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  1. Hi guys, wanted to ask y´all about an episode I had some months ago, long story short I was with some friends at my place, drinking booze and smoking weed (potent sativa strain) heavily, talking, shouting, listening to music, etc... having a good time and i got very drunk and stoned so i went outside to take some "fresh air" and one of my friends went outside also, so we start talking (drunk talk :)), dont remember all the details but all of a sudden i became "the witness", i felt the body like under water, slow, i heard myself mumbling to this friend but my mind became crystal clear, i was sober, i was aware of all that was happening in the moment, and i remember saying to this friend "man, im not drunk" (picture this phrase with the classic drunkinsh accent) but for sure i was trashed...

    I want to quote another member words @hoodrow trillson , since he had the same expirience...he put it as "partial awakening". My question is, was it?¿ or was some other rare state? or simply the most drunk state that i can possibly be? Thanks!!! Feel free to move the thread if necessary.

    On 29-04-2020 at 5:10 PM, hoodrow trillson said:

    Lol, ironically--one time I had a partial awakening on alcohol.  One time I got so drunk at a club with my friends once, I was watching one of my acquaintances vomit in the club's toilet.

    I knew I was very drunk too as I watched this person throw up, but I then realized that there was still this "something" still there watching me be drunk as hell.  I clearly saw the distinction between drunk as hell me and the thing present there watching drunk as hell me--like a witness.  It was super trippy and I'll never forget it.