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  1. I'm not allowed to grow now ?
  2. @Binary Encoded Sunset That's just wordplay though. Divine energy is just a name ascribed to a particular kind of energy, not the same as on the astral plane, but it's probably not worth worrying about the details unless you're tapping into them. Doing it prematurely would just cause confusion. np
  3. @Binary Encoded Sunset There's difference between astral and celestial realms too though. You can tell by the energy, hard to explain. The Red, White, Blue , Gold, and Green Celestial realms are all divine, non-astral
  4. @Binary Encoded Sunset You might want to look up the five dhyana Buddhas and learn about the celestial realms. It's very different from astral, though I'm not sure, perhaps there are astral planes that simulate it. Have you entered the blue pearl? Also look up Jan Esmann, if you're interested. He's had an experience with it. But it might not be any of that. Could just be a visual from a concentration state or some astral phenomena. Jan writes about the Blue Pearl here: I don't totally agree with his map because he seems to think kundalini is necessary for moving past basic self-realization, which it isn't. From what I've heard though, he has revised his position more recently.
  5. Nice-- you're right about contraction After you uncontract completely, your experience of resistance becomes something else entirely. It is very nice to be out of your own way.
  6. @molosku I think Rupert is one of the best people on the non-dual scene.
  7. @Leo Gura Math is cool as fuck tho
  8. @Principium Nexus You can still talk like a normal person when you're enlightened. It is possible to realize the absolute. If realization is the Absolute is what you'd call Enlightenment, then there's no issue in saying you're enlightened. I'm not Enlightened yet, for instance, but I'm in what I'd consider an awakened state, one that frequently experiences non-duality and is on the verge of stabilizing into an abiding realization. It's no more arrogant for me to claim that I am awakened than it is for me to say that I'm wearing a blue shirt. Are those all just concepts? You bet. But there's no rule saying you can't think or use concepts. Just have insight into what they are. If Enlightenment as you define it means something else to you and is not achievable, then that's what it is for you and by your definition nobody in Enlightened. But keep in mind other people may not be referring to the same thing.
  9. If you're curious, find out for yourself. Based on my path, there will be nothing more rewarding. You don't know what Jed McKenna's level of realization is. For all you know, he might not actually even be enlightened. It would be a shame to be discouraged by one person's point of view. No need to even discuss the specifics of his claims. If it's calling to you and you think it's worth it, you can just find out for yourself and not have to come up with hypotheticals and never-ending "what-ifs".
  10. @DnoReally you can find a lot of important books in the book review section. Leo also listed 12 titles for free. If you're poor that should be more than enough to start off with if you study in depth. You've got a lot of stuff to do in the meantime, no need to worry.
  11. Ginger is not required but is recommended; no herbs needed.