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  1. @Breakingthewall @Seraphim @gettoefl Seems you are talking about a similar point. And I can’t disagree. From my perspective psychology looks like something not very useful, something that feeds the ego; something that might help to create new beliefs instead old ones that might be useful in some sense, but from my current experience this process is just creating another loop of identification with mind. Seems therapy is important to heal mental disorders and psychosis, but it isn’t important and can be an obstacle to finding true peace and happiness. That’s why I am kind of disappointed at the results of my research.

    @Carl-Richard It's an interesting point, but I can't catch the sense. Could you please share a concrete example of psychology working together with spirituality? Do you have favorite psychology approaches?

  2. Hi Friends,

    Now I am doing research about psychology to be a therapist. I've briefly examined all the most popular in my country approaches (psychoanalysis, CBT, gestalt, existential, process-oriented)  and got confused, because none of their paradigms resonated with me deeply. I have been into spiritual development (meditation, self-inquiry) for about 2 years, it might be a reason. I can't understand relationship between spirituality and psychology. From my perspective both relate to human psyche, but from different angles and with different depths. I would appreciate your opinions regarding this relationship and pointing me in any direction.