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  1. Sometimes I think if I'm obsessed too, I used to use this word a lot, obsessed, I've been obsessed about fitness, nutrition, drawing, psychedelics, some books, some authors, I chose to change the word "obsessed" to passionate, some of my passions are gone, since I dug so much into it, I feel like I know enough or experienced a lot about the subject and it's time to go to the next one, but has been in my life quite a while, it's an occurring passion, and you know why? Because it's about life, Life is endless, infinite, it's not a subject that you study about and that's it, there is no end, there is no truth, we just keep learning and experiencing and living, what can inspire me more than Life? Nothing, I keep doing what I'm doing, I don't have only as a source of information, so that way I don't take Leo's ideas and opinions for me.

    One of his videos he talks about a quote, I don't remember who wrote it but it's something like, the ship in the ocean, we are the ship and our thoughts/beliefs the ocean, we are in an ocean of ideas and opinions, reading stuff everywhere, a ship is supposed to be in the ocean not somewhere else, always moving and what is the ocean? It's water, it's always changing, that's how we should keep our thoughts/beliefs, don't hold on to anything permanently, absorb the ideas you think will serve for you, use it, experience it yourself, than after you learn you get better and jump to another idea.

    sorry about my English, but im glad you talked about it because it's something I needed to clarify to myself and express it.

  2. I think the topic "dreams" on general, its a really interesting subject to explore, since we sleep for hours every night, what are we doing in that time? Could we be doing some enlightenment work? ;)

    Why do we dream?

    Is just our ego playing or we are having contact with some higher intelligence?

    What are the possibilities in a lucid dream? Best techniques to induce it?

    Does it bring us to expanded state of consciousness?

    I've personally started using the method WILD for lucid dreaming and with my fisrt LD I was just SHOCKED with all the possibilities, I'm reading about it but I would like to know Leo's opinion before going deep in, maybe its just all bs, maybe its not..