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  1. 19 hours ago, BlessedLion said:

    I’m reading Martin Balls books and he really stresses the need for a facilitator to manage the energy. Is that true? 

    I know he did books about Salvia too, have you read them ? 

    I have some x15 in my closet.

  2. 28 minutes ago, NoSelfSelf said:

    If you spoke like this, then you wouldnt get points(minus disrespect), you are usually all over the place sometimes making jokes that add nothing but take alot,hard to understand the implications most of the time, moderators are not stupid and this forum is not a comedy club.(sure jokes are good but walls of satirical nature goes out there, that moderator has to react.)


    I was going to answer but in fact I'm too lazy to engage in a monkey fight.

    Whatever, mektoub.


  3. 11 minutes ago, Jannes said:

    I have come to this conclusion so far. You can be vegan for many reasons. Loving animals can be a legit reason to be a vegan but very few or maybe even no vegan is vegan completely because of this, most are because of moral reasons.


    Me, i like grasshoppers :P

    12 minutes ago, Jannes said:


    Moral development can only prosper in healthy and loving circumstances so it's very elitist and even selfish when vegans moralize it to other people and therefore has a counterproductive effect. The more morally developed you are the more your love/care expands in the universe. 

    All of that is a circular reasoning perched in your imagination, it doesn't have a actual virtual meaning. 

  4. 21 hours ago, mmKay said:

    @NoSelfSelf no offense but you consistently project your desperation/ negative views of women on others in these topics 

    He kicked me for no reason for 7 days, without quoting or modifying any of my messages.
    Maybe because I made a joke that he didn't like in the middle of +3000 messages where I'm busting my ass writing whole blocks of specific voluntary help. Not bogus superficial assertions to play internet cowboy, things that require a minimum of rigor and curiosity.
    I also just saw that he actually banned Starstruck for a random message, because "oh actually in the rules it says that you shouldn't talk about redpill or something like that".

    Literally the least masculine behavior possible, falls on the autistic spectrum.


    In general, i spend my time getting kicked and banned because the moderators can't stand my simple and direct way of communicating and start copping me and blaming me for random things.


  5. 9 hours ago, Nemra said:

    @Schizophonia too many assumptions about me and my life.

    I based myself on what you have said yourself .

    You also posted a photo where you made a particular face, this tells me that you are quite shy/fragile and this may make you afraid of being masculine.

    9 hours ago, Nemra said:


    Your saying is as if being feminine is a sin. And nice justifications for why I shouldn't be feminine.

    It's you who associate feminity with BDSM, not me.

    9 hours ago, Nemra said:


    I don't know how, but it seems to me you have convinced yourself about this stuff, and I don't know how much you have added on top of it. Have you considered the possibility that you have created a way of life by suppressing your true desires?

    I have no such things as "true desires", my sexual arousal is completely vanilla.

    The only thing we want is to give something to someone, it's a gift.
    For some reason you believe that the biggest gift you can give (the one that will generate the greatest phalic dynamics, and is therefore the most exciting) is to engage in strange and degrading sexual behavior.

    It's a mirage, where we expect you most, your love, is as a man.

    It's the only thing i said ;)

    10 hours ago, Nemra said:


    But maybe I'll look into that psychoanalysis in the future.

    I'm just starting out, so take it with a grain of salt.
    (I want to be Ken Wilber's holistic man haha)

    But overall that's it.

  6. 9 hours ago, bambi said:

     Modern humans tend to have higher levels of conciousness and cognitive development then our predecessors. This type of genetic fallacy is endemic in these conversations.

    What you are based on to affirm that ?

    Will have the higher levels of conciousness the humans with the most efficient and healthy CNS, and who have matured the most.  In other words, people who grew up and evolved in the most natural environment.
    Btw, most of the people here are basically provincial and/or have parents from rural origins.

    I currently live in the "country" and that's actually where I see the most nuanced people.
    It is in big cities, particularly Paris, that you start to come across babies weighing more than 70kg, whether in their way of reasoning or expressing themselves.

    The evolution of consciousness is not a straight line from the barbarian to the puritan hippie evangelist vegan, it's just progress towards an increasingly nuanced, contextual paradigm that best meets our long-term needs.

    10 hours ago, bambi said:


    Your basically rationalising all behaviours due to predecessors behaving this way at some time therefore all equatable

    Thats like arguing its perfectly fine for an adult to shit his pants put it in his hands and throw it at people, cos babies do it

    Beggining the question + agression.

    Please come back later when you will have something serious to add.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Yimpa said:

    I suggest the vegan tries carnivore diet for 1 month and carnivore tries vegan diet for 1 month, then do a follow-up interview.

    Of course, both are too selfish to even consider such a proposal.

    No i did it.

    Vegan made me aggressive with a serious brain fog. I also had a ton of gas and developped the first serious intestinal problems of my life (colopathy attack).

    Carnivore (it was quite "primal", with lots of fruit and dairy) made me quite grounded with 0 gas. I didn't notice much more than that.

  8. 4 minutes ago, Jannes said:

    Okay lets throw morality out the window for a second: Would you do eat meat then even if you didn't had health problems? If yes would you even torture/slaughter an animal yourself if there were fun aspects about it (for example you could be interested in how deep the axe penetrates the neck of a cow if you swang at it). 

    If you have lived in total comfort forever, you would potentially be like a baby crying over the slightest hurt.
    This does not mean that you would be more conscious/evolved, It's just a different way of dealing with pain.

    We can broadly postulate that our mirror neurons are by default overactive for some reason before being downregulated by neuroplasticity under environmental influence.

    Not being able to kill an animal is a completely modern phenomenon.