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  1. @Fidelio She's an infj, and their "hidden agenda" is to understand. Picking at anyone's hidden agenda will cause a backlash. I'm an infj when I am healthy, infp when I am not. As in, judgement goes out the window, Hehehe. Anyways, losing the interest to understand is also losing an interest in a sense of a deep part of the self for them, a key and integral part of the personality. It is what drives the chameleon-like nature as well. Asking an infj to drop the need to understand before ego transcendence - that's their identity. It's a which comes first sort of a deal, egg or chicken? It can put them in a destructive loop. Dropping the need to understand, the identity, requires ego transcendence, and yet, to transcend, they need to drop the need to understand. So... what to do, m8? Dunno. Socionics hidden agendas ENTp, ESTp => to be loved INTj, INFj => to be healthy ESFj, ESTj => to be perfect ISFp, INFp => to understand ENFj, ENTj => to be wealthy ISTj, ISFj => to believe ESFp, ENFp => to know INTp, ISTp => to love In socionics, perceiving is judging for introverts only. So an infj would be an infp, and an infp would be an infj. I am an infp when unhealthy, infj when healthy. So currently, being infj in socionics, my hidden agenda is to be healthy. Not-so-hidden though, hahaha! Try not to use these as a weapon. These are Achilles heels, very sensitive, bombs in human souls be gentle.
  2. Like I have said, I have decided to remain single. Thank you for the advice but I don't really need it anymore, I'm not looking for love anymore, I was just having a little hiccup there. Moving on.
  3. I like it! Very nice. Thank you for sharing!
  4. It's a good morning today. Hello emotional rollercoaster! You done yet...?...
  5. I used to, but not so much lately I am asleep.
  6. This isn't the best forum for advice on expectations, because men, true to their nature, will say you should have none - and women... well women who have dealt with not having expectations, we know better than this. If you're with someone who takes more than they give then fucking leave. Don't waste time and energy like I did trying to fix it. I mean really now, how the fuck are you gunna grow if he won't even listen to what you have to say without slinging something back at you? Fuck that guy, you deserve better! Hope you find it. <3
  7. Just for fun!
  8. @Emerald I think he is Morrtiz. The newbie. Also, I predict there is going to be a wave of arrogant ego-poppers on here for a few months.
  9. @Key Elements Hopefully you're right, makes me happy seeing couples get together. Good luck @ElenaO ! @Fidelio Mr. Meowgi.
  10. Contemplating some old dreams I've had in the past. My first awakening, two of them held the presence of God; myself. One was love, the other was fear. This song was playing when I had my second awakening where Goddess Kali reviling herself to me.