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  1. @I_Like_Thing I am in a better state of awareness and do not care anymore, she is from a gaming forum and will most likely not get into self development but you never know. Only for a little bit, but I left myself for a while. Oh it is so close. I should let it do what it will do. Trump skull? Cover it in 100 dollar bills with a layer of brown paint to contour it a bit, do kind of a fun little golden twirl on the cap that looks like hair. Question: I have noticed that you are very good at conversation and understand people from their points of view, and also have enough knowledge on a variety of subjects to keep the conversation flowing - is this something that is natural or did you learn it? I would like to become a better conversationalist. Something new to research now.
  2. Great post, thanks. Taming this little beastie.
  3. @I_Like_Thing Nope, I'm not judging you, I've found that what really bothers me is when women are dishonest about serious issues that they have the ability to work through on their own - and when they do that what happens is that women who are dealing with abusive situations are not believed or the issues are downplayed. On top of that, women from these branches will often try to drive away a woman in need, because vulnerability creates sexual competition. I had been reaching out for over a year now, and had been driven from places of support because of this, by women who should be empowering one another. This was acted upon mostly by women who had attracted their mates through this ruse of vulnerability - and I was mistaken to be the same breed of manipulative female. It is confusing because it says to the abused that their issues are not real. So it created a complex that with among other things, has made me bitter and resentful towards women at times, and judgmental. In the past, I usually would only judge if I was judged first, but lately I am finding that I am judging people as a protective measure and it is a quality that I don't want to have. For whatever reason I had a memory of this woman who chased me off of this forum about a little over a year ago - when these memories first started resurfacing. She had this rich boyfriend who saved her from financial insecurity - she was a hoarder and had the money to manage herself, but chose to buy things over taking care of her children. But she was young. And hot. And in trouble. And had a delusion of needing to be special. The guy was interested in me, but I did not feel the same way - so he moved on to date her. She took my reaching out for help as a sign that I wanted to date her boyfriend - or perhaps she was angry that she wasn't special. So she started a rumor that I was a liar and a sociopath. Should be a great script for an episode in a soap opera. So anyways, I start seeing little comments that were directed towards me, but in a very offhanded way. I retaliated by posting an article about how to avoid dating gold digging whores. Eventually she got the entire forum to fight her battles for her under this shared delusion that they were protecting her relationship and that I was lying about my abuse to somehow copy how she had manipulated this guy. Anyways, something about that situation really bothered me. And I find myself obsessively questioning my motives and my morality as it is. I have OCD, so if something gets stuck in my brain it is so hard to get it out. I revisited that memory and it made my blood boil, and I realized that in my head I was calling her all sorts of horrible things. Wishing she would get what was coming to her and whatnot. And then I realized that this situation has happened to me before by different women - and one thing that is the same is that they are the sort of women that they try to make me out to be. So I did some research and apparently bullying between females is such a common thing. It's fucking stupid. It gave me a bit of a complex and before I turn into an undercover b*tch, I wanted to get it ironed out. No, I don't judge you at all, but I am finding a new interest in women's psychology. Getting to the roots of judgement. The women who judged me had abusive pasts - but were not currently in abusive, or had overly exaggerated their abusive presence. Thinking on this, my boyfriend moved out almost a year ago and my family has not been too terrible in months - yet I am still seeking comfort and safety instead of building my own future by my own means. So this has me thinking that perhaps these women who were not having issues currently, had been through the same dynamic I did, where they were not "consoled properly", and continued the same bullshit until it eventually became an act for them. A way of life. I don't want to end up becoming like those - I'm just gunna say it - hoes - and not have the fortitude to survive my own shit or be able to empower other women. Getting to roots of that sort of nonsense feeding on my good nature. It's interesting. (sorry made this small so it would not take up so much space - hope that explains it) Edit: I went back and asked for an apology from the moderator, who got hooked into the whole mess. Now that my mind is on it I desire a happy resolution.
  4. Working on judgement and heart chakras. I don't hate anyone, @I_Like_Thing.
  5. @I_Like_Thing I tend to personalize things too much. I'm currently working through my issues with judgement by studying relational aggression and it's roots and blah blah blah.
  6. @Lai You look good. I used to be naturally slim, still am, but not as active as I used to be so I'm quickly losing shape and it's annoying.
  7. @I_Like_Thing Maybe someday in the future. 7 used to be a pretty big picture but I didn't save the files when the computer crashed and lost most of my work. It was done in paint tool sai. Have a bunch of other little projects around the house but tbh I have a pretty short attention span. (That adderall my bro gave me really helped, if it weren't for the fact that it turns my feet blue I'd probably get a prescription) I'm working on something really cool though, will post it if I don't get bored. @Principium Nexus Yeah! Anything creative is allowed! No restrictions.
  8. My fellow women, I have some questions for you: Have you ever found yourself in a situation where another woman has made you an unsuspecting rival? I find myself in this situation sometimes and am always kind of surprised when it happens because I'm kind of a doormat and a people pleaser, and do not naturally have a drive to compete with others. When someone considers me competition it is both annoying and simultaneously hilarious. However, this has been such a frequent scenario in my life, that I've decided to look into it and can't imagine that this sort of behaviour must be unique to me. Humans are interesting creatures. So that said, onto the questions: How have you dealt with relational aggression? Did you ignore it or nip it in the bud? Why do you think it is that women have a hard time empowering one another, considering that we are the more relational of the two sexes? What do you think it is that makes women in today's society so good at 'slingin' the subtext?' Link, Link, Link I'm curious about this, because in the past I have lost mates and friends to women who have mastered the art of covert bullying. It's like the female version of emotional suppression in men via vulnerability. We are taught not to be aggressive nor are we allowed to desire. Damned shame. Anyways, thanks for your time! <3 Come to think of it, I have engaged in this behavior on occasion.
  9. I relate. @HypSandar Fo sho.
  10. @I_Like_Thing 5 took about 10 hours and 7 about 8 hours. Thank you! The person in the profile pic is me, and the pet is my dearly departed Krista Cat. The photo was taken before my hair fell out (it's growing back again) Do you draw? paint? @Laisa Those are amazing! I really love the one where the tribal wolf is leaping forward from the woman's heart! How log have you been drawing for? Dig your style.
  11. @Peace and Love Oh nooo!!! Stay here, girl! You have some of the kindest and most inclusive posts! <3 <3 <3 Where are you going? ;_; @Lai I'm looking to get into shape, how do you keep a figure like you have? I used to have a figure like yours but now at 29 I need to start working out to keep it. Any advice?