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  1. So... my dad raped me when I was little. About six or seven. I liked it. My parents fought a lot, my mother blamed me for a lot of their problems. I didn't understand sexuality and escaped by moving into my imagination. I was a dog. At the "vet's office". It was attention. I was afraid of it, and of being rejected, but I liked the attention and I liked the idea that I was being of service to my family. Eventually, when they fought I would take my father's side, not really understanding the scope of what was happening. So, I have a delusional story and it's been with me for so long, I don't know how to break out of it. My mother tried drowning me in a tub because of it. Eventually he left, I remembered the feeling of, "Who will protect me from mommy?" I don't really want to go into any more detail than that, but that's what it is. It is what it is. I feel numb today. Please take this as a sign of trust as this is not something I've wished to reveal, but it's the core of my madness. Please never misuse this information about me. Thank you. Feels for the day.
  2. @Lai You two are chill though, is that just your dynamic?
  3. Oh, I see what's going on now. Ruh row. Peace.
  4. Transform sexual energy into creative energy Sexual energy and creative genius Demystifying sex transmutation Use for creation instead of destruction - cannot be repressed if you wish to do so. Must be set free. Some sexy music. This is the universe, that sticky universe singing to you. It's feminine, God is darkness, a moving creative energetic force. Creative energy is highly sexual. I swear I can make it all better If you want me I’ll give it, all to you You’re all I see, baby you’re everything You know that I don’t blame a thing on you baby I don’t blame a thing on you I wish that You could show a little more devotion Even though you’re scared of your emotions Now in slow motion Show me you're never letting go Ever flow, oceans show me It's deep and you're my only Say that you're my only We don’t need to Hide it from ourself anymore Bring your words to me Write your passion onto my soul They tell me you no good for me But I know they don’t know how you make me feel Flow is feminine energy that has not been repressed. It is a creative energy, the superior energy. We repress it. We are stagnant. Set it free. Set it free... And humanity can move forward.
  5. Not yet, I still have a lot of unhealthy attachments.
  6. INFP here.
  7. Express it!
  8. This song is pretty good, sounds like the shape of whatever this creature up there is spewing.
  9. @Evilwave Heddy cause deep down everyone wants to be fucked, even spiritual folks.
  10. E.r. - panic attack When will it end? Ok... Maybe now I should confront fear? I can't do it... nooo... why... scared. Must flee. Need to run. Going to faint. No die... no... :c bah
  11. Maybe? I dated someone for a few years way back when but we were young. Everyone's circumstances are unique. Go for it if you're feeling it, don't if you don't.
  12. @Toby Thanks! I'll send this to her.