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  1. Hello, I have been meditating about 3 months and about 1month  ago I think that I started to see some tangible results. First of all my concentration has increased drastically and that has become really beneficial for me in school,  because I am 17 years old. But the most important things started to happen three weeks ago. When I am meditating sometimes( approximately 3days in week) I reach a moment then I start to lose sense of feeling over my body and everything seems to disappear. But it lasts only 3-5 seconds, also my eyes start to shake a little bit. Today I had the same feeling, but even more intense one. So is it comman to feel that? Also I do some enlightment work, but not that much. Thanks for your advices. 

    Victor ;)

  2. Hello, I am new to this forum, but actually spend some time on personal development/enlightenment topics, but after I have heard information about spiral dynamics from Leo video and read a few Ken Wilber books I find that Ken Wilber defines yellow stage as a stage, which possess different consciousness. I made some research, but found some contradictory ideas...So my question is the following 'Do yellow people have higher consciousness?'