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  1. @Evilwave Heddy cause deep down everyone wants to be fucked, even spiritual folks.
  2. E.r. - panic attack When will it end? Ok... Maybe now I should confront fear? I can't do it... nooo... why... scared. Must flee. Need to run. Going to faint. No die... no... :c bah
  3. Maybe? I dated someone for a few years way back when but we were young. Everyone's circumstances are unique. Go for it if you're feeling it, don't if you don't.
  4. @Toby Thanks! I'll send this to her.
  5. @Michael569 Thanks for the advice, hopefully everything will heal right. She decided to get the surgery done by a small town doctor and I guess it is not healing right.
  6. Same here, it can be a challenge for sure.
  7. Here's a cute one
  8. @Dingus Found some use of this thread, this was one subject where there was no attachment to any side here and could see the good and bad points of both arguments. Everyone made good points, it is simply viewing something as too much black or too much white that prevents both sides from integrating these points. You can't force someone to change their perspective, so there is of little use arguing when dealing with extremes from either side. This situation can be reapplied to how couples argue with one another. "You're always like this, why can't you be more like that?" Or extreme points of view regarding politics and religion. "Jews should be gassed, they're ruining the country." "It's the Republicans fault." - "Democrats want handouts." My perspective is this: Porn does contribute to human trafficking and stimulus addiction. In order to prevent human trafficking, porn should not be criminalized or thought of as the enemy. It is the individuals who commit these acts that are the enemy. What would make sense would be to educate people about the harm porn can cause and provide them with alternatives, because porn will never go away and a person cannot change how other people live their lives. It is a futile attempt, although valiant and comes from a place of goodness. But, from this place of goodness, sometimes bad things can happen with these absolutes. Like with the war on drugs, it created more crime instead of less. This is because the demand will never end. People will just find it in new places, and the more hidden something is, the more evil it becomes. Just like our shadow natures. The more in the light and open these things are, the less evil there can be. Drugs aren't the problem, guns aren't the problem, prostitution and porn is not the problem, the problem is the individual. @Loreena She is really sweet, but is very shy of strangers. Sometimes even me. Her name is Baby!
  9. Taller than I thought.
  10. @Beau Prabhaker gives really good advice; he's an Enlightened hermit from India. Haha!
  11. So cute! <3 Good luck, friends!
  12. @Dingus What have you done?!!! XP
  13. @Evilwave Heddy That's terrible dude.