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  1. @hirax It might partly have to do with your social circle. If you're not meeting a large enough number of guys, that might contribute to your lack of options. Many guys just won't approach girls unless the social setting dictates. Also, you might be interested in flirting with guys more actively, even asking them out if need be. It won't be off-putting.
  2. Are you in good shape? How popular are you? What's your social circle like?
  3. What about the part where I said this: " She was beautiful, not just in my opinion, but was VERY conventionally attractive and an object of desire by many men, intelligent (one of the top students in a class of several hundred), kind, compassionate, socially adept, a good listener, etc" Is that still the kind you're talking about?
  4. @Prabhaker Doesn't that help you release?
  5. @Prabhaker What is suppressive meditation? I thought all meditation was essentially supposed to help you release.
  6. I hope he makes this one.
  7. And that's okay. I have limitless desire and ambition for what I'd like to do an experience in life, and it is fine to not actualize every outcome. A human is only capable of so much. I see this desire to expand beyond what is possible as all the more reason to realize myself for my limitless nature, and in the mean time enjoy simply being as a live out my life and enjoy the journey. I will still work hard, but I won't be neurotic about it. Many people tell me that I need certain outcomes to live the best possible life. Even on this forum some subscribe to fulfilling all of Maslow's hierarchy of needs to truly live a full life. I don't buy too much into that. I will follow my intuition and become free of outcome and detached as I engage myself in life. I will work to have an awesome career, but I won't need it. Same for relationships. It's okay if material goals don't materialize. That doesn't make me lazy or less dedicated, only less needy and neurotic. I will work my hardest from a place of abundance and inspiration, not need and desperation. My suffering is an illusion. I don't need those nice objects and experiences I aspire to.
  8. @I_Like_Thing I'm not wise enough to tell if what you're saying is true, but it all sounds right so I'm going to upvote you anyway,
  9. @Emerald I noticed that a lot of turmoil comes from trying to find the right balance between spiritual development and becoming more effective at solving practical problems. In order to solve problems and look at things from the necessary perspective, I think I need to immerse myself in that perspective and for however long I'm engaged, it will seem as though that paradigm is reality itself. However, in my life, I'm simultaneously searching for existential and metaphysical truth, which requires transcending that. I'm experiencing quite a bit of dissonance in reconciling both aspects of personal development.
  10. @Emerald Yeah, I've realized that recently. I went back to feeling hopeless very quickly. I feel better today. I'm still very much asleep, but I knew that when I was posting. I didn't realize just how much though.
  11. @Nahm You're right. I still have ego driven goals though and I feel hopeless about having that work out. I'm learning to outgrow that.
  12. @Martin123 I guess I wouldn't care about difference once I'm on a breakthrough dose.
  13. Could I substitute the coke for shrooms and 5-Meo ?
  14. Update: Feeling hopeless again.
  15. Would any of you guys be willing to act as my confidants? I don't really have people I know in person that really understand me. I'm much more comfortable with people on the forum. I don't want to spam my personal issues too much, so I'm looking for people to talk to.