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  1. @egoeimai Good luck! Wish you the best! 🤘💙
  2. Hug Hitler? Naw, rather kick him in the nuts, what an evil man...
  3. Title is the question. Thanks in advance for your responses!
  4. Tell me about it. I've been socially isolated for years. If humans weren't such judgey, scummy, evil creatures there would be no need to turn my back on the world. However those who are considered different or weird do not have a place within society, and society certainly reminds us outcasts of this every day.
  5. I need to find someone I belong with.
  6. That sounds like a good life! Best wishes!
  7. Hard to know. If things do not clear up within a few months, see a doctor and go from there
  8. @Pallero lmfao... oh God.. ok...
  9. @Spiral @Loreena @Prabhaker Thank you! I'll add this advice to my notes. Appreciate these in depth responses.