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  1. A holistic view on nutrition
    A holistic view on nutrition
    I am following a study at an independent institution in Germany to become a health advisor and I am currently studying for my final exam. This study is based upon research into nutrition and the effects on the body over longer periods of time, mainly done in the first and early second half of the 20th century. Based upon the outcome of these researches, a doctor (Dr. Bruker), who lead multiple hospitals, ordered a raw whole food nutrition, based upon these findings, in his hospitals and showed only positive results in thousands of patients over multiple decades.
    Why haven't you heard about this yet? Because regular medicine does not acknowledge these researches, as most of them were not done on humans but mainly on animals. Why on animals? Because 1 rat year equals 30 human years, so the effects of different types of nutrition can be measured in a shorter period and over mutiple generations (later I will show why this is important). Also, humans will not participate in a research which could damage their health. Different types of nutritions were given to the test animals which often resulted in severe diseases or even death. Of course animal testing could seem ethically wrong, but in this case to me it seems legit, as it was not used for cosmetic reasons but only for our health and could practically not be done on humans. These researches will also not be repeated as the findings were properly documented, clear and conclusive.
    Another reason why you haven't heard about this yet: Healthcare does not really care about your health. Healthcare is an industry which gets its money from paying patients. If there are no patients when everybody is healthy, the industry will vanish. Also, the pharmacies and food industry live from the existing situation. That is why in hospitals they focus on symptom treatment. Who would fund a broad research over decennia on healthy nutrition on humans? The food industry definetely not, the big corporations know that their products are unhealthy. You would say the government, sadly the government, mainly the liberal side, is influenced by pharmacies and the food industry. This research would also be very cost expensive and would not yield short-term results. This is also the reason why the results on the patients of Dr. Bruker are not documented in a research and the research it is based upon is almost forgotten. Therefore, he founded this institution to clear up the people by educating them.
    I will try to share a summarized but complete overview of the important elements of the study, which will present a holistic view on nutrition and the effects on the human body. I am not English, so please forgive my language mistakes. I will write everything in different posts.
    The website of the institution Sadly everything is only in German, also the books are only in German. That is why I will share the information with you. Why do I do this? It will help me learn for my exam and I can share this knowledge with you.