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  1. What's its legal status in Australia?
  2. When you realise you are God simply manifested as a human, you'll be so complete you won't care about that.
  3. @Lauritz I love your channel! Thank you so much for doing that interview I've seen much older videos of yours and it's amazing to see your progress.
  4. I could make the same case that one doesn't understand the void until sufficient ketamine experience, it's all highly subjective. One who's at least seen the ox should be able to judge another's progress (somewhat) by the way they act and speak and describe these things, not by how many trips they've had. And then to argue a specific number of trips without elaborating on their conceptual knowledge, emotional stability and maturity, as well as everything else that goes into the person's background before said trip is overly simplistic and overly prescriptive, as if these things just work on everyone relatively the same way. I know you probably don't think this, but talking like this implies this very much so. Like Adya said a lot of people CLAIM big benefits, but you know what? I'm not really seeing it, and their belief in it only amplifies their lack of mature understanding on this stuff. I would rather focus on the quality than quantity. Once again this is too simplistic. The process is infinitely more complicated than that. (Obviously you need a good amount of trips to understand psychedelics.) sigh. Hahaha yea, kinda highlights the obvious doesn't it?
  5. "Death is us at our highest potential." Mike Tyson
  6. I wouldn't say mushrooms have less "consciousness components" but rather just less mental stimulation which makes it better for meditation in my experience. Feels more about surrendering the mind and opening the heart which I think is a wiser path; I get too lost in concepts on LSD sometimes. Too "heady". Not as humbling either. But with that said it's the most direct path to God realisation for a beginner. But man the mushrooms really chill you out. I love it haha. Most therapeutic drug IMO. There's something about the more stimulating psychedelics that can really aggravate your energetic system and cause slight anxiety from my experience.
  7. The ability to gaslight is correlated with one’s degree of wokeness, new study finds.
  8. Without a subject (ego) there is no object (wall) thus if one is having the experience of a wall they are experiencing subject/object duality by definition, meaning they are in the dream as an ego and thus cannot influence it. This is basic nondual understanding. Maybe in some other dimension an ego could do this, but not this one. mmhmm.
  9. The ego does not create the dream but is rather another byproduct of the dream itself, to make such a statement is to believe the former. The ego itself has very little control over the dream at all. Know the difference between relative and absolute. Many people with delusional psychosis TRULY believe your statement, and we can watch in real time how wrong they are.
  10. hahahahahahaha wow. The amount of bullshit I smell is truly off the charts.
  11. wow! was it just a few experiences though? It can take a solid handful of experiences to really hit the nail sometimes to give Leo credit there. Just maybe not hundreds of times to the point you lose ya fucking marbles lol
  12. Yep, since you’re more suggestible in that state this is arguably brain washing. Confirmation bias is real.
  13. EGO much?!? Jesus Christ
  14. Quitting's not what I'm saying, but have you taken a break of more than 6 months following your 5meo retreat? (Although IMO even that's not enough). One should not get cocky with their own sanity because this is exactly where said sanity drops away, all purely because of ego. No amount of spiritual work will change the fact that a substantial break is due for those who go especially hard with psychedelics. Time in this instance is the only means of progress. To think that more "spiritual work" can make this an exception would be absurdly egotistical (not that I'm saying you think that.) If not one's sanity then certainly a sense of dissociation can occur and you can see this in people's behaviour; they're disconnected from normal reality and don't have any concern for the wellbeing of others because they are the only being (or ego I should say) in existence. A zen devil in essence. He has had experience with psychedelics, hasn't said they can't have use, just said the results he has seen hasn't been impressive. Which is fare enough. I see more spiritual ego as a result than anything else, even though I've gotten massive value from them personally. Extremely underrated point, all "direct experience" still involves a subsequent interpretation that is occurring within the realm of the ego-mind, thus suspect to delusion (delusions of grandeur, divine purpose, getting a big head about it all as if this makes one special, etc.) which is what makes meditation so crucial IME; it directly counters these risks through pure awareness alone. Metacognition cuts through a lot of the bullshit. I saw Sam talk about this recently but not Adya, do you have a link to that? Would be interesting.
  15. Very good progress, hitting that "pure consciousness" can be a blissful experience; by being that you become the world. No inside your skin vs outside your skin. Totally empty yet totally alive. You may find surrender and do-nothing pair nicely with these exercises; it's like the less words/questions are present the more potent those questions become. It's all about the timing. In that space of pure silence, not knowing, surrender of all beliefs and attachments, acceptance of all that is...from that place....what are you then? What's left? The answer will not serve your intellect in anyway, but intuitively you'll know. And in the end that's all you'll ever need. Satisfied as fuck!!! I've also found yoga asanas really good for sharpening the brain and staying grounded through this work. I can't overemphasise staying grounded.
  16. Whatever "truth" they reveal....can I recognise that same truth in this very moment? Perhaps not to the same degree, but to SOME degree? Without that I can only hope and believe.
  17. Yeah this is a seriously good point, I honestly don't care at all how "woke" one thinks they are, does their emotionally maturity reflect that? Do they actually live it? Because in most instances I've seen neither have been the case. Just the fact that one would get mad over someone saying they have their downsides only proves my point further. One can also get lost in state-chasing, never seeing the very source of all these states. yep, it's almost the polar opposite of some of the behaviour I've seen in psychonauts, either in this forum or elsewhere. We need people like this in the spiritual community. It's like yes you're GOD but you're no more GOD then the piece of shit I made this morning LOL
  18. Selfishness is also love. Metta to you.
  19. Agreed, I see them as like a spiritual supplement; to dismiss them would be absurd, but to overly prioritise them would also be foolish. It's like 5% of the path for me, the rest being yoga, breathwork, contemplation and meditation etc. They can show you aspects of enlightenment you may have never seen, but they lack the grounded-ness and even sometimes clarity that a sober non-dual experience can provide, which transitions back into everyday life and can be applied and lived by much easier without as strong of a risk of being deluded or dissociated. Breaking out of a spiritual rut for example could be where psychedelics really shine. Another downside is they don't care all that much if you lack the maturity to handle these insights; you'll get them anyway, and this is a major downside. The maturity of the individual is truly what makes it or breaks it.
  20. God yes. Changa gives me serious Islamic or Hindu vibes, as if you just smoked the movie Aladdin. Looking up at the stars, the notion of maya/magic will ring very true to you. We're all dreaming for dreaming's sake .
  21. Hahahahhhahah You can definitely experience emptiness and no self on it no doubt; out of body experiences possible as well, very abstract and introspective drug I remember being in the back of an uber home at night going way into myself almost like I was traversing chapters of my life through these abstract hallways in my mind but it was more a trip of your own imagination rather than a full on vivid visual display. Only downside to the experience itself is that it can be overly clinical feeling as opposed to the warmth of mushrooms for example. Not something I'd explore forever though.
  22. I've done similar with changa and it's amazing, stargazing is out of this world awesome. Never had synthetic but I hear changa's more spiritual in comparison so could be worth looking into if you like those threshold doses. And yeah LSD lasts way too fucking long lol maybe if you're camping going for a massive hike it would be good. Shrooms is still great though.
  23. "spacious" is a better word, as opposed to the forms appearing within it. See for yourself; "nothingness" isn't as bad as it sounds.