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  1. 11 minutes ago, gettoefl said:

    to escalate could be something like: i am here for this (cheeky but ambiguous) or hope we can hang out even more 

    and then make a suggestion about something in coming few days you would like to do, like see a movie or go to an art gallery

    What a great practical advice. I will always remember. Escalate! I did not do that when I got the message, because I wasn't expecting it, so I just replied I felt the same and that I had a great time. But I could escalate. Right. Thank you :)

  2. 9 hours ago, Leo Gura said:

    You don't need to confess anything verbally. Invite him over to your place and start cuddling with him and making out.

    Yes, that would be simple and good. It is still very new to me to shift from a friendship energy to a sexual energy with him, but once the sexual tension is there it's there, right? I think we are afraid to spoil our friendship.


    3 hours ago, Galyna said:

    He will feel it through your body. With time he will make a move. I wouldn’t do it for one reason: have balance in your energies. Let the man do his job, trust him that he knows

    Wonderful advice and great opportunity to practice this trust in my feminine power, in a way. Thank you, beautiful post. I will dance under the moon and read some Rumi's poems :) let's see if he steps ahead!

  3. When is the right time to confess your romantic feelings for someone?

    We know each other for quite a while and we are friends. Never kissed, never had a romantic date, because we both were in another relationship, but we always hang out a lot in person and we do flirt. A few days before, after we had a wonferful afternoon together, He texted me..."I really adore being with you". I said the same, but it seems we are both afraid to cross the lines.

    Maybe you can help me with some insights on that.

    Thank you❤

  4. 3 hours ago, Razard86 said:

    Are you sure its not fear of sharing your feelings when interacting with a live person? Or perhaps in an intimate close relationship such as a friendship or romantic partner?

    Yes, that's it. Both. I am afraid to share feelings in person. I don't know exactly why, especially in a close relationship. Very clarifying.

  5. 5 hours ago, Galyna said:
    5 hours ago, Vincent S said:

    It is like masculine and feminine becoming united. Love and Consciousness becoming one.

    Such a wonderful deep and incredibly beautiful post! 
    I need time to reply back as it is very complex. 
    The wierd part is everywhere I go, seems like everything and everyone talks about this unification of divine energies.

    That's it. The unification energies. When the receiver is the one who gives. There is nothing to be bothered about, no THING to point at. You are just BEING, in each and everything.

    Thank you! @Galyna @Vincent S

  6. 6 hours ago, Razard86 said:

    Communication is very important, you need to communicate to make sure that you and your partner are on the same page as your lives start to become more entwined. The problem is men and women communicate differently in general and as a result struggle to connect emotionally and psychologically. Both need to be aware of this dynamic and work to bridge the gap. 

    Thank you for this post. I will think about each topic you brought here. About communication...I do think that’s a rare gift. There are great and loving people who have serious communication issues, which makes relationships almost impossible or very unhappy in the long term. Open honest communication is sooooo rare. I mean...some people are used to use words to react. Even for me (I consider myself good at it) there is this obstacle of communicating my vulnerabilities. Relationships are all about communication. I hope Leo can make a video on this topic soon.

    I can say that sometimes I am very afraid to share my feelings, which is a childhood issue I'be been working on, as well as fear of being ignored or not understood. I've ignored my true nature for so long, it's like I am learning to walk again. I've made good progress. I am healing deep.

    Thank you @Razard86???

  7. 38 minutes ago, Razard86 said:

    I'll make a post in this forum later on today on how to have a healthy relationship with others. There is a phrase I use "Everything starts with you." The model will be based on your relationship with yourself. 

    Yes, nice. I'll wait for your post :). Thank you. Relationships are very important and I feel there are so few pointers to the possibilities we can consider when establishing boundaries and connecting to "others". I know, in the end, LOVE is the only answer, though.

  8. 4 hours ago, Razard86 said:

    No human has 100 percent ever met their own standards. Its that imperfection in us we are often afraid to face. In psychology it is called the shadow and is the reason other people "bother" us. If we as humans truly loved ourselves unconditionally "nothing" would bother us when we interact with humans.

    Thank you. Yes, I have a long way to go. There are still some parts of me I need to learn how to love. 

    What I find challenging about marriage and dating are the attachment expectations that are created. Lately, I am figuring I can love and be loved, even in a deep and intimate way, but it doesn't look like the relationship models we learn out there. It's really free and fluid, profound and unnatached. 

    As @integral said, without the "we are in a relationship" label things seem to go well. The moment there comes some implicit expectations the ego comes and the connections die out.

    Don't misunderstand me, I still long for an exclusive deep connection, but the way I am living now is in fact a really high standard. It's not disconnected or unloving.

  9. 18 minutes ago, Aleister Crowleyy said:

    maybe it's because I have super-high standards for women which is why I'm alone.

    Exactly. The standards are so high that only we ourselves can meet them. ALL-ONE. ? I get you.

    @Ingit 2 months is just too early to trust blindly. Try to observe how this girl makes you feel. If she makes you feel insecure, you need too ask yourself some more questions. Try not to point fingers, just ask "why the situation?" and try to communicate with her honestly. Women do like that. 

  10. @Galyna True! I've experience totally different and opposing "realities" with the same person, as if there were two different people I related with. It's about clear seeing, interpretation and focus. Once we change that, the way we relate and our experience with others is totally different. Once I was insane trying to make sense of "the other", now I know what it's all about, specially when something is so challenging.

  11. 19 minutes ago, Galyna said:

    By painstakingly observing my desire I have transcended it and let it go. I have recognized that all I really wanted is not the Other, I wanted the delicious facet of myself when with the Other. 

    Beautiful. I feel the same. We desire "being" in the unique presence of the reflection of "another". When we have seen enough, there is the desire for another expansion (another mirror, or the same mirror seen from a different perspective). 

    Yes. We usually trancend our desires and it is beautiful. The more we understand this, less attached, less resistant and more open we are. Life flows. 

    There are no silly desires, I think. It's a longing for self knowledge, a beautiful tool of God in this dream. 

  12. @Razard86 none of what you've said contradicts what I said. Call it higher self, God, or whatever. We are one in multiple forms/appearances. Rules may change, as it already did so many times in this reality. Who would've thought we would be able to communicate? Internet...airplane, heart surgery, miracles....!I am open, not in control, not any star of any show, just open. 

    Much Love:)

  13. 1 hour ago, Razard86 said:

    You didn't manifest anything, this is the trap. Let me ask you....do you make your heart beat? Make your heart stop beating right now. What you need to understand is there are rules to this dream. You aren't Neo and this isn't the Matrix. You are a Co-Creator. Emphasis on Co. Only when you release your attachment from this dream do you regain your true self. Right now you are dealing with the Ego.

    @Razard86 thank you :). I get what you are saying. I can't control either my heart beat or my desires. Yes. From the ego's perspective, I have no control. I can become conscious of that. I am conscious I don’t want make my heart stop beating now. I don't believe in co-creation, I think either I am conscious of what I AM (GOD) creating or I am not. The difference is that in the first case I feel more joyful. I don’t talk from an egoic perspective. Co-creation is duality. Manifestation is just a word for what happens when we become fully conscious of the realization of our intentions and the dissolution of the concepts of time. We usually aren't. The irony is that when we release control, we do see we are more powerful than we think.

  14. On 01/06/2022 at 0:24 PM, Asayake said:

    But WHY is it this way? Why are the things I listed above(the snake, the wasp etc.) so seemingly easy for me to manifest for some reason while something like better piano skills or a girlfriend is not so easy to manifest? Why is it not possible to manifest the ability to be able to play a Chopin piece into existence without months or years of practice?

    Good question. I think when something seems easy, there is no conflict, no mind constructed limitations involved.

    In order to play like Chopin you would have to deconstruct a lot more. It is possible, but it might take an insistent refining of your imagination and destruction of your self imposed limitations.