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  1. On 30.08.2018 at 3:49 PM, NoSelfSelf said:

    Suffering is attachment to things that cant last...

    Buddha and Eckhart Tolle says the same. And it is really disturbing first when you hear that "suffering is your making" especially when you are suffering. But when you are in a peaceful state and take a look what happened at that time of period, you will distinctly see that it's your making and nothing else. Btw. mind does great job to replicate/duplicate your suffering.


  2. In my opinion your situation seems depressive not suicidal, we need to have more information about this kind of modes of the mind. Because you're writing to this forum, you should be doing self help already but in whatever situation you are professional help is good, if you don't have this opportunity family and friends are so important. And here you write about your problem, but in real life you may hesitate to share this problem with your family and friends. And you may be hesitative yo get a professional help because don't want anybody to know this, you son't wanna seem weak etc. I've been in this situation but whenever you start breaking boundaries, it will continue like a snowball effect. I hope my points are clear here, please tell me if you have any questions about this.