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  1. I find those practices are very limited in nature. That's because you're just adding thoughts to your already-spinning-at-120-mph mind. So you end up with more thoughts on top of the huge amount of thoughts you already have.

    My suggestion is for you to use those affirmations/visualisations as pointers to feelings of neediness, resistance, wanting and desiring. Say to yourself the affirmation or do the visualisation and feel the emotional charge there. Release that emotional charge, and you'll be much more able to accomplish whatever your goal is. In fact, you won't even care as much. And that's why you'll be more able to achieve it.

    Remember, wanting /= having.

  2. Hey, I also read the book but I'm not doing the audio course and I find it much more helpful.

    To answer your question, it releases suppressed feelings.

    • Meditation is all about letting everything be as it is and as a side-effect of it, you'll have to experience every suppressed emotion that you have stuffed down.
    • The Sedona Method is a more direct method of experiencing the blockages and suppressed feelings. As you do that, the thoughts associated with those feelings will simply vanish.
    • Self-Inquiry takes advantage of a still mind to leave space for true contemplation.

    My way of seeing it in the big picture is this:


    The Sedona Method => Stills The Mind => Boosts Meditation Practices => Stills The Mind => Allows for deeper Self-Inquiry


    Notice: The best effects from the Method are not coming from your thinking. Thoughts/questions/answers are just pointers to feelings. They allow you to go closer to your feelings

  3. I'll just talk about the way I delete habits out of my life, with great success.

    1. Get yourself a journal (or pick yours if you already have one).
    2. Leave a page just for tracking of your negative habit/addiction.
    3. Write down your negative habit, your motivation for getting rid of it, why it would be beneficial and why you don't want to have it anymore. It's important you don't phrase it as should/shouldn't because that will only create more resistance. Be genuine about it or it won't work.
    4. Write that you commit yourself to not engage in this habit anymore
    5. Every time a craving pops up, write down in your journal when it happened, why and what you were doing/feeling. That way you'll become hyper-aware of these cravings.
    6. When the craving pops up, just feel it in the body and be still till it disappears. It will probably be an anxiety/uncomfortable feeling.
    7. Keep updating your journal with gains and realisations!

    Example from my journal


  4. It's great that you had the fortune to encounter such teaching and practice. Be thankful for that.

    Now, allow yourself to experience all the emotional struggle that you're having. The hatingmust be doinghaving to... that's all resistance. It does not help to fight it, because it only creates more of it. I encourage you to be still and experience all that resistance in the body. It's there as an emotional charge (or probably lots of layers of emotional charge). Keep letting go of those blocks of tension and pain in the body. Do that until you feel free and not that you should do anything.

    When you reach that point, decisions will flow easily - you'll either do it or you won't - and there won't be any suffering about it. That decision will not come from struggle and shoulding, rather it will come from your intuitive knowingness.

  5. The deepest contemplation does not come from the intellect.

    Be still and insight will reveal itself.

    If you're contemplating non-existential things or conceptual things, then a conceptual framework is important by logic. In my experience contemplation is more powerful when it's about insights not ideas, concepts or intellectual masturbation.

  6. Practice: I suggest you don't try to fix anything, or change anything. Just let it be. Allow yourself to feel everything as it is without trying to get away from it. All emotions, including fear, will surface up in meditation. Go through it.

    Intellectual understanding: Probably that "presence" you're talking about is your projected anxiety and fear. This means that you're not allowing yourself to fully feel these emotions and so you are making it seem they're outside you. Therefore, you might feel that something is wrong or something's happening outside of you which is not supposed to.

    My experience: I also got these feelings when I started meditation and while hanging out in the dark. As my practice evolved, these feelings are no longer there and when they are, I just let them be. I noticed that most of the feelings stemmed from horror movies and media I used to watch when I was a kid. And also projected fear and anxiety.

  7. @Leo Gura Hello, I've been pushing my concentration practices and meditation practices but some doubts arose:

    1. You say concentration practice has a synergetic effect on meditation. But by concentrating on an object, we're forcing our minds to be still and not letting everything be as it is. Meditation, on the other hand, is about letting of control and manipulation. If I'm doing concentration followed by meditation, isn't the synergetic effect an illusion? Isn't it because our mind is very tight and controlled by our previous concentration practice? Isn't this the very opposite of what should happen in meditation?
    2. Teachers like Rupert Spira, Mooji and Adyashanti indeed don't talk about concentration practices. Why is this so?
    3. What happens when prolonged meditation starts giving you huge headaches? The more I meditate the more intense headaches I have. I want to meditate for hours and hours, and I'm pretty comfortable doing it from the neck down. From the neck up it's an entire different story. I've tried changing my posture (laying down usually helps). But is this recommended?

    Thank you 9_9

  8. I started Nofap like 25 days and for the first 2 weeks it was very difficult but then the cravings started becoming less and less. Now I'm horny as fuck. I'm very energetically sexual and for the past week all my dreams involved girls.

    The decision not to masturbate/watch porn came after getting rid of other addictions (coffee and nervous tics). It was not a really bad addiction but I still felt the need when experiencing boredom or anxiety.

    Great stuff, keep it up! :)

  9. 41 minutes ago, Max_V said:

    @Afonso 17  yo unite :P 

    Do you have a specific time each day when you do self-inquiry?

    I'm kind of puzzled since I meditate 20 min in the morning and 40 min in the afternoon, so no real time each day where I can consistently self-inquire

    I'm still not disciplined with Self-Inquiry. I do meditate everyday but aren't willing yet to do +30 minutes of Self-Inquiry everyday. I have some days where I do it hours on end, other days where I don't do it...

  10. I'm doing a lot of exercises to release pockets of energy related to craving and fear. I notice that the theme comes up again and again: wanting social-approval.

    It goes like this: lack of social-approval -> loneliness -> death?

    Relating this craving to childhood has done very little to vanish this nagging tendency completely.

    I know that by meditating more and more and just letting go of what I'm feeling right now, I'll eventually dissolve these pockets of energy. Nevertheless, it would be useful to speed up this process so I can prevent suffering and constant automatic thoughts about how others are perceiving me or what they might be thinking/saying about me.

    Does anyone know of a good exercise to address this issue or to go to the deep root of the problem? I've thought about Leo's solo retreat, but I'm not able to spend 10 days alone in my current life-situation, nor do I think that only 10 days will fix the root issue. I've also watched the video of "not caring about others' opinions" which did little to nothing to me.

    Thanks! :x

  11. I did the course and it changed my life.

    I feel super aligned with my mission and my values. I mean, the exercises are important, your domain of mastery is important, Zone of Genius and all of that but what I personally found the most valuable was the value-list.

    It's just super critical. What do you most value in life? If you know it, your path is set. Keep focusing on it and nothing can stop you.

    Take care :)

  12. Just now, Principium Nexus said:

    I want to give you a nice wallpaper but instead I dont wan't some fancy picture to be the motivation for something it doesnt resemble.

    Stop telling yourself you need movation for anything! If you know it will give value to your life, just do it!

    I think the opposite of restraining from gathering symbolic representations/books/movies/audio will bring you closer than any of the previously stated. If you cut those out than the act of doing or pursuing enlightenment comes from within and not from an external source, which is limitless.

    Yeah, but where is your wallpaper?