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  1. @Elisabeth @SOUL Just for some background, how did you guys learn about quantum physics? Elisabeth studied it formally as a grad student (in progress?), but what about you, soul? Schooling? Autodidact?
  2. @Arkandeus How did you get your insights? @Leo Gura IIRC, there was also a fear back then that recording your thoughts rather than constantly straining yourself by holding everything in mind would sully people's intellectual development--not much credence was given to greater collective memory we could get from writing everything down. If we brought Socrates back with all his memories, he'd probably kill himself again as soon as he discovered the internet. Not sure that pertained to the discussion but I've always that that was an interesting but sort of silly mindset and that also probably seemed really sensible at the time.
  3. I have some questions: 1) It seems there's an assumption with many people in this thread that a hallucination can't be self-consistent or have rules. Why is that the case? 2) How do we know trolls(or other entities) are a conceptual construct, as many suggest? How do we know psychedelic experiences aren't actually allowing us to percieve different aspects of reality that can't be percieved with the means (ordinary states of consciousness, lab equipment, etc.)? I am not taking any side or arguing for any case, but I'm curious how people know/think what they do and what they are talking on these matters with such certainty.
  4. @Moreira You might have more trouble with this than I did, and it might take you longer and with more awareness, but I still think this is something that absolutely can be taken care of through consciousness work. I didn't see the really extreme results until I made it my number one priority in life. Have you done any retreats? Also, what's your practice like? If you don't mind me asking, I'd like to know how your outbursts usually occur.
  5. @Moreira I don't think I quite agree with that. Do you have rage episodes when you have no thoughts or nothing to be angry at? Mindfulness isn't just some rationalization. It sounds like you're still identified with the anger. Finding an outlet might be good for managing the symptoms, but awareness gets to the core. What do you by rationalizing that you are not your thoughts? There's no rationalizing. You have to be directly conscious of it. It isn't some affirmation or cool idea. Also notice how you are not your anger.
  6. @Pelin I know academics can fulfill different positions, such as full time teachers or full time researchers, but I'm not sure how feasible one or the other would be. I guess the more critical thing is I still need to hone my vision. I can make the practicalities work, somehow. There are lots of options. Industry is equally as appealing to me, so I might go that route.
  7. @NicAndStuff I think you're probably better off without social media. It sounds like you need a lot of change in direction in life and need to be more calm and grounded before you're ready to relate to others in a healthier way. I think sticking to the forum might actually be good for your social needs in the mean time. If you do personal development, it will become much easier to have an easier time with others in the future. You'll need to get out there and be social at some point, but this work is really critical, and you've got a lot to do. Also, here's a video on the topic:
  8. @Leo Gura I've been trying to find Machine Elves in some sort of cultural lore, and I've got no leads. Also, Kilindi Iyi claims that you can meet the Cenobites from Hellraiser on high dose psilocybin.
  9. @Telepresent Learn to not take your beliefs too seriously. Just see them for what they are, then the content of the thought makes no difference. It's just a thought. It's exactly as it appears.
  10. I love how the guy who played Bruce Almighty of all guys was the one who got into this.
  11. @NicAndStuff Nice, make sure to keep posting in the forum so we can help you out when you need it.
  12. @NicAndStuff You'll see some results along the way. If nothing else, you're immediately exposing yourself to new perspectives and becoming smarter. I was afraid of this being nonsense too, but my life has really changed for the better. If you're afraid, I'm sure we can help convince you. @Azrael @TJ Reeves @Shin @eskwire @Loreena @Natasha @Leo Gura @ajasatya @Sevi I tagged some users from the forum. If they decide to respond, I'm sure they would be more than happy to assure you that this stuff works. Hopefully that can help mitigate your anxieties to some degree.
  13. @NicAndStuff Well, you can create a life without stress by doing personal development. Just because you work hard at something doesn't have to mean it is stressful. You can enjoy it. Do you just not liking putting in effort in general?
  14. @NicAndStuff Yeah, It takes a long time to see results and it's emotionally difficult, so sometimes you'll want to quit, but that's just how worthwhile stuff is. That's why most people don't get amazing results. It's sort of like going to the gym. Sometimes you don't want to workout, but sticking to it will get you mad gainz over time. You're already acting smarter than yesterday by showing that you're willing to learn.