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  1. @Pluck You'll develop an intuitive understanding of these things as you do consciousness work. For now, I'd just keep in mind that you've also got to turn inward if you want to make a better world and getting too caught up in external events can distract you from inner work. As you transform yourself from within, your relationship toward externalities with transform, also. This doesn't mean you have to be apathetic toward life, but you may have to shift your priorities. If you're having trouble making room for consciousness work, make sure to schedule it-- similar to any other habit, like getting to the gym. It will make a lot more sense as your progress.
  2. @Pure Imagination How were the beings manifested to you, if not visually? Was it purely auditory? Extrasensory?
  3. God

    Brahmacharya/NoFap Hardmode: Day 3 NoLCE: Day 3
  4. @Elephant You need to do lots of research before acting so rashly. These aren't toys.
  5. @rush Could you post a complete breakdown of your schedule?
  6. @Elephant Most people out there aren't experienced with responsible use of psychedelics. If you want good information on psychedelics also make sure to listen to and speak to people who trip for constructive purposes. If you unsure, it may be wise to do more research before tripping. This stuff is serious, so it's probably not a good idea to take substances when you haven't even researched enough to put yourself at ease. The fact that you're getting hung up over facts from one website and a quick Google search tells me that you probably haven't gone to great lengths to educate yourself.
  7. Quit contacting her and try meditating. You need to not seek anything outside of yourself for fulfillment and happiness. If you have hang-ups about sex, try brahmacharya for a while so you don't feel like you need it.
  8. God

    Brahmacharya/NoFap Hardmode: Day 2 NoLCE: Day 2
  9. God

    I also sometimes rationalize watching junk, low consciousness entertainment. I'm quitting that. I'll refer to it as LCE. NoLCE: Day 1
  10. God

    Found a spiritual NoFap Vlogger:
  11. @Leo Gura Do you know what your tolerance level is compared to most people's? I'm no expert, but from the trip reports I've read and people I've talked to, it seems to me you're more sensitive than most people. Idk tho
  12. God

    I am going to start practicing Brahmacharya. I am pretty bad about detailing all my personal development work, but I hope to start off by at least capturing this part of my journey. I have some pretty bad problems with horniness, so this is difficult, but after doing research, I'm optimistic about the potential being a brahmachari will have on my spiritual growth. So far, I've been using the Awareness Alone Is Curative Principle to deal with my sex obsession, and I've made great progress. I've become aware of how I actively construct the narratives that inflate the importance of sex in my life. I don't really struggle with the emotional aspect of it like I used to, but the compulsive physical craving is a distraction, and I need to have more discipline and focus. Also, I've heard celibacy is good for kundalini work, so I'll be doing that. Today's notes: NoFap Day 1 (I usually go multiple times per day). -Looked at some instagram models while practicing mindfulness; I struggle with the need to experience pleasurable sensations. - The biggest problem seems to be the need for release. Some advocate masturbation in moderation, but I'm enticed by the fabled benefits of pure celibacy, long-term. -Sexual stimulation isn't really all that amazing without constructing the story around it, the anticipation, the meaning, the ego-gratification. Part of me still draws self-esteem from the image of being a man of tremendous sexual prowess and the ability to bang whomever I want, but that needs to stop. -Even though I don't really get troubled by it, anxious, depressed, etc., it still impacts my life by distracting me from my more important work. I've been ambivalent about taking this path, but I need to be serious and just make the choice. - I want to cultivate equanimity and transcend my attachment to sensory gratification. This should help. -I've avoided doing this because I'm honestly afraid of hardcore spirituality. I try to avoid it by trying to convince myself how I can do everything and become the Successful Powerful Completely Enlightened Sage Who Also Has Lots Of Sex With Supermodels On A Regular Basis. -I've noticed how impossible it has been to do serious contemplative work while balancing it with pursuing success. I tried to justify it by saying that I can make everything in my life a spiritual pursuit so I don't have to sit and meditate and self-inquire all day, but the difference between hardcore focused practice and the "everything is spiritual practice" has been immense for me. I need to sit down and do the work without competing priorities in life.
  13. In any case, you should be doing a daily spiritual practice. Try dropping any excuses and just take action on it. Based on my conversation with you, it seems to me you've got some pretty bad victim mentality and haven't got good emotional and thought mastery. Other people being in relationships should have no impact on your happiness. Also, I don't see why you think you can't be in a relationship, unless you've just got other priorities.