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  1. @Paulus Amadeus I am moving to Eindhoven and was wondering about the spiritual community in The Netherlands. You say that Leo would have a lot of people attend in Amsterdam, that makes me really happy to hear! It doesn't really surprise me, The Dutch people are very forward-thinking and open-minded. Maybe we can hook up and you can expose me to some of the spiritual community there. If they love Leo, I love them already. 

  2. @Leo Gura I am so thrilled that you will be touring Leo, and although I am in Montreal, I will attend in all cities within a 10 hour-drive radius. I see Montreal is on your list for later phases, I am involved in the Spiritual community here and can guarantee you'll have a good turnout. I can also suggest restaurants, meetings spaces, hotels, etc. anything you need, consider me your personal assistant while you are here. I can also be your interpreter, I am fluent in French. Spreading the Leo Love! Bless!

  3. Oh man @Leo Gura, this is the answer to my prayers! I have been DYING to see you speak live, and to get the chance to meet you. I am from Montreal, Canada, but I would be willing to drive to New York @Sevi or even fly to California for the opportunity to see you. You have changed my life so completely I would honor the chance to thank you in person. Please, Please, Please consider doing this very seriously. You are an amazing talent with incredible charisma and charm, not to mention vast stores of knowledge to share with others. You are an engaging speaker, I could listen to you talk for days!

    A friend and I have been considering creating an event where we cold invite you to speak here in Canada, we could easily get 50 people to attend. Just don't come in the Winter! Haha!

  4. I can really relate @Alexo45 I have been contemplating and meditating on my family issues (they are all unconscious) for about a year. I want so much to help them with their neuroses, to share Leo's amazing insights and help them grow. It have found that it's just not smart without they're being a tiny glimpse that the person is interested or willing to entertain any thoughts of growth for themselves.

    I have learned to just be the model, live my life consciously and hope that one day they will ask questions and become curious. Self-actualization has transformed my life in incredible, mind-blowing ways. Those who are close to me, the ones who are conscious already, they are my family now. I feel a deep connection to all beings, and I have discovered that my family are there for me to learn compassion. Before awakening, my ego was rampantly self absorbed and so I look at my loved ones now and I feel blessed, they are teaching me something valuable after all. I used to think that compassion was something I felt for those less fortunate, I just never thought I'd find them amoungst my very own family. Humility is a great virtue and I thank the universe for this lesson.

    @Natasha I have been practicing detachment and unconditional love, that is simple and sage advice.

  5. I just listened to "Seth Speaks" on YouTube. WOW! Very interesting way to hear about non-duality and consciousness. @Leo Gura Have you read the book or seen the video (which is just audio)? I stumbled upon it via an Oprah Interview with "Abraham" Esther Hicks, via an Oprah Interview with Adyashanti (who, by the way, has really been inspirational, thank you so much for the referral to his teachings and books, I can see how he has also influenced your teachings. I could see you traveling the world and speaking in Satsangs as he does, I sure would love to be in the same room as you and listen to you speak, day, I hope).




  6. @LRyan and @Ramu Thanks so much for your insightful comments. I'm really trying HARD to not let my ego come into all of this, which I know is the cause but I can't put my finger on the reason yet. I so want to awaken everybody, especially those that are suffering from egoist mindsets that would be completely dissolved through awareness. I feel as if the path of being a Spiritual Life Coach has chosen me and therefore, through my work, I will help many people. I am holding out hope that one day my family will be so curious, and perhaps after seeing the results through my clients, that they will ask for my help. If that never occurs I will have to reconcile my own feelings, which I am prepared to work on. Ramu, I know that most of them would not understand the nuanced esoteric teachings, they have not had the foundation of knowledge and study that I have had. I have to come to terms with living amoungst them when we get together and speaking to them in The Matrix using their language. Perhaps this is my  challenge alone and to find my way through it will bring illumination and more enlightenment.

  7. I am having the same issues with my family and friends, all unconscious "sheople", but I still love them and have to find ways to cope and accept. It is really challenging but it also testing me and I believe, good growth will come of it. I am happy that Leo came out with the latest video on the Big Picture of Self Actualization. I was thinking of sending this to my family to watch, do you think this is a good idea??

  8. Thank you @ajasatya and @Kaity I appreciate the feedback. I, too, believe that when I'm ready it will come back into my life. I feel I will be even more able to express myself fully as a compassionate human being, as well. I will be more in touch with what moves me, and I think my sensuality will be heightened as all of mys senses have been heightened through this process of raising my consciousness. I feel I have been connecting deeper with people, and I'm thinking much more holistically when it comes to thinking about potential partners.

  9. Has anyone else experienced the diminishing of sexual desire due to intense studying of awareness and consciousness?

    I feel like I am so much in my head and being stimulated intellectually and spiritually that I have lost my sexual desire.

    I am currently single and have two possible lovers, but I just don't feel the need to have sex right now. I've always been a very sexual person, very into sensuality and regular masturbation, etc. I feel it's a very important part of living and relationships. I did have a bad break up last Summer and have not had sex with a partner since, but I don't think that's the reason. I actually just feel disconnected to the sexual part of me right now.

    Wondering if anyone else has experienced this and did it eventually come back?