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  1. You can have states of mitigated suffering and well-managed emotions without being enlightened. Enlightenment gives you clarity about the absolute and quells suffering at its root. Suffering is ultimately being ignorant of God/reality. I can't make any comments on whether or not "The Work" can take you far into non-duality; however, one shouldn't conflate shadow work and some profound shift in self-regulation ability with enlightenment. If you can really go beyond mind completely, then congratulations, you've succeeded. The mistake is people underestimate the subtlety and insidiousness of mind/ego/ignorance. That's not to say somehow this technique can't achieve that--I'm not sure, but I don't think it would be so easy without other variables having a huge impact on the outcome, like one's karma or other practices. Some no-self experience sounds more plausible.
  2. It's a huge, vast difference. Study Ramana's life and you'll begin to see the depth of the enlightenment journey, maybe. Ultimately you'll have to experience it for yourself. Just a glimpse of the Absolute totally shatters everything you knew and throws all prior experiences out the window. Many states of nonduality can be similar in description, for instances, there are many void states which seem absolute, but people stagnate and fail to go deeper. They still have karma and aren't really free from bondage--they retain their vasanas, don't see the whole of reality, and never know Sat Chit Ananda. When Ramana talks about the Bliss of the Self, it's not some fancy, roundabout way of saying you become happy when you're enlightened. He's describing the nature of reality.
  3. Purify yourself with sadhana rather than trying to prematurely intellectually figure out what is and isn't from ego. You can't be free of ego without being enlightened, so focus on becoming enlightened through a practice and finding out what is true than by trying to act enlightened via some moral philosophy.
  4. Any sort of solid sadhana practice should help you.
  5. Might as well ask, "Why wear a seatbelt if some people who wear seatbelts still die in car wrecks"?
  6. You don't have to give up on mindfulness to do yoga. Doing both can be pretty awesome. My advice would be to just try it out and see. I think Sadhguru has really great stuff for people at pretty much any level. The key is to be consistent and practice with dedication and care. With that sentiment, I'd recommend going for something you know you're actually going to do. If you're particularly committed and will do whatever it takes, just play around and see how things go. Sadhguru has good resources, and if you stick with his stuff and meditation, it can take you really far. I also recommend mixing in his chants and music to replace whatever you may usually listen to. I'm not sure what kind of media you consume, but most people could benefit from substituting something like the sound of Isha and his chants in place of their usual media. If you relaxing, just listen to his stuff a couple hours a day instead of watching television, videos, or whatever, and it should help you cultivate an equanimous, more peaceful mind and help you manage your energies.
  7. I'm not allowed to grow now ?
  8. @Binary Encoded Sunset That's just wordplay though. Divine energy is just a name ascribed to a particular kind of energy, not the same as on the astral plane, but it's probably not worth worrying about the details unless you're tapping into them. Doing it prematurely would just cause confusion. np
  9. @Binary Encoded Sunset There's difference between astral and celestial realms too though. You can tell by the energy, hard to explain. The Red, White, Blue , Gold, and Green Celestial realms are all divine, non-astral
  10. @Binary Encoded Sunset You might want to look up the five dhyana Buddhas and learn about the celestial realms. It's very different from astral, though I'm not sure, perhaps there are astral planes that simulate it. Have you entered the blue pearl? Also look up Jan Esmann, if you're interested. He's had an experience with it. But it might not be any of that. Could just be a visual from a concentration state or some astral phenomena. Jan writes about the Blue Pearl here: I don't totally agree with his map because he seems to think kundalini is necessary for moving past basic self-realization, which it isn't. From what I've heard though, he has revised his position more recently.
  11. Nice-- you're right about contraction After you uncontract completely, your experience of resistance becomes something else entirely. It is very nice to be out of your own way.