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  1. Having too many different cartridges & not labelling them

    Going in with a negative &/or fearful mindframe

    Not fully integrating the previous journey

    Not physically preparing myself :

    empty stomach before journey, good nights rest, no thc night before journey, meditate before taking anything and  preparing your mind/psyche to surrender.

  2. 9 hours ago, Arthogaan said:

    Yes I have a vaporizer. In my current liquid I have 100 micro grams disolved in about 1.5 mililiters of vape liquid, so it is very diluted. If I were to guess one puff feels like 2micro grams. So almost never I have a feeling after inhale that "shit that was too much" and I can always just inhale more faster - like 5 puffs in 30 seconds. But I never do it faster.

    I think that this is by far the best ROA for beginner with 5 meo like me.

    I feel safe with it.

    Vape pen imo is a must when doing research with 5meo.   Ideally I would love to do 5meo Intramuscularly, seems to even extend the journey even more!!

  3. 11 hours ago, Arthogaan said:

    I wouldn't say it is much different. It is just that thanks to LSD I am in a very conscious state and therefore vaping small amounts of 5meo is not so shocking for my mind. LSD is like a trampoline into 5meo space, but the mindspace itself is very similiar. In a way when 5meo enters the mindspace the LSD is just far in the backround,  

    But I feel that it is a lot for a body, also I am smoking really small amounts of 5meo bulding it up very slowly by taking reaaally small puffs one after another.

    Awesome Arthogan, Have you read rays' bread & depth research?  Your description reminds me exactly of Rays' work & how he describes the substances working together synergistically.  (Lsd is like a trampoline into 5meo space) (5meo enters the mindspace the LSD is just far in the background)

  4. 12 hours ago, OBEler said:

    @RamPhoenix @Arthogaan @RamPhoenix, can you elaborate how this combination is good and when is the time to take 5 meo? 

    This will explain in detail why this combo is so "effective"


    You must know YOUR biochemical individuality.    For me I have found:

    night before light dinner

    wake up 6am empty stomach

    500mg-1g psilocybin 

    45min-hr later 10-20 mg of 5meodmt. VAPED (20mg for me is HIGH range)

    Hold those vapes at least for a full 10 sec., last Vape hold till slightly uncomfortable.   

    These sequence is only done once.  If you have not reached "consciousness unification/ego dissolution" play with the variables.

    Add 5meo later? use less, use more? set & setting to your comfort? Mind frame going in all love & light or is there angst, anxiety, etc, Music? sound bowls? are you in nature or are you surrounded by four walls in a studio apt?  (not judging or criticizing here its just that it is an extremely soul crushing environment)

    I welcome all conversation (constructive criticism), I am here to learn just as you all


  5. On 5/13/2023 at 11:28 PM, Leo Gura said:

    It never even occurred to me to combine them because they have such different durations.

    OH NELLIE!!!    your missing out!   low dose mushroom 500-1g/ med-high dose 5meo around 10-15mg 

    Let us know if you ever go down this rabbit hole!

  6. On 5/14/2023 at 9:57 AM, Dazgwny said:

    Just a guess. Only had lsd never tried 5meo, but from reports of 5meo and where lsd can take me, I can only assume that this ends up in flat out disaster, if both are taken in substantial amounts together

    Thats the key!  never do 2 substance at high levels. always one med-high the other low.

    Do not quote me on this BUT.....I have recently read psychedelics will act very differently "in the body" when one does a low dose 

    vs when one does a high dose, meaning low doses they may raise certain 5ht receptors, yet when the dosage goes higher it could very well lower

    that same receptor.    any biochem nerds here that can maybe chime in

  7.    1. Are you 100% positive it was 8mg?

    2. any other substances involved.  ROA? smoked? rectal? vape?

    3. If you are sure it was 8mg & no other substances were involved then I would try again. This time if you smoked it, try vaping or rectal. 

    I also would put some 423/528/7.83 mghrtz music on an hr before your journey & the last 30 min before you journey meditate.

    IMO fear is from too high of a dose, negative set/setting, rushing into a journey.   You should feel slightly "called" to do a journey & feel excited,

    looking forward to it. 

    Safe journey! :)


  8. 6 minutes ago, Phil King said:

    Potentially going too hard down the psychedelic route while neglecting "real world responsibilities." Everything like showering, doing homework, taking out trash, changing clothes, working wageslave jobs, etc feels so incredibly meaningless after youve experienced absolute infinity. I need to work on getting my survival and material needs handled in these coming years. 

    I am encountering that "feeling" right now! LOLOL

    "neglecting "real world responsibilities."........very odd how this rises out of this type of work

  9.    "More recent research has found that Salvinorin A binds to the dopamine receptor 2 (D2 receptor) with a greater affinity than it has for the kappa opioid receptor"


    aaahhhhhh Good ol dopamine!    evil little bugger!   This to me is the biological reason why salvia has a HARD edge to it.   

    Ill stick with 5ht7 all day long!!  ( 5meo/LSD )