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  1. On 6/3/2023 at 6:39 AM, Matthew85 said:

    Yes, but why this very specific creation?


    In terms of the manifest, I’m not sure there is any rhyme or reason to anything. I think the eternal mystery of God onto itself is the point and there’s no escaping that. There’s no escaping the total unknowability of absolutely everything and that’ll probably never change. 

    Big Mike Tyson to the face of one’s intellect right there.  

  2. On 11/2/2023 at 0:50 PM, Vlad_ said:

    Hmm edibles + LSD sounds goood. I will definitely try it. 

    Just watch out you're in for a ride. 

    Insanely powerful you must be experienced with edibles before you do this. 

  3. I’ve also taken edible cannabis on the comedown of an LSD trip and it was by far the most visually detailed closed eye visual experience I’ve ever had; far more “full” of an experience. Felt more like mushrooms but far more visually complex. 

    5meo and mescaline sounds amazing definitely report that one if you do it pls!

  4. On 30/1/2023 at 5:51 AM, Leo Gura said:

    Ketamine can give you that peace. It erases the whole human mind and turns you into a cat.

    The perfect compliment to psychedelics. On a psilocybin/ketamine/weed combination, my friend had the full blown white light state where everything including the mind faded away, and that Silence/Nothing was realised as the unifying substance/substratum of everything and is infinite. 

    He's never even heard of the concept of non-duality; that's how effective the combination is. 

    It's just ridiculous how easy and simple and comfortable such a profoundly non-dual God state could be, its a damn joke really. And yet there it is. 

    Ketamine on its own though? No point to doing ketamine on its own IMO. 

  5. On 16/12/2022 at 6:32 PM, Jodistrict said:

    The yoga asanas build strength and flexibility.  To get the spiritual benefit, just focus your attention on the body sensations and movement, using it as an object of meditation.  Yoga is moving meditation.  


    This^ No reason to overthink it. 

    @Illusory Self Yoga is amazing especially if you're semi practiced with meditation, the more mental concentration you put in the more you get out. 

    There are a variety of different breathing exercises you can incorporate into the practice especially before meditation that will massively improve your seated practice. It's at least my personal belief that yoga and breath work dramatically speed meditation progress. 


  6. 6 hours ago, Breakingthewall said:

    So what is the difference between saying that only you exist and you are god believing that you are a human, or that there are infinite manifestations of the absolute, there are infinite pov that really are one pretending to be many? It's a slippery thing, sometimes I think I have it and when I think about it, I see that I don't. it is absolutely impossible for anything to exist outside of my pov. my pov is the Reality. and yet there are others. 

    Depends how much in the "illusion" you are; any POV is completely imaginary and there's definitely no limit to the amount of POVs that could be taken on, which could manifest in literally infinite ways that a small monkey brain on a flying rock couldn't ever possibly imagine or know about. 

    There is nothing outside YOU as this infinite, vast divine nothingness, and yet paradoxically any collection of experiences that are imagined from this are by definition finite. 

    If you delude yourself into believing that the finite imaginations you're experiencing are all that is, you are a solipsist. 

    If you awake to realise any content of consciousness at all is by definition finite yet occurring in an unknowingly, boundlessly infinite space as its context then you are God. 

    It's pretty simple actually. 

  7. On 6/11/2022 at 9:22 AM, Osaid said:

    I thought he was making the metaphysical claim that consciousness can be separated from consciousness, but rather, he is pointing to the experience of "multiple minds" within one consciousness.

    Because the contents of one's conscious experience has finitude, whilst the space/substratum from which it all plays out has no perceivable boundary or limit at all and is therefore infinite in nature, meaning that one can very easily draw the conclusion of there being infinite minds due to one experiencing finite contents in an infinite context. You cannot know but you're damn close to it. 


  8. I see infinity as a negative aspect of reality rather than additive; meaning that finitude itself is imagined whilst infinity is the absence of that imagination. Hence why ceasing the mind leaves one bare with nothing but a vast, boundless reality. 
    So in that sense silence and infinity go together, making the intellectual pursuit of infinity a total futile contradiction. 

  9. “My” consciousness as being here whilst others over there have none, notice that whilst yes all of that is your “direct experience”, your taking what is just the appearances of your direct experience and regarding it as real. If consciousness is the only thing there is, then that’s it. The idea that one holds it, whilst something else may not, is itself completely and utterly imagined. Alongside that the appearances themselves are obviously finite to you atm no? Finitude itself is imagined. Infinity is the absence of that. A “point of view” at all is imagined. 


    _ imagined solipsism.