have been posting in this thread shows more about you than you even realize, not just the stuff you think it reveals about you.

    Again, good luck with that and peace.

  7. 8 hours ago, bebotalk said:

    I've never really known anybody who has had a similar view to mine. You're making a lot of assumptions. Yes, our environment does shape us all. However, the effects of such manifest in different ways. This can result from internal reflection, as do most opinions people hold.

    The things you have been saying in this thread is widespread in what is colloquially called the manosphere so yea, there are many people that have 'similar' views.  So even if you have never encountered anyone online or in person saying similar things, which I have quite a bit of doubt about, there are certainly others who have 'similar' views.

    I will agree with you if you suggest that there is probably nobody that has the same 'exact' views as you. The reason for this is that even if we are all exposed to the 'exact' same views, how they express themselves in each one of us through our experience and psyche it will be a unique recipe of perspective that doesn't exactly mirror others.

    Although, even with this uniqueness we all have, people often regurgitate portions of it in the very same way it was conditioned into them and it is only if one expresses the whole of their perspective will we see the variations between the different views though they may be 'similar'.  To do that your original post would have been pages and pages long to accomplish it, which is virtually impossible.

    So, please use that power of 'internal reflection' you speak about to transcend the self suffering that has caused you to have such a painful perspective of the people you do.

    Good luck and peace.

  8. 8 hours ago, bebotalk said:

    I know the heart and mind of every pretty woman in existence, and who has ever lived and will live.

    You don't even know your own heart and mind as proven by you saying this...

    9 hours ago, bebotalk said:

    I haven't been conditioned to think this. It's just something that has arisen over years of engaging with other humans.

    You say you haven't been conditioned to think it and then describe how you came to think it by what conditioning actually is. Your words are just regurgitation of other people's words that are evoked by the pain experienced in life.

    We all have had to endure pain in life, we all have been exposed to the words and ideas of others, we all are products of our environment. Once one becomes aware of this process, we can consciously participate in it and influence the direction of our growth instead of let it be chosen for us by others.

    One day you will become aware of what you are revealing to everyone here with the things you have been saying and I hope when that day comes you will be mature and aware enough to let it free your mind and heal your heart...

    ...and be at peace.

  9. Not to mention prejudices, you have pre-judged a group of people because of a trait they have little control over and treat them in such a way which reflects your prejudice as you imagine them to be not reflective of them as they are.

    So you can continue to prejudge people and treat them a certain way as a reaction to what's in your imagination or you can cease to prejudge people and treat them according to how they treat you or even treat them a certain way despite how they treat you.

    This isn't moralizing or an opinion, this is just what it is. Take it as you will.

  10. There isn't anything anyone says that is 100% true because everything we experience is filtered through our mind which has belief bias and perceptual paradigms, which are rarely a 100% accurate perception of what actually is.

    There are more than just emotions and thoughts that motivate behavior, there are also self perceptions, dialog, impulses, urges and desires. Someone could call all the activity in the mind as 'thoughts' in some respect because it manifests in the field of awareness in our mind so could be called 'thoughts'.

    That word play aside the one thing said in the video that could be useful is, paraphrased, how the subconscious mind is conditioned from our previous experience and it's helpful to not reflexively act from the stimuli that rises out of the subconscious into the field of awareness in the conscious mind.

    This is simply abiding in contemplative awareness, also can be called being presence.

    Emotion also isn't negative or positive, just our perspective of them will create a bias towards them.

    I suspect Razard expounded more fully on these things as they have a tendency to do, haha.

  11. Whatever brings you to a place of well being just celebrate that it has.

    In Christian teaching that place of well being is expressed as heaven which is not a place of judgement, it is a place of love, grace and forgiveness. Judgement is not in heaven, it's in hell.

    The bible teaches that love is the greatest, so if you have judgement of others, then contemplate whether you have the kingdom of God within you.



    Luke 17:20-21

    Some of the Pharisees asked Jesus, “When will the kingdom of God come?”

    Jesus answered, “God’s kingdom is coming, but not in a way that you will be able to see with your eyes. People will not say, ‘Look, here it is!’ or, ‘There it is!’ because God’s kingdom is within you.”


    I don't claim to know what is in your heart, but this is just something to consider.