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  2. @MsNobody No idea why I'm so introverted, lol. Just always have been.
  3. Man, you must make a great friend.
  4. @MsNobody Woah, you're OPEN as fuck. @egoeimai @Meretagh @Pallero You're all really open too.
  5. Your cognitive style is... Intellectual Your organizational style is... Balanced Your energy style is... Introverted Your stress management style is... Responsive Your interpersonal style is... Collaborative Openness Traits Imagination: HIGH Artistic Interests:AVERAGE Emotionality: AVERAGE Adventurousness: AVERAGE Intellectual Interests: HIGH Liberalism: HIGH Conscientiousness Traits Self-Efficacy: LOW Orderliness: LOW Dutifulness: LOW Achievement-Striving: AVERAGE Cautiousness: HIGH Extraversion Traits Friendliness: LOW Gregariousness:LOW Assertiveness:LOW Activity Level: LOW Excitement-Seeking: LOW Cheerfulness: LOW Neuroticism Traits Anxiety: AVERAGE Anger:LOW Depression: AVERAGE Self-Consciousness: HIGH Immoderation: LOW Vulnerability: AVERAGE Agreeableness Traits Trust: AVERAGE Honesty: AVERAGE Altruism: AVERAGE Cooperation: HIGH Modesty: HIGH Sympathy: AVERAGE Notes: I would have been high in arts if they hadn't been asking me questions on whether or not I believe in funding. I have high artistic sentiment, but that doesn't necessarily mean I have strong stances on how funds ought to be managed. GODDAMN, I USED TO BE SOOO HIGH IN NEUROTICISM IN EVERY CATEGORY. NOW I'M AVERAGE. Thanks @Leo Gura, here's to lowering that score even more. Life has gotten so much better. My sympathy and altruism would have probably have been higher as well if not for the questions with a political bent. I tend to be pretty neutral about those things since I suspend judgement until I understand things thoroughly. I feel plenty of sympathy for criminals, but I have no idea as to what punishment methods work best.
  6. @Azrael I was contemplating what God and unconditional love might be a few years back, and I arrived at the insight that if God was all encompassing and absolutely, indiscriminately loving, that it would just be reality itself. I began to see nihilism (in it's most literal sense, not the depressing version, the meaningless version) and unconditional love as two sides of the same coin. I don't view unconditional love as a strictly humanitarian or moral thing. I plan to see how true this is with my own direct experiences, but I'm wondering if it at all corresponds with your insight. I had dismissed it for a while until I saw Leo spouting the same thing, which aroused my curiosity in it once more.
  7. @Azrael Do you unconditionally love all of reality,everything, everyone?
  8. From The Book of Not Knowing by Peter Ralston How much does that resonate with you @Azrael?
  9. @Azrael Are you free of self-image issues, insecurities, feelings of incompleteness, and lack of fulfillment?
  10. @Azrael Is there anything major, or minor if you care enough to specify, about Leo's approach that you don't think is very good or any traps you think he's falling into/ ways in which he's not giving good advice? I'm also curious what you think about various degrees of Enlightenment. Do you think that there is still much deepening of your realization to be done, or do you feel like there can't possibly be anything else or that you have "Full Enlightenment", as some might say? You mentioned that spirituality isn't really on your mind that much. Do you feel like you just don't really have any reason to do more consciousness work?
  11. @Emerald @electroBeam What I'm finding is that it's important to study the perspectives of both men and women. Men will naturally give better advice to men about what to do to attract women and communicate with each other more on the same wavelength and well as having the outsider's perspective, but no matter how skilled a man is at attracting a woman, there are certain things only women know about women. Similarly, women make observations about men that men can't make about themselves,, if this weren't the case, women wouldn't be better at manipulating men in general than vice versa. I imagine when men refuse to listen to women, it's like how I felt when speaking to jaded women that wouldn't even consider that they didn't truly understand me. I've been studying the dynamic in the most unbiased manner that I have been able to, and there is a lot of small picture thinking and personal bias on all sides, even among the most introspective among us. The truth is that this stuff is super complicated and we all have much to learn from each other. Men who claim to be misogynistic often very clearly have resentment toward the opposite sex. But the same is true of women toward men. I find with men it's more obvious while women are better at creating narratives that shift the blame on to others. I haven't spoken to one woman that's demonstrated to me an adequate understanding of what pick-up and seduction actually is, which is understandable, as they aren't the ones spending time from the man's perspective learning what is involved. Most seem to mistake it for old school PUA, which is entirely different. It's not so much about manipulation and tricks as it is understanding how attraction works and optimizing your behavior to give yourself the best chances. The only thing that really separates real pick-up from ordinary life is the fact that it is structured and taught as a skill instead of something that occurs by happenstance. Doing pick-up and being authentic aren't necessarily mutually exclusive, but they totally can be. That includes: -Dressing better -Grooming better - Lifting -Improving social intelligence -And much more. That's not what a lot of people think of PUA, but good game is like good plastic surgery. You don't notice it for what it is. The only pick up that really gets noticed as pick-up is the blatantly manipulative and poorly done pick-up. There's even a concept in pick-up that tells people about the importance of being authentic; it's called congruence, and it's very important concept. The thing is improving your ability to interact with and understand the opposite sex and also modify your behavior in accordance with your new level of insight isn't inauthentic-- it's just growth. The mistake a lot of men make is assuming that listening to women is of no value because they are completely unconscious of what attracts them. To some extent this is true-- don't ask a fish how to catch a fish, even the ones that know what they're doing. However, it's a fallacy to not listen to women because they know more about their inner state than you do. The guys who are best with women aren't just running some bag of tricks based off of some unsophisticated algorithm; they are using their references experiences to help develop MASSIVE social intelligence and empathy, which is only done through interacting with women and listening to them on multiple levels. It's also not that women are less self-aware than men are. Men also can't tell women how to seduce men, even if we think we do. We can certainly give pointers , tell them about what turns us on, etc. but ultimately we don't know what it's like to be women, so we can't tell what it's like to be immersed in the process of attracting a man and all the various struggles women go through in pursuing their relationships. Just like any other endeavor, there is much to be learned from multiple perspectives. There are certain aspects, such as which actions men can take and how to deal with the particular struggles a man goes through in attracting women that are best learned from other men who have the success you want. There are other aspects, such as how a woman is feeling as a particular point in time, or how her relationships have affected her life, and the peculiarities of her struggle that you can never know unless you talk and actually listen. That is all important stuff to know if you want to be really good with her because that's what allows you to have calibration and adapt to the situation. If you don't take the time to listen to how things actually effect women, you might be getting laid on the regular, but you might also be leaving them feel used, unappreciated, hurt, etc. Do you really want to be an unethical douchebag for the sake of getting some pussy? Relationships are dynamic processes where you have to think on your feet to ever changing circumstances, not a uniform process like doing arithmetic. Women tend to not be aware of the fact that the there are a lot of things men notice about them that they are simply not able to notice about themselves and in some ways are simply not able to give the same sort of advice to men, no matter how introspective the woman is, as other men can give to each other. Men tend to not be aware of the fact that there are a lot of things women notice about them that they are simply not able to notice about themselves and in some ways are simply not able to give the same sort of advice to women, no matter how introspective that man is, as other women can give to each other. The problem is most of the time, seduction/game is not done well or consciously. Most people don't live authentic lives or live consciously so systematically improving their ability to influence others will also be tainted by their unconsciousness. Game is just knowledge and is neutral. It is social intelligence, not a bag of magic tricks. There is nothing inherently unethical about learning how to get what you want by understand how things work. When you fail to take the other person's needs into account, that's a different matter.
  12. @Azrael Do you have any room for doubting yourself about what's true (in the absolute sense) anymore, or would you say that you finally have something of which you can be completely certain, no doubt whatsoever?
  13. @Azrael Is life just awesome now? Or do you think that's not a good attitude to have toward Enlightenment? I'm still partly motivated by improving the quality of my life, but I've read from my teachers that you have to let go of that need an focus only on Truth. I'm still insanely curious about the impact awakening has on life quality. Wondering if this is accurate:
  14. I've been having some trouble determining which technique is best for me. Strong determination sitting works well for sure, but it's also a very good one to combine with other techniques since it's so simple (but difficult). So far, do-nothing/non-manipulation has been easiest, but I am wondering if mindfulness with labeling . breath meditation, or self-inquiry would be better to do during my SDS for long-term progress. I know I'm probably over simplifying this regarding how to determine what's most effective. Do you have any recommendations? Edit: Also, I have a weak lower back and have been reclining while meditating. Would I likely see more results if I did lower back exercises and sat with a straight spine?
  15. Alright guys, thank you so much. I'll be leaving now and focusing on practice until I get my first glimpse.