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  1. I've always had a biting nail problem. I used to bite my nails till my fingers started bleeding. But recently, I have "shifted" this habit and changed the process. Now, I "twist" my nose. I want to stop this. I've been meditating for more than a month and I can't get rid of it!

    I feel I do it in a low-consciousness state, because when I'm fully present I don't do it. However, I want to eliminate this once and for all!

    Any suggestions?

  2. Last year I watched one of Leo's basic self-actualization episodes and was deeply moved by the idea of improving myself. I've since then taken a lot of action in my life, read a lot of self-help books and studied so much on this topic.

    This year I was faced with more Leo's videos, subscribed to his channel and now I'm on this journey of self-actualization. It just blows my mind the progress I have done so far and what I have accomplished in life. Since I'm in high school I have A LOT of free time and self-development seems worthy of my time.

    Last week I watched Leo's first Enlightenment video and was deeply moved by it. I don't know why, or how or what, but it just sparked something inside of me. I was so energetic to know more about it. I spent a couple of days doing the self-inquiry work and meditating for 20~40 minutes a day.

    Being a very open-minded person, intellectually intelligent, what advice do some more experienced people have for a 17 year old high school-er?

  3. 3 minutes ago, Xpansion said:

    Yes but it only speaks  to a certain audience. It presumes something that is not true for everybody watching.

    Isn't that the purpose of his videos? To target a certain audience? A psychopath is not going to watch the video on how to stop pleasing other people. We all have different paths, and Leo's videos have different subjects that might interest one group of people and not other.

  4. I think that Leo's point is that projections stop us from fully learning and entertaining ideas from teachers and mentors.

    About Leo's projections, I see them as chances for us to realize the level of personal development we're at and to take action. These projections are meant to spark the light-bulb in us that we're doing something not beneficial and that there's a chance to grow.

  5. I've been more aware of my thoughts for the past weeks. One thing I noticed is that I'm constantly thinking and visualizing on my mind possible outcomes for future or past interactions. In these visualizations, I keep track of other people's reactions and facial expressions. I'm aware that I've been doing this all my life.

    I go through an ordinary interaction and then recall it and imagine alternative behaviors and their outcomes. I think this is correlated to my deep child need for validation and approval. I also do this for future events, where I imagine all the different ways I can perform the future interaction and which behavior will have the best outcome - positive reactions from people.

    I'm still trying to figure out how to clear these thoughts and why they exist in the first place. Maybe they happen to be my mind's way of manifesting its dependence of others' opinions. I'll try Leo's exercise on "How to stop caring what people think of you" and see if I get any results.

    Does anyone have any idea of the root of such problem and what actions I can take to fix the deeper issue? I tend to think I'm independent of other people's opinions but this just proves it wrong.