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  1. Beautiful!

    This is soo similar to my Bufo Trip (with a shaman also). The difference was that I screamed for a good 10 seconds and when true surrender happened, I got super energetic, crazy humorous and a bit annoying.

    It's like you go from 20/20 vision to 1000000/1000000.

    I also love that you bowed in the end. It's like you truly see how powerful God is!

  2. So... I'm having an ego backlash that's why i'm writing this otherwise I wouldn't give a fuck.

    Met a girl at Mooji. She introduced me to a shaman who was available to do a ceremony with me, yesterday.

    First, I inhaled Bufo's Venom vaporised. Then, the body starting screaming Oh my god, wholy fuuuuuck and then surrender happened. Afterwards, my body started doing crazy shit laughing, dancing, jumping around and telling jokes, kissing the shaman beard, screaming We're fucking one

    There was the recognition that experience was all that is, everything is NOW. Everything is empty, like everything comes from nowhere. Nothing's solid. Concepts about concepts were put in the traaaash. Hard to put it into words. Words like absolute infinity don't tell me anything, so maybe there is some deeper type of recognition?

    Would be great to listen to you guys!

  3. Oh God,

    Thank you for all you have done.

    Thank you for all you have given to me.

    Thank you for all the opportunities.

    Thank you for your grace.

    Thank you for the Path.

    Thank you for this Life.

    Oh God,

    I surrender myself to You.

    Take away everything that is false and leave only truth.

    Merge me in the ocean of unity that is You.

    I give myself to You completely.

    Oh God,

    I love you so much.

    Take these words from my heart to your heart.

    Remove all doubt and arrogance.

    Shine only Love and Truth.


  4. I'm experiencing this too. Maybe it's temporary, maybe it's not. @Leo Gura @Joseph Maynor

    The Presence is growing inside me and as such, every thought, intellectual debate in my head or with other people is seen as noise and distraction. Everything flows from the intelligence of this Presence and, therefore, a lot of planning/intellectual understanding/strategic thinking is falling away because it seems pointless. is also seen as a distraction. Everything flows the way it is supposed to flow when I'm deep into this Presence/Stillness/Awareness and I stay as that. No thinking is needed.