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  1. @AilinKyung Is there anyone he can see for these problems?
  2. I tried today, but I have mental health issues and will put this off until they are managed better. Feels like my brain has been running along the same groove for quite some time and will continue to learn by theory in the meanwhile. I'm in a headlock for the time being. I'm supposed to get on Strattera next month for these issues and can make a monthly journal then.
  3. @AilinKyung Physical violence is never ok. You are a kid and he is an adult. But his symptoms do sound like a mental disorder, and if he gets treated for it his issues would be more manageable for him, and your family. Violence by another person towards you is NEVER your fault. Ever.
  4. Sounds like a mental health problem, I have most of these symptoms sans the violence. He should see someone. Especially if he is hitting little girls there is something wrong with him. Impulse control issues most likely, stemming from who knows what. Does your family have access to psychiatry and counseling?
  5. Want to do a fast next month to get rid of toxins. Lot of conflicting stuff online, any tips? Thanks
  6. YouTube app won't play this, just posting for art tunes...
  7. Well, you could try answering them when you feel your best about yourself and each answer should be how you react when you are the most healthy emotionally. People often have different personality types when they are under stress, I think some of the functions switch around. I would answer the test a few times when you are in a good mood and see what the differences are there, then look at the functions that are different and determine which ones fit your personality better as a whole. So if you take the test three times, feeling in a good mood each time you take the test, and get say: Intp Entp Intj Look at the funtions of these personalities and see which ones fit. Some personality types have more similarities and some more differences. But the functions help way more than just the test alone as they determine how you relate to the world. Functions
  8. @Shiva You'll want to answer the test coming from your healthiest point in life. Understanding how the different functions work also help in determining true personality type.
  9. I don't think kinks can be gotten rid of through enlightenment or self actualization. Animals have no ego, and yet what they experience early in life shapes their responses to their environment. I think the whole point is accepting these aspects of yourself instead of assuming they are some broken part of you, that seems repressive.
  10. I don't know how much porn is to blame as I don't watch it too often, however I believe a lot of fetishes have to do with things people found pleasurable as a child. This is why a lot of fetishes revolve around more childish things. Someone who was raped or abused might possibly be in to dom/sub, and there is a lot of psychology out there about dom/sub beyond my very small example, and doesn't really do it much justice, but I don't know a whole lot about the culture. Attachment theory has a lot to do with how people enter relationship roles as well. So does how masculine or feminine you are. Most fetishes are healthy unless they harm another person, animal or are a reenactment of unresolved trauma. Sometimes these reenactments can be healthy if it is properly researched and allows a person to work through trauma, (such as edge play might cause more issues for a rape victim), where as trust building exercises, like blindfolds with sensory play can teach a person to be more present in their body as opposed to getting off through dissociation. This would be an example of a negative vs positive fetish. A dom/sub relationship where the sub has not been abused make better subs for edge play. Let's see here, my knowledge is so limited in this area. I think the more a person learns about themselves the more fetishes come into light. So it does go hand in hand and it is not all black and white. Not sure if they can be gotten rid of. The bedroom is where you let your masks go and you can be yourself again. People turn sex into something serious, but it's supposed to be about just letting go and being a total freak. I've never gotten a chance to try out any of my own kinks and hope I can some day. 👿👌 Fun fun fun.
  11. I really like Eckhart Tolle, his material is easy to digest.
  12. @Lord Bwyra I have read the disclaimer and am seeing a psychiatrist as well. Will see a therapist shortly. I feel as though there is something, but also worry about normalcy. I am more concerned with how to manage it effectively in day to day life. If you had met me in person it would be clear there is some sort of untreated psychiatric illness going on and therefore do want someone to hold my hand because trying to get better from these things is a massive effort. I'm just very good at hiding the problem. Thank you for the links I will bookmark them and take a look when I have some free time. @egoeimai A lot of the labels really describe issues that are very related to one another. Some are personality differences and then others are brain dysfunctions that happen due to chemicals not working properly in the brain. @Toby I know quite a lot about psychopathology, the problem is a lot of symptoms overlap and they still are not entirely sure what the diagnosis is. It feels like being depressed, with my mood going in any direction at any given time, lack of memory and focus, can't get anything done, conversations are very hard to follow, I feel paranoid and my senses feel much more overstimulated than they used to, this has been getting worse for two years, with bouts of it I can see happening since mid high school. I guess I am mostly looking for advice on how to stabilise myself and then manage this most effectively, and will read up on different perspectives. Doing research on my own time as well.
  13. @Elisabeth thank you, i had just read an article on these sorts of labels. Seeing someone currently, your advice was helpful. @ajasatya I don't have any control over what people do, but I am needy, selfish, possessive. That's like telling someone the sky is blue. That's obvious, but that doesn't take away from the fact that I was gaslighted. I can read people really well and depending on what I pick uo determines how I act around them. Some people simply don't trigger that side of me. I'll take it as a red flag. @egoeimai thanks i might try positive thoughts and disregarding unhealthy opinions of myself and see if that doesn't work .@Lord Bwyra meds help me quite a lot. I'm not at a proper dose yet, hope to see more positove effects in the future. Some people genuinely have brain disorders that require treatment. If you have been prescribed meds, esp if they are mood stabilizers or antipsychotics I wouldn't spit them out if you want to get well. I tried the no meds route most of my life and only now feel better after two years of pure hell. Royal ape is based on post count so the bigger the monkey minds. Kind of ironic lol! ---- Mostly I am concerned because adhd meds can put someone with bipolar, schizophrenia, ect into a psychosis and it is a pain to deal with and not easy to realise and I hide it well. I'll ask about it, my dx isn't fixed until she gets to know me better.
  14. I'm not really sure, that person who waa communicating with me from Jan to Feb and however else, ended up being dishonest about it when I called them out on it, they suggested I might have bipolar, which I will look into. This person was kind of pretending like they might have experienced a spiritual connection with me for a few months and then dropped me when they found something better and realised I was actually going through serious issues. That's why they are a fraud by the way. If I had not deleted my journals and convos on here I could pinpoint that shit so don't be so quick to dismiss my perspective. Anyways, that's fucked up, but I'll still go take a look. And that's why I'm asking. Plus I feel fucked up. So it might be a legit observation.
  15. I am not sure, it could be. I was acting out of control a few nights ago, and don't really remember it well. I feel... odd, but I can't seem to point to what it could be. Something is off though.