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  1. Loved the thread @Meta-Man

    I feel like women are much more connected with their heart and with this comes more empathy, connection, compassion and LOVE. We are here on earth as separate beings basically learning how to “relate” with each other through relationships. A more feminine mind doesn’t have the ambition to prove things and are much more comfortable with BEING instead of doing, while the masculine mind is more focused in getting shit done, action, show results, etc. 

    I believe men tend to seek enlightenment through the mind, Leo keeps saying if a spiritual teacher does not mention love in his teachings he is not awake, that being said I think it’s much easier for a woman to just be in their heart and be awakened (without the necessity of going out in the world and show how awakened she is) than for a man to get out of his mind and tap into the heart power. 

    It’s important to note I’m talking about the feminine and masculine not specifically about man and woman. 

    We are in a predominantly masculine era now and look at the world..  how much we lack in love, compassion, empathy, connection.

    Way to go for women to claim their space after much repression, yet it doesn’t mean they are not out there doing the work, which, as we know, is mostly internal and personal. 

  2. Oh gosh, those moments are so precious, it opens portals inside my mind to new ways of seeing the world. So beautiful, thank you! 

    What you call transpersonal curiosity I call collective consciousness, not sure if it’s the right wording, I notice it those days that whenever I see a fat person my first thought is “why is this person so fat? Why don’t they stop eating? That’s ridiculous” then I catch my mind and break it with “god bless you” and I’ve tried to correct it however whenever I try to fix it I just get even more trapped in the thought, then it’s MY thought, while before it was just flying around above my head, like a mosquito that passes by and goes away uninterested, but if I engage with it, it stays buzzing around me. 
    I think that it could be the unconscious from the collective that comes to the surface and our job is just to let it come and go, but when we get the thought for ourselves then we are in big trouble because the darkness grows. 

    Ive also noticed that a lot of our negative thinking comes from being trapped in those thoughts, the more you feed it the bigger it gets, and the only key against it is awareness, and really opening up the space for the thought to express itself and goes away, I feel like suicidal people have many thoughts like that, those days I was driving by a cliff and the thought came: What if I just drive off? What would it happen? It would be so fast, a little action with my hand and boom I’m dead” it’s like a little devil whispering in our ear. 

    That being said, this could be just an explanation from my ego to not take responsibility, who knows? I like the exploration :) 


  3. On 4/17/2020 at 4:30 PM, 28 cm unbuffed said:

    And now I am getting aware of that and it pisses me off, I am working to get back to who I was and how I used to behave. 

    I see all of it (it may sound dumb), like some kind of divine plan. I was so heavily left-brained, logically thinking guy, that I could rationalize everything to myself and others, just to trick them and to fulfill my needs. Smoking weed and psychedelics got me to a point, where I got basically disconnected to my left brain hemisphere, just to heal my right hemisphere, fix my EQ and to become a "good person". 

    Correct me if I’m wrong but it sounded like you attribute the acquirement of right brain wisdom the reason to why your IQ decreased, like Leo said the key is in loving yourself, going back to fully rational left brain approach will just lower your self esteem even more. The geniuses of all time had an extremely developed left brain but their foundation and principles were heart centered.

    Leonardo da Vinci for example, he was a painter initially, a painter is a very artistic and imaginative person (which are right brain traits) but since he also had a logical and rational approach to life he knew that people would only give him credibility if he studied at university etc. There is a book called thinking like Leonardo da Vinci that has some nuggets of wisdom, I highly recommend it if you if you like him.

    There are rumors that Albert Einstein discovered his theory of relativity through an insight while playing the piano, which is a right brain practice that enhances creativity  

    Einstein was well-known to be a passionate amateur musician. He once said:

    "Life without playing music is inconceivable for me. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music… I get most joy in life out of music."

    And his second wife, Elsa, claimed that it even helped him with his scientific work. She said: "Music helps him when he is thinking about his theories. He goes to his study, comes back, strikes a few chords on the piano, jots something down, returns to his study."

    Maybe it would be interesting to read autobiographies or biographies of some people you admire.

    You see, my problem is the opposite, I lack the rational thinking and sometimes I’m too much in my heart, and as we know society nowadays don’t value kindness, empathy and love, I always feel like I need to work extra hard to get things done and to function in the rat race we live in. xD

    It may not be a curse that you are developing your right brain now, everything is divinely orchestrated and there are no mistakes :) 


  4. I recommend watching Matt Kahn’s content, he has a very heart centered approach and IMO helps tremendously with self love

    If you have a high IQ you most likely have a predominately masculine mind and his videos (which are based in feminine energy) might be very challenging for you to watch, but it’s worth a try, it will help you integrate the feminine energy. 



    1. War has slowed dramatically
    2. Virus is showing our fragility and vulnerability as human beings
    3. As churches close, people may wake up to religious brainwash 
    4. It will force people to be mindful of their money
    5. Force people to think about their health/ body, strengthen their immunity 
    6. Finding out many things can be done through the internet
    7. Valuing technology because it's what is connecting us and providing us with all the info about the virus
    8. Stopped pointless consumerism 
    9. Animals are being released and enjoying nature
    10. Forces the rich to take actions because we are equally in danger of getting sick
    11. It will further expose ignorance and weaknesses in our government 
    12. Force people to better prepare for future disasters 
    13. People will educate themselves on things they are usually complacent on, and i will force people to cross reference informations o get the facts
    14. Estranged friends and family are checking in and speaking with each other after extended fallouts 
    15. Force us to take a closer look at out flawed healthcare system 
    16. People will reduce food waste and other household waste
    17. People spending more time with their family, and will hopefully put their cellphones away after being suffocated with media overload 
    18. People may learn how to forage and spend more leisure time outdoors after the virus is gone
    19. Cops and meter maids are more relaxed with enforcement
    20. Employers are being more sympathetic towards basic employee needs 
    21. People are being more aware of cleanliness and hygiene
    22. independent business may get a bigger wave of support than commercial ones as this passes
    23. Many stocks will become more affordable for the average person 
    24. More people will cook for themselves and eat healthier because they will avoid eating out
    25. Creatives will no doubt have the inspiration and the free time to create more art 
    26. People may learn their passions or new hobbies
    27. People who typically feel alone will find solace in this global unity that is happening
    28. We may abandon cash, fastening technology currencies 
    29. With less cars, airplanes and factories open, carbon emissions and smog is being reduced 
    30. Less industry = less waste and plastic production
    31. Isolation may help a lot of people kick their drug addiction
    32. Antivaxxers are seeing a world without vaccine 
    33. People are respecting low wage workers and tipping better
    34. People are getting used to not be in control and let go/ live with uncertainty 
    35. People who had never had struggle in life, can finally understand what is like to have an uncertain future, and with that being more empathetic towards others 
    36. People are getting a much needed break from the rat race life
    37. People are gaining quality of life by not being all day at the office or in traffic
    38. We are collectively learning how much power we have to shut down things when we work together
    39. Being forced to think not only nation wide but globally, big picture thinking and more empathy 
    40. Being more conscious with the consumption of animal meat 
    41. More time to go inwards and reflect about values and priorities in life
    42. Saving tons of money by living a minimalist life with only the essential
    43. Help us make peace with death and uncertainty
    44. Value our life and the things we used to take for granted

    I can go on and on and on, it's so interest to see that in a bigger scale the earth is better and thriving without us, and that if we compare the existence of humans in this universe to the billion years old that earth has we are really NOTHING and we can be cleared off the face of earth in the blink of an eye. If I die, it's only my ego because I am eternal, my suffering is really coming from holding onto my identity as a little humans that fights for survival. In practice it is really hard but man, what a beautiful wake up time we are going through, after all this passes we are gonna have a whole new frequency in the world, it's an intense ascension, forced consciousness expansion.

    You all, please feel free to add more positive things about the virus.

    And yes I'm aware of the suffering and destructing that is happening right now and am feeling it very deeply, but in this post I would like to focus on the work of god and the big picture of what is happening right now.

    “No sympathy for the devil; keep that in mind. Buy the ticket, take the ride...and if it occasionally gets a little heavier than what you had in mind, well...maybe chalk it up to forced consciousness expansion: Tune in, freak out, get beaten.”
    ― Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

    Picture from Leo